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Kyosho Mad Wagon Kit Video

Video – Kyosho Mad Wagon Kit

New over at Kyosho is a promotional video for their Mad Wagon Kit. The Mad Wagon was designed for serious backyard fun and now comes in kit form for those of you that enjoy building from the ground up. With big monster truck tires, beefy aluminum shocks, and a thick chassis, the Mad Van Kit is more than ready for [...]


Kyosho RC Mad Wagon VE Kit Version

Kyosho 1/10 Mad Wagon VE Kit Version

New over at Kyosho is a Kit Version of their very popular Mad Wagon VE Monster Truck. The new kit version is perfect for all you hobbyists that like to build your trucks and is more than ready for serious backyard bashing. Here are the highlights- * Includes features unique to the unassembled kit version * Pre-built front, center, and rear gearboxes * [...]


Kyosho RC 10th KB10W Mad Wagon VE Readyset

Kyosho 1/10 KB10W Mad Wagon VE Readyset

Over at Kyosho they are showing off their new 1/10 EP 4WD KB10W Mad Wagon VE Readyset. The Mad Wagan VE has some serious attitude with a cool vintage style body and massive brushless power under the hood. Here are the highlights- * Ultra scale body * Synchro KT-231P + transmitter * Maximum speed of 75km/h (just over 45 mph) * All new wagon [...]