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March Bash-ness 2020 Final Four! VOTE NOW!

Here we are, the FINAL FOUR in the March Bash-ness 2020 tournament! Both the bash and crawler side had some very interesting and close rounds. For a while there it looked like the Element was going to stay out in front of the Traxxas 6×6, but the Traxxas fans rallied and sent it to the final four! The ARRMA [...]


March Bash-ness 2020 – Round 4, VOTE NOW!

The scale crawler side of the bracket has been an interesting one, there were some clear winners that not everyone thought would take the win. Round 4 in March Bash-ness 2020 starts now! What crawlers are going to make it to the Final Four? We have some pretty good guesses here, but that next round is going to be insane! Lets [...]


March Bash-ness Round 3 – Vote Now

Round 3 of March Bash-ness 2020 begins now! With ARRMA wrapping up the left side of the bracket, it’s now the Kraton 8S vs the Infraction, we are putting a pause on that side, and focusing on the right. Here come the crawlers! What vehicles will battle their way to the finals? This side was especially tough as there were [...]


March Bash-ness Round 2 Starts Now!

Round one had an epic battle of the titans between the Traxxas XMAXX fans and the ARRMA Kraton and the ARRMA Army! The lead changed hands about 20 times, with votes coming in right until the last minute and the polls were closed. Congratulations to everyone on a game well fought! Enough about round 1, it’s time for Round 2! It [...]


March Bash-ness 2020 – STARTS NOW!

That’s right folks, March Bash-ness 2020 STARTS NOW! As always, we try to keep things fresh, mix things up a little bit, and keep our readers on their toes. This year is no exception. We have slimmed things down a little bit, but the idea is to keep things moving quickly. This year marks the the 10th annual March Bash-ness [...]