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ARRMA 18th Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck

ARRMA 1/18 Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck RTR

Just announced by ARRMA is a 1/18 Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck RTR. That’s right folks, the mighty ARRMA Granite has been shrunk down to 1/18th sizing to allow you to bash nearly anywhere. Being small enough to run indoors, while being large enough for outdoor bashing, the 1/18th scale Granite is more than ready for your next bashing [...]


ARRMA RC 10th GORGON 4X2 MEGA 550 Monster Truck

ARRMA 1/10 GORGON 4X2 MEGA 550 Monster Truck

New over at ARRMA is the affordable 1/10 GORGON 4X2 MEGA 550 Monster Truck. The new GORGON makes it easy to get into monster trucking with an easy to drive and scale looking rig. Check out these highlights- * Available as a RTR or RTR with battery & charger * Also available as a Ready-To-Assemble Kit with battery & charger * Fast and [...]


ARRMA 8th Infraction 4X4 MEGA Resto-Mod Truck RTR

ARRMA 1/8 Infraction 4X4 MEGA Resto-Mod Truck RTR

New from ARRMA is the affordable 1/8 Infraction 4X4 MEGA Resto-Mod Truck RTR. The mighty Mega series Infraction was designed for speed and durability, with a cool resto-mod look. Here are the highlights- * Signature Infraction Resto-Mod body * Factory-finished body in two stunning paint scheme choices * All-road dBoots Katar vented tires * Tough, gun-metal colored truck wheels * Powerful 570 sized, MEGA 9 [...]


ARRMA RC Senton 4X4 Bash Video

Lets Bash! The new ARRMA RC Senton 4X4 Mega that we recently unboxed was due for some bashing! We have had a blast beating the heck out of this truck, and after countless batteries, it’s still in one piece! The video shows some of the big jumps, super hard landings and crashes, and just some good old fashioned bashing. Please [...]


Updated ARRMA Senton

ARRMA MEGA & BLX 4×4 Series Get Full Refresh

Over at ARRMA they have announced that they have given a Full Refresh to their entire line-up of Mega series and BLX series 4x4s. These vehicles get electronic updates, as well as numerous other upgrades. Check out just some of the updates below. * New Spektrum SLT3 radio * Upgraded chassis * Improved dirt sealing * Large power module pull tab * Rubber shielded bearings * [...]


ARRMA Senton Mega Video

4K Video -Short Course Head-To-Head With The ARRMA Mega Sent…

Recently posted by ARRMA is a new video for the Mega Series 4×4 Senton short course truck. The Mega Senton is priced right and loaded with cool features to make your bashing life easier. The video below does a great job of showing off what the Mega Senton looks like while out bashing. There is some sweet roost footage, as well [...]


ARRMA Voltage Fazon Mega Review

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Mega RTR Review

New to the ARRMA line-up is the Fazon Voltage Mega Speed Truck. The Fazon Voltage is an affordably priced 2wd RTR that makes it easy for new people to get into the hobby, or it can be used by more seasoned hobbyists to have fun while bashing. Also of note, the Fazon Voltage comes with Lithium Ion batteries, something that [...]



ARRMA Senton 4×4 MEGA SCT Review

New from ARRMA is a pair of affordable trucks in their Mega line up. Instead of 2wd, the new trucks are all wheel driven, thus making them easier to drive off-road. We’ve been testing one of the trucks, the Senton 4×4 Mega for several weeks now. With ARRMA’s great reputation and a truck loaded with features, we couldn’t wait to [...]


ARRMA Senton 4x4 Unboxing

Unboxing The ARRMA Senton 4×4 Mega SCT

Shipping right now to a hobby shop near you is the ARRMA Senton 4×4 Mega SCT. The Mega series Senton brings a lot to the basing plate. 4wd is standard, as is a rugged chassis and 12 turn 550 sized brushed motor. At just a $239 price point, the Mega series Senton is undoubtedly a great value. While we pulled our [...]


ARRMA Voltage Granite Fazon

New Voltage Series Vehicles From ARRMA

That’s right folks, the crew at ARRMA have a pair of all new vehicles. These are the Granite Voltage and the Fazon Voltage. Both of these are also Mega series, meaning they come in an affordable brushed platform. How affordable are they? Just $139 street pricing! The Voltage series Granite and Fazon are 1/10th scale 2wd trucks. Both use a brushed [...]


2016 ARRMA Mega Series Fury

Updated 2016 ARRMA Mega Series Fury

Shipping later this month is the 2016 version of the ARRMA Mega Series Fury short course truck. Like the rest of the ARRMA line-up, the Fury has received a number of updates to improve performance and to increase durability. Here is the scoop- * It now comes with a Tactic TTX300 transmitter & micro receiver * New blue/black paint scheme * Foam body [...]


ARRMA Raider XL Brushed Unboxing

Unboxing The Mega Series Brushed ARRMA Raider XL

Do you remember several years ago when the rumors came out about a new car company called ARRMA? The first teaser pics featured the Raider, a unique looking buggy that set internet on fire. Since then ARRMA has come an incredibly long way, and the Raider has too. The Raider XL was offered in brushless BLX trim last year, for [...]


Mega Series ARRMA Raider XL

New ARRMA Raider XL 1/8 Mega Series Buggy

The Raider XL BLX has been extremely popular in its brushless form, soon it will be available in affordable Mega Series trim. The Raider XL Mega Series comes with a brushed power system, perfect for beginners or those on a budget. The Mega Series Raider XL is an 1/8 scale 2wd buggy with a 13 inch long wheelbase and a [...]


ARRMA Raider Mega Series Review

Review – ARRMA RC Raider Mega Series Buggy

THE ARRMA Raider Mega Series Buggy ReviewThe Mega Series from ARRMA RC is their new affordable series aimed at entry level and price conscience hobbyists. We’ve been bashing the Mega Series Raider for a few weeks now. Is it a solid entry level bash machine? Does it uphold the ARRMA name? Does it have enough power to be fun? Click [...]


ARRMA Raider Unboxing

Unboxing – ARRMA Mega Series Raider Buggy

Today we are sharing some pictures we took while unboxing the new ARRMA Mega Series Raider. The Raider was the first vehicle ever shown by ARRMA, this is the Mega Series version, ARRMA’s most affordable line intended for new drivers or people on a budget. The Raider is completely RTR, meaning it comes completely built and even includes a battery and [...]