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Phat Bodies

Phat Bodies K2 1/14 Truggy Body

New from Phat Bodies is the K2 Truggy Body. The K2 fits vehicles like the Losi Mini 8IGHT-T and the LC Racing EMB-1 LWB. The K2 sports an ultra-aggressive race look and can be a great way to give your rig an easy face-lift. * Comes with high downforce 165mm wing * Fits 225mm wheelbase * Extended version of the Phat [...]


Exotek Mini 8IGHT Top Plate

Exotek Losi Mini 8IGHT V2 Carbon Fiber Top Plate

To help bling out your Losi Mini 8IGHT, the crew at Exotek have announced a Version 2 edition of their Carbon Fiber Top Plate. The latest version is made from 2mm thick, extra heavy duty, carbon fiber and was designed to work with the Mini 8IGHT AVC gear cover set. The top plate was also designed for minimal flex, thus [...]


Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy AVC Review

Losi Mini 8IGHT RTR Buggy with AVC Review

The Losi Mini 8IGHT buggy from Horizon Hobby has been a fast and furious little basher since its initial release. Its latest version features AVC electronic stability control and we have been bashing the daylights out of one to see how gnarly it is. In fact, we took the 1/14th Losi with us on numerous roadtrips that spanned 4 states [...]


Unboxing Losi Mini 8IGHT AVC

Unboxing – Losi Mini 8IGHT 1/14th AVC RTR Buggy

While the Losi Mini 8IGHT has been around for years, there is a new version that is hitting the market that comes with AVC Stability Control. After receiving our test unit, we took a bunch of pictures while cracking the box open to let you see what it looks like. We have some special plans for our AVC Mini 8IGHT, something [...]


Losi Mini 8IGHT AVC

Losi Mini 8IGHT with AVC

For our European readers, Horizon Hobby UK has announced a new version of the Losi Mini 8IGHT buggy that comes standard with AVC stability control. The addition of AVC should make the already stellar handling Mini 8IGHT even better when the going gets slick or extra rough. Some of its other features include- * 4500kV Dynamite brushless motor * Everything needed to [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 02.19.2014, Version- You Ask The Questions, I Mak…

“Ess-one sound Hi I saw you guys reviewing this product the ess-one and I don’t know if you guys could help me with this or maybe I am just bothering the hell out of you guys But how did you get your pc to see the device? Mine doesn’t even see it to actually load any new sounds in, any help would be great Thanks, Sean [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 08.07.2014, Version- Letters More Fun Than Charde…

“Family room runner I’m fairly green when it comes to rc cars and the like and was hoping for a bit of advise on a new rc car. I am wanting something that I can run around inside my family room, plus a bit of outside patio if the desire comes to me. I already have a Losi micro T and [...]


T-Bone Racing T-Caps front shock guards Losi Mini 8ight

T-Bone Racing T-Caps Front Shock Guards for Losi Mini 8ight

Ever go flipping across the parking lot only to find your shock caps look like you took a grinder to them? Ever flip upside down on a muddy track packing your shock caps full of dirt that later hardens to a concrete like substance? Yes, us too. The crew over at T-Bone Racing have some new Front Shock Guards for the [...]


Drake Edition Losi Mini 8ight buggy

Drake and Phend Limited Edition Losi Mini 8IGHT 1/14 4WD Bug…

New today from the folks over at Losi are two new editions of their popular Mini 8IGHT Buggy. The first is the Adam Drake Edition, the second the Dakotah Phend Edition. Adam Drake is one of the most popular drivers on the circuit, while young gun Dakotah Phend has been showing the speed to win at any level of competition. Each [...]


driven productions losi mini 8ight shock tower

Driven Productions Shock Towers for Losi Mini 8ight

The latest products from the guys over at TheToyz and Driven Productions are new shock towers for the Losi Mini 8ight buggy. The new towers are not only better than stock but their biggest advantage is they allow the use of different body mounting posts, thus making it easy to mount up all sorts of cool bodies to your buggy. The [...]


Exotek Losi Mini 8ight Carbon Fiber Hop-ups

Carbon Fiber Losi Mini 8IGHT Hop-Ups From Exotek

Looking to totally bling out your Losi Mini 8ight? Looking to beef it up? Exotek Racing has a new line-up of carbon fiber parts that you will be interested in. Exotek just announced 5 new carbon fiber items for the Losi Mini 8ight- a battery strap, a chassis/bottom plate, a top deck, and front and rear shock towers. Some features [...]


Driven Pro Shock Tower

Driven Productions Front Shock Tower for Losi Mini 8ight

The Losi Mini 8ight has proven to be a solid yet fun bash-mobile. However, big crashes can take a toll on that nuclear little buggy. Driven Productions has released a beefy front shock tower that is not only stronger than stock but also helps to protect your shocks during those upside down moments. The Driven Pro tower is available in [...]


losi mini 8ight

Team Losi Mini 8ight RTR Review

Losi Mini 8ight RTR ReviewDial King Squids phone,ring.. ring.. ring.. ring ring.. “This is Brian” “It’s 3DBill I’m at the field.. to windy to fly that tiny review plane.” Brian-“Hey I was gonna call you.. um you wanna review the Losi Mini 8ight?” Me – “Sure why not..” didnt have to twist my arm for that one. I’ve [...]


Losi Mini 8IGHT Unboxing

Wednesday’s are usually pretty rough around here. Luckily, my Losi Mini 8IGHT was at home waiting for me after what seemed like an endless day, which was pretty surprising. So far, this thing looks and feels pretty sweet. Check out the unboxing pics, as well as a couple pics next to some other BSRC favorites so you [...]