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Mammuth RC 7th Scale STE4LTH On-Road Car

Mammuth Works 1/7 STE4LTH Car Kit Powered by Four Brushless …

Do you remember the guys from 2017 that were showing off a huge 1/3 scaled short course truck? That was the guys from Mammuth Works and they are now back with a new on-road car. New from Mammuth is the STE4LTH on-road car. What makes the STE4LTH different is the fact that it uses four brushless hub style motors at [...]


Attila Kiss Mammuth Works

Interview – Mammuth Works’ Attila Kiss

The Mammuth Works Rewarron 1/3 Scale Off-Road Truck has been making some serious waves in the rc industry. It looks to be the biggest, baddest, machine to ever hit the market. No, the Rewarron isn’t shipping quite yet, but for a bunch of eager large scale buyers, that day isn’t far away. We recently had a chance to talk with [...]


MammuthWorks Rewarron 1/3 Video

1/3 Mammuth Rewarron Now Available For Pre-Order

The folks over at MammuthWorks have released numerous teasers on their upcoming 1/3 scaled beast, but now it is being a reality. The MammuthWorks Rewarron is Now Available For Pre-Order with pricing around $4,900. Watch the video above to see the biggest beast on the rc scene in action. After watching, you can use This Link to head over [...]


MammuthWorks 1/3 Buggy

Mammuth Works 1/3 Video

Remember the enormous Mammuth Works 1/3 Scale off-road machine that has been getting teased for a while now? Well, it is getting closer to release. The Mammuth Works third scaler is the biggest of the big, a machine designed to dwarf everything else on the market. It seems they had been having some issues with their engine, but as their [...]


Mammuth Works 1:3 Scale Rewarron Day 1 Teaser Video

Our friends from Mammuth Works have started putting together their first promo video for their giant 1/3 scale trophy truck! Yes, you read that correctly 1:3 scale! The Mammuth Rewarron looks to be coming along quite nicely. It sounds like a beast! I’m really looking forward to some wheel time on this thing one day! Hey.. I can dream right? [...]


Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Test Run Video

We just received a link from Mammuth Works where they have gotten their 1/3 Scale Mammuth Rewarron Truck out and running to start doing a little testing. This is literally a ‘first test’ so they are taking it easy while they work out the details. Anything that size, you have to take pretty seriously and take your time with the [...]


Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Packages and Pricing

After the last few Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Posts we did, a lot of people have been wondering how much is it going to cost, and what do you get for your money? Well the Mammuth Works folks have answered those questions. The Rewarron Basic model will have: – fiberglass body – stainless steel components – basic 110cc engine – on-board touch screen [...]


mammuth rewarron

Mammuth Rewarron 1/3 Scale Truck – Chassis Pictures

A few days ago we mentioned some news from Mammuth Works about their awesome looking 1/3 scale Trophy Truck they were building called the Rewarron. It’s huge for sure, and we can’t wait to see it in action. We posted a few previous pics with the body on, and wanted to show a few more we just found [...]


mammuth works

Mammuth Works 1/3 Scale Trophy Truck

The folks from Mammuth Works dropped us an email about their upcoming 1/3 scale production rc truck! That’s not a typo, it’s 1/3 scale! This thing sounds enormous! It features a 110cc 4 stroke engine, and is 1850mm long (That’s 6 feet!) and over 200 pounds! Mammuth mentions tons of custom parts, like servos, custom car controllers, and [...]