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ARRMA Nero Contest Winners

We had thousands of entries in the raffle for a chance to win the ARRMA Nero Big Rock that was crowned March Bash-ness 2017 Champion, and we have picked the winners. All winners were chosen by our random number software from the valid entries we received. Congratulations to the grand prize winner: Stephen Lindsey from Chula Vista, CA. Watch [...]



Congratulations again to HOBBICO and ARRMA RC! The ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK was the 2017 March Bash-ness Champion, and as tradition would have it, with the help of our friends at HOBBICO we are giving one away!! That’s right, you have the chance to win a new truck! Get your entries for the raffle below! We will also be giving [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 Champion – ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK

It wouldn’t be March Bash-ness without a few upsets and controversies, but in the end we have a winner! The ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK has been voted the March Bash-ness 2017 Champion! Congratulations to ARRMA and the Hobbico team! A few of the Big Squid RC crew had the ARRMA NERO going to the finals in their brackets, it’s a [...]


March Bash-Ness 2017 – Final Round

Lets try this again shall we? Last week voting was almost finished in the final round of the March Bash-ness 2017 with the Traxxas Slash vs the ARRMA Nero Big Rock when several bots started voting 1000’s of times a minute causing a little bit of a mess. This is why we can’t have nice things people! Anyway, we have [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 Finals – For Real!

It looks like more than a few people enjoyed our April Fools finals, but now it’s time to get serious! Many people were surprised by the Traxxas Slash 4×4 making the big jump to get to the finals, but when you think about it, the Slash has been THE go-to basher vehicle for so many people for so many years! [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 – Final Four!

Hello bashers! Here we are, the Final Four! Remember back when we started this, I mentioned that something unexpected happens every year? Well this year is a first for matching finals. To determine who goes to the final round, it’s Traxxas vs Traxxas and ARRMA vs ARRMA! None of us here predicted this one! So lets get to it, vote [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 – Round 2

Hello bash fans! Welcome to Round 2 of March Bash-ness 2017! Round two is where things start to get really interesting. I think we have had a few small surprises already, but now we are getting serious. There are 8 vehicles going head to head, and you know how it works. Vote for what vehicle you think needs to make [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 – Sweet 16

Welcome to the March Bash-ness Sweet 16! Thank you to everyone who posted and voted for what vehicles deserved to make it to the sweet 16 bracket this year! Every year there are a few surprises, not only in the bracket nominations, but in who goes to the final four. Each year the Big Squid RC crew fills out our [...]


March BASH-NESS 2017 – It Begins!

So by now most of you know the drill, but for those that don’t.. this is the start of our 7th annual March Bash-ness competition! This is where our readers get to nominate and vote for who they think is the best of the best! This is the selection round. Use the comment section below, our Facebook page, or [...]