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Traxxas Maxx RC Downhill Action Video

Video – MTB Downhill Run With The Traxxas Maxx

New from Traxxas is a MTB Downhill Run video starring the Maxx Monster Truck. The video below shows a Traxxas Maxx totally sending it on a gnarly downhill with plenty of jumping and roost action. The Traxxas Maxx is one of the premier 1/10th scaled 4wd monster trucks on the market featuring huge VXL brushless power and massive suspension components. After [...]


Traxxas Widemaxx Suspension Kit Video

Video – Traxxas WideMAXX Suspension Kit

New from Traxxas is a video to promote their WideMAXX Suspension Kit for their Maxx monster truck. The video below shows off how cool the Maxx looks with the wide kit, plus how the extra width can help improve performance when driving. We’ve been running a WideMAXX kit on our test Maxx for several weeks now and the suspension kit [...]


Traxxas WideMaxx Suspenion Kit Maxx Review

Traxxas Maxx Suspension Kit – WideMaxx Hop-Up Review

Since its release, the Traxxas Maxx has been a dominate figure in the 1/10th 4wd monster truck bash wars. Box stock, the Maxx is incredibly durable and drives much like its 1:1 monster truck counterparts. With huge driveline parts and a powerful VXL brushless power system, the Traxxas Maxx is one of the best backyard bashers on the market today. For [...]


Traxxas Maxx Action Video

Video – RC Freestyle Fantasy With The Traxxas Maxx

For some people, there is nothing more fun that sending-it at the local skate park. The crew at Traxxas recently loaded up the new Maxx Monster Truck and hit a skate park for some extreme bashing action. Watch below to see the Traxxas Maxx catch massive air, pull crazy tricks, and show off just how much power it has under [...]


New Colors Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck

2 New Colors for The Traxxas Maxx

The good folks over at Traxxas have announced Two New Colors for the Maxx Monster Truck. 2020 promises to be a big year for the guys at Traxxas, check out the two new colors of the Maxx in the video below. You can use this link to get full details on the Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck, or you can Click Right [...]


2019 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

It’s the end of 2019, and that leaves us with one post left. It’s hard to overstate how difficult this decision was for us. Everyone here in the office has been arguing their sides, coming up with lists, and I think if Cubby didn’t have to leave for his New Years Eve party, there may have been fisticuffs. It’s the [...]


Traxxas Maxx LED Light Kit

Video – Traxxas Maxx LED Light Kit High Voltage Fun

The folks over at Traxxas have a new LED Light Kit for their Maxx monster truck. The BSRC Bash Crew has been using one of the light kits on our Maxx test truck since day 1 and it has held up like a champ. Perhaps even more impressively, it has working reverse and brakes lights, adding loads of realism while [...]


Teaser - Traxxas WideMaxx Suspension Kit For 1/10 Maxx Monst…

Coming soon from Traxxas is a WideMaxx Suspension Kit for their 1/10 Maxx monster truck. The new Widemaxx suspension kit adds 40mm of total width (just over 1.5″) to the Maxx, thus giving it more stability in corners and over rough ground. The WideMaxx kit will come in a variety of different colors to match your build. The official Traxxas [...]


Traxxas Maxx Aluminum Upgrades Accessories

New 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck Accessories From Traxxas

New from Traxxas are loads of Upgrades and Accessories for their 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck. From anodized aluminum parts, to heavy duty TUBES toe links, to GT-Maxx shock upgrades, Traxxas is offering a plethora of new goodies, in various different colors, for Maxx owners. #8976A White Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976G Green Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976R Red Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976T Orange [...]


T-Bone Racing TBR Front Bumper Traxxas MAXX

T-Bone Racing Traxxas Maxx Front Bumpers

Even though the Traxxas Maxx is just now hitting hobby shops, the folks at T-Bone Racing have already come up with some ultra-strong front bumpers for the beast! That’s right, you can now get two different styles of TBR Front Bumper for your new Maxx. Here are the highlights- * XV4 or Maxximus TBR front bumper designs * Available in black, red, [...]


Traxxas Maxx Video

Video – Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Unleashed

To help promote the release of their all new 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck, the crew at Traxxas has posted a new action video. The video below shows the Traxxas crew totally sending the Maxx at a skate park, as well as going WFO on a bike track. We’ve gotten in a couple dozen packs with our Maxx and it has [...]


Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Review

THE Traxxas Maxx 1/10 Monster Truck Review

There is no doubt that Traxxas is best known for their monster trucks. Their latest is the 1/10th scaled Maxx, which is modeled after the beastly large scale X-Maxx. Designed to be the “king of the hill” for tenth scaled monster trucks, the crew at Traxxas spent months on the Maxx dialing it in. How fast is the new Maxx? [...]


Unboxing the Traxxas MAXX Monster Truck

You’ll probably be able to tell in the video, but we are pretty excited about the Traxxas MAXX arriving at the office. We are big fans of the X-MAXX, and we can’t wait to bash it’s smaller offspring. Out of the box, everything impresses. It was funny to see Jeremy upset about the cool way the body mounts on the [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Maxx Power

Thank you, Traxxas, for finally giving me the excuse to run this Simpsons joke headline. So, in case you missed it, earlier this week Traxxas had a pretty big announcement- the Traxxas Maxx. The Maxx – it’s weird seeing no prefix in front of that word, isn’t it? – is a 1/10 version of the gigantic X-Maxx, and many bashers are stoked. You [...]


Traxxas Maxx 10th Scale Monster Truck

Traxxas Drops All New 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck

Here ya go hardcore bashers, Traxxas has just announced the 1/10th scaled Maxx RTR Monster Truck. The Maxx looks very much like its bigger X-Maxx brother and was designed for serious hardcore bashing. Look at some of the highlights- * Lighter, more compact, 1/10 Maxx design * 540XL brushless motor, 2400kV * Massive threaded-aluminum GT-Maxx shocks * 2.8″ Maxx wheels with 17mm hex * Wheelbase- [...]