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warming hut

DIY: Transmitter Warming Hut from Old Political Signs

With the weather turning to nuclear winter blast furnace, us RC folk are struggling to keep the trigger finger warm enough to lay down the power. While you could source a ready made transmitter warming hut thing, it’s going to cost you. Instead, reclaim some political sign garbage from a street corner near you and get to work! This guide will [...]


Cell Block RC Crawler stands from Crawler Innovations

Ever leave your crawler/scaler sit for too long and come back to find semi permanent flat spots in your foams? Well a company that knows a thing or two about tire foams is Crawler Innovations. They have recently put out the Cell Block RC Crawler Stand to keep your tires up off of the ground during storage prolonging the life [...]


Videographer Needed

Soon we will be posting some new job listings for positions at Big Squid RC, but we need this one sooner than later. We need a video guy! (or gal) Someone that can not just shoot video, but edit and create awesome stuff! We could REALLY use someone for this week’s iHobby Expo! So if you are in the Chicago [...]


Mythbusters RC Motorcycle on TV

On a recent episode of Mythbusters, they started talking about a video showing someone hydroplaning a motorcycle over a large area of water. They talked about the physics and how it may or may not work, and decided step one was to try it with RC motorcycles! I’m surprised they didn’t give a call to our own hydroplane expert Craig [...]


big squid rc group christmas

Updated Merry Christmas From the RC Industry

Sadly, I believe we deleted a few, and there are several that showed up in our snail mail box that I’m afraid we are too lazy to scan in, but here is some holiday cheer from the RC industry that has been sent our way. Enjoy! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 [...]


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Big Squid RC! Every year this little tune pops up in my head. I miss that show, and all 30 straight hours!


RIP Stan Ovshinsky – Creator of the NiMH Battery

RIP to Stan (Stanford) Ovshinsky, a man who I think we can say has had some effect on EVERY person who has ever done RC on the planet. He is the man who invented the NiMH battery. So if you have run a RC car, boat, plane, odds are good at some point a NiMH batterym was involved, and [...]


RC Vehicles Help at the Olympics

So there’s this sport thing going on called the Olympics, you may of heard of it or seen it. Well, if you haven’t it’s on TV, and it’s kinda cool. The reason we mention it is that the Olympics allowed us to add yet another post to our RC On TV section. Several people have sent this one in, thanks [...]


Cruisin Nights – Westmont IL

We recently did another Cruisin’ Nights demo in Westmont IL. where we go out and talk to people about the RC hobby, show off some big air skills, break lots of stuff, you know.. the usual for us. It was really a good turn out this time, and I had way more questions than the last few nights from people, [...]


kawada arsa software

Kawada ARSA Timing System Software

Our good friends from posted an interesting story about some new timing system software from Kawada. The software is called ARSA – Advantage Race System, and the idea behind it is that it allows for a handicap of your time and laps similar to the way a handicap works in bowling or golf. Essentially letting the total newbies get [...]


carpet racers dvd

Carpet Racers Documentary on Direct TV and Dish

A reader emailed us a link to the webpage, and told us that this RC documentary will soon be on Direct TV as well as Dish Network in March! You can also buy the DVD on that site if you can’t wait till then. I don’t believe any of us have seen it, so I’m really looking forward [...]


Traxxas Slash Used in Surround View Testing

Our good buddy Igor sent in this picture of a Traxxas Slash equipped with 4 cameras as well as a on-board processing system to allow surround view for FPV (First Person Video) driving. The car was at a Symposium on future in car systems at the Technical University in Munich. It’s designed for full size cars but shown and demo’d [...]


Price is Right for RC and Ace of Cakes!

Yes folks, another great RC sighting On TV, but this was a two for one special! First on Ace of Cakes, our man Duff and his crew take what looks like a Traxxas 1/16th scale vehicle (the radio makes it obvious) and they build a cake around it to look like a tiny Porsche Boxster. Then they take it [...]


How Much Snow?

As a few of you probably know, we are finally getting our share of snow here in the Midwest! As I started digging out the driveway I figure it would be time to measure.. we got exactly 2 HPI monster trucks and 1 Slash worth of snow! 🙂 Snow bashing tomorrow! WOOOO HOOOO! I know Adam the Intern has a snow [...]


Bill Demo’s at Fundraiser

Our own Bill (aka Wrench) was at the Host Family Fundraiser Thursday night where he and a few others put on a RC demo for the people that came out to show their support for Danny Host and his family. Danny was diagnosed with Grade 4 Gioblastoma Multiforme last year at age 6, and that’s about the worst form of [...]