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Kyosho MF-015 F1 chassis review

Sometimes people think I’m crazy but I just don’t mind handing over many of my R/C cars to just about anyone.  The beauty of this car alone made most people shy away.  It wasn’t until I told them it was a review car for Big Squid that they’d take the wheel.  Assuring them not to worry if it broke (as [...]


Kyosho MF-015 F1 chassis unboxing

I picked up my personal Kyosho F1 this Saturday during a race at HobbyTown USA in Orland Park, IL. The first impressions by all the Mini-z regulars were how awesome the car looked. The scale looks are very impressive in person. The car comes packed with a clear [...]


Kyosho’s next set of Bodies for the new F1 chassis

Kyosho’s next body set for the new MF-015 Mini-Z F1 chassis is the Ferrari F10 platform.  Cars NO. 7 and No.8. So now the two McLarens and these two Ferrari’s and we’ve got 4 of the new F1 cars ready for some racing! Kyosho tends to do a lot with Red Bull licensing so I’m hoping the Red Bull [...]