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Traxxas Maxx Video

Video – Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Unleashed

To help promote the release of their all new 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck, the crew at Traxxas has posted a new action video. The video below shows the Traxxas crew totally sending the Maxx at a skate park, as well as going WFO on a bike track. We’ve gotten in a couple dozen packs with our Maxx and it has [...]


Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Review

THE Traxxas Maxx 1/10 Monster Truck Review

There is no doubt that Traxxas is best known for their monster trucks. Their latest is the 1/10th scaled Maxx, which is modeled after the beastly large scale X-Maxx. Designed to be the “king of the hill” for tenth scaled monster trucks, the crew at Traxxas spent months on the Maxx dialing it in. How fast is the new Maxx? [...]


Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Truggy

Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck

Recently announced by Team Corally is the Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck. While Team Corally is mostly known for their high-end race machines, their new RTR Kronos MT is all about bashing. Take a look at these features- * Extreme monster truck * Pre-built RTR * 110+ kph * CNC machined 3mm aluminum chassis * CNC machined 4-5mm shock towers * 16mm big bore shocks * [...]


Unboxing the Traxxas MAXX Monster Truck

You’ll probably be able to tell in the video, but we are pretty excited about the Traxxas MAXX arriving at the office. We are big fans of the X-MAXX, and we can’t wait to bash it’s smaller offspring. Out of the box, everything impresses. It was funny to see Jeremy upset about the cool way the body mounts on the [...]


Traxxas RC BIGFOOT No. 1 Retro Graphics

Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With New Retro Inspired Graphics

Traxxas has just announced that their ultra-popular BIGFOOT No.1 Classic Monster Truck is shipping soon with new Retro Inspired Graphics. The new graphics have a look straight out of the late 1970s back when the 1:1 BIGFOOT was showing the entire world just how crazy a truck could get. The Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With Retro Graphics has street pricing of [...]


Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Edition

Teaser – Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Edition

Now being teased by Tamiya is the Super Clod Buster Black Edition. The massive Super Clod Buster is a classic that features 4 wheel drive, as well as 4 wheel steering. With scale monster trucks gaining more momentum every day, the Black Edition Super Clod Buster should be warmly received when it hits hobby shops later this year. As we await [...]


Team Corally Mammoth SP 2WD Monster Truck RTR

Team Corally Mammoth SP 2WD Monster Truck RTR

Shipping now from Team Corally is the 1/10 Mammoth SP 2WD Monster Truck. The Mammoth ships fully pre-assembled as a RTR and comes with chassis and suspension parts that are made of the special composite material HiCC8, thus making it extremely durable. Here are the highlights- * Specially formulated plastic for increased durability * Steel drive and wheel shafts, metal gears in [...]


Pro-Line 3.8 Sling Shot Pre-Mounted

Four New 3.8″ Mounted Tires From Pro-Line

For all you bashing aficionados out there, Pro-Line has just announced Four New Pre-Mounted Tires Sets. Pre-mounted tires save you time, plus you will know from the start that your tires have been glued by the professionals at Pro-Line. Badlands MX38 3.8″ Tires Mounted #10127-10 Road Rage 3.8″ Street Tires Mounted #1177-10 Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand Tires Mounted #1179-10 Trencher X 3.8″ Tires Mounted [...]


Sweep Racing WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels 8th Monster Truck

Sweep Racing WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels for 1/8th Monster Tr…

The folks over at Sweep Racing have put out a press release on their new WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels for 1/8th monster trucks. The upgrade wheels are significantly beefier than previous units, thus allowing you to go harder than ever before. The WHD wheels fit tires like the belted Sweep Racing Terrain Crusher or Road Crusher tires and they come [...]


Video – CEN Racing Monster Truck Unboxing Race

Recently we got our hands on the new CEN Racing Solid Axle Monster Trucks We got a red HL150 and bright orange Ford B50, and while Doug did a proper photo unboxing, Jeremy and I decided we need to test our ‘Time To Bash’ category for the reviews. The rules were simple, we had to grab the box, unbox it, put [...]


Pro-Line Trencher HP Belted 3.8 Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher HP 3.8″ BELTED Tires

Guess who just announced fully Belted 3.8″ Trencher HP monster truck tires? Yes, that would be Pro-Line and they have just posted a new promotional video to get your blood pumping for the weekend! Watch below to see just how extreme you can get with their incredible 3.8″ Trencher HP pre-mounts. Available pre-mounted on high-tech Raid removable hex wheels, the [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8" Tire Review

Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8″ Tire Review

This review has been a long time coming folks. No, we aren’t talking about how we got a new set of Pro-Line Trencher HP 2.8″ Monster Truck Tires a few weeks ago and have been trying to burn their rubber off ever since. We are talking about how our hobby has long been waiting for monster truck tires that do [...]


Monster Truck Madness - New Duratrax Munition Monster Truck …

Hey guys, this week I’m gettin’ to break an exclusive for ya’ll- check out the new Duratrax Munition MT 2.8 Mounted Tires! Specs: Tire Diameter: 5.9″ (150mm) Wheel Color: Black Wheel Diameter: 2.2″ (56mm) Wheel Hex Size: 12mm Hex Wheel Width: 2.8″ (71mm) Link: Duratrax Munition MT 2.8 Mounted Tires These tires and wheels come pre-mounted, so no glue is needed. The wheels are a durable black plastic, [...]


New Colors Traxxas E-Revo

2 New Colors For the Traxxas E-Revo

The good folks over at Traxxas have announced Two New Colors for the mighty E-Revo monster truck. The updated E-Revo is one of the gnarliest bash trucks on the market, soon you can pick one up with new blue or purple livery. Here are some of the E-Revo’s highlights- * Self-righting system * Advanced in-board suspension * Powerful 6S VXL brushless system * Talon [...]


Pro-Line Badlands 3.8 Pre-Mount Raid Wheels

Pro-Line Badlands 3.8″ Pre-Mounted On Black Raid Wheels

New for the monster truck scene are Pro-Line Badlands 3.8″ Tires pre-mounted on Raid Removable Hex Wheels. This is Pro-Line’s latest pre-mount combo for large monster trucks and features the Badlands’ ultra aggressive motocross tire tread. Here are the highlights- * Large knobbies for insane grip in dirt & grass * Pre-mounted to save you time * Made right here in the USA * [...]