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Monster Truck Madness – The Losi LMT is Fitting In

Hey all, how you doin’? I’m fresh off a scorching weekend that saw my club, Trigger King R/C, finish our seventh year of racing in the hot midwestern Summer. We started our series back in the Spring and ran outdoors on dirt. This season was particularly interesting because it was the first since, well, late 2016 when a significantly new platform [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Return of the Monster Mailbag

Hey everyone, I have several questions I’ve been sitting on this week, so let’s get to it. I see a lot of people replicating real life monster trucks, both ones from the old days and new ones, yet I don’t see any licensed decals out there. Is it all paint? How do you guys do it? Steve M. from Huntsville, AL Steve, the [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Backyard Arena

Awhile back when I said I’d be featuring a reader’s vehicle each week at the end of my column, I didn’t expect to get whole freakin’ arena to show off, but that’s what I have here! I scoped out David H.’s killer backyard track when he was posting about it on one of the solid axle monster truck groups that I [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Upgrade that Servo

When you start talking true 1/10+ size monster trucks, there is not an upgrade on the market that will be more noticeable than a quality steering servo. The bigger the tires get, the better of an upgrade this is. My criteria for judging whether a servo is good or not is fairly simple – can it turn the tires with ease [...]


Monster Truck Madness #15 – Crush Cars

One of the great secrets of hardcore r/c monster truckers; where do our crush cars come from?. It’s by far the number one question that I field from YouTube viewers on my Trigger King channel….well, right after “what do these cost?!”. I also get e-mail from readers on here as well, when they see them in pictures. I’ll answer that in [...]