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Mardave V12VRXcec Carbon Edition

Mardave V12VRXcec Carbon Circuit Edition

Mardave is a company in the UK that makes some very affordable (and durable) cars for the racing and bashing scene. One of their latest cars is the 12th scale V12VRXcec Carbon Circuit Edition. This carries over many of the parts from their other 12th scalers, but includes carbon fiber for the chassis. Like their other 12th scale cars, it [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 03.14.2013, Version- Oh Ya! Your Questions…

Hey cubby, where do you come up with the titles for the cub report? Max R. Cubby– Hey Max, your email has “hit the big-time” so shoot your snail mail info to Brian for a free BSRC sticker pack. So… where do the titles for THE Cub Report come from? When I first started doing the CR about a half decade ago [...]


Mardave V161- GT12 Ginetta G50 Clear Lexan Shell & Wing

Mardave Ginetta G50 Clear Lexan Body & Wing

Do you know that “one guy” that shows up to your local bash spot with the really cool body that you can’t find anywhere? Well, you can be “that guy” if you show up with a new Mardave Ginetta G50 body. Mardave products are quite rare to see here in the states, you see they are a company based out [...]