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MCD Racing RR5 CF Ultimate

MCD Racing RR5 CF & W5 Max Ultimate

New from MCD Racing is a pair of 1/5th scale beasts. The first is the RR5 CF Ultimate buggy, while the second is the W5 MAX Ultimate short course style truck. Both of these “Ultimate” series vehicles sport precision machined alloy parts designed by MCD to be as strong and rigid as possible. The MCD crew have tested all the [...]


MCD Racing W5 Max Factory Team SCT

MCD Racing 1/5 W5 Max Factory Team SCT

Go big with the new W5 Max Factory Team Short Course Truck from MCD Racing. The 1/5th scale W5 Max FT hosts a slew of changes over the previous W5 truck to make it faster and more durable than ever. * New extended wheelbase long chassis * New body * New alloy shock towers * New alloy lay-shaft carrier * New alloy shock bodies * New [...]


MCD Racing RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition

MCD Racing 1/5th RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition

Is large scale taking over the world? It just might be as there seems to be more and more 5th scalers announced every week. The latest is the RR5 Ultimate CF Edition from MCD Racing. Limited to just 100 units, the Ultimate RR5 is loaded with trick upgrades to make it faster and tougher than ever. To shave weight (and [...]


MCD Racing 1/5 X5 Rally Car

MCD Racing 1/5 X5 Rally Car

MCD Racing hits the rally car scene in a big way with their new X5. You see, the X5 Rally Car is a 1/5th scale gasoline powered 4wd, making it a great choice for large bash areas. Built on the proven MCD 5 series chassis, the X5 comes with scale realistic parts like a rear diffuser, top air intake, side [...]



MCD W5 5th Scale SCT on V5 Chassis

News coming out of the MCD camp is that their 5th Scale W5 Short Course Truck will now be available with their fifth generation V5 Chassis and Suspension Arms. The W5 V5 will be available in two different forms, a full on factory team spec model and as a competition rolling chassis. Some of the highlights of the truck are- * [...]


MCD XS-5 Super Car

MCD Racing XS-5 1/5 Super Car

The crew at MCD Racing has something for you high speed fanatics, as well as you 1/5th fans, their new XS-5 Super Sports Car. With a big chassis and big power, it should put a big smile on your face (and big dent in the wallet?). Based on the MCD 4wd 5 series chassis, the XS-5 is said to be the [...]


MCD RR5 Buggy

MCD Racing RR5 1/5th Scale Buggy

In Europe MCD Racing has been a big name for years now. Maybe the new 5th scale RR5 Buggy will help make MCD more popular here in the states. The MCD RR5 doesn’t rely on many parts from older models, it looks to be largely a “new” design. The RR5 looks modern with lots of cool features and should be a [...]


Nuremberg 2012 Videos

Our man Igor posted a few short Nuremberg Toy Fair videos up for us to enjoy. We have the Traxxas XO-1 on their custom Dyno showing off some top speed numbers. We then have the MCD Brushless 1/5 scale Race Runner V4 leaving some rubber on the carpeting. And finally the Böhm Stirling Car A4 which was this crazy steam [...]


mcd toy fair booth

MCD Booth at Nuremberg

Tired of all the little 1/10th and 1/8th stuff? The MCD Racing booth was packed with 1/5th scale goodness Nuremberg Toy Fair. Highlights include the prototype vehicle with the 2 Tekin motors, and some Castle Creations conversion kits. Even their electric versions need brakes to help slow these huge things down. #gallery-7 { margin: auto; } #gallery-7 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-7 [...]