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JConcepts 8th MT Fling Kings Renegades E-Revo Kraton

JConcepts Announces Fling Kings & Renegades for E-Revo & Kra…

New from JConcepts are Pre-Mounted Fling King and Renegades 1/8 monster truck tires. The Renegades feature a scale realistic monster truck tire look, while the Fling Kings are styled for mega truck performance. Both are a great choice for your 1/8th Traxxas E-Revo or ARRMA Kraton monster truck. Check out these highlights- Fling Kings – Yellow Compound, Pre-mounted on Silver Wheels * [...]


JConcepts 1989 Ford Bronco Monster Truck Body

JConcepts 1989 Ford Bronco Monster Truck Body

Over at JConcepts they have just announced a 1989 Ford Bronco Monster Truck Body. This classic looking Ford Bronco is sized to fit trucks like the Tamiya Clod Buster and is perfect for your next scale monster truck build. Here are the highlights- * Officially licensed by Ford * Wheelbase – 10.5″ * Width – 7″ * Fits monster trucks like the Tamiya Clod [...]


JConcepts Scale Monster Truck Transport Wheels Tires

JConcepts Scale Monster Truck Transport Wheels & Tires

Over at JConcepts they have released some insanely trick Scale Monster Truck Transport Wheels & Tires. These beauties are perfect for your scale monster truck to add that perfect piece of scale realism. Check out these highlights- Transporter – Display and Transport Tires, Pink Compound * Scaled version of transport tires * Chevron tread with center overlap * Slightly recessed tire lugs * Detailed sidewall [...]


Traxxas Sledge Skate Park Video

Video – Traxxas Sledge Skate Park Domination

Over at Traxxas they have just released a new Sledge Skate Park Domination Video. The video stars the all new Sledge monster truck and does a great job of showing you just how big it can go when sending it at a skate park. With an ultra-strong chassis, massive suspension, and endless amounts of VXL brushless power, the Traxxas Sledge [...]


Traxxas Sledge Highlight Video

Video – Traxxas Sledge In-Depth Video

New from Traxxas is an In-Depth Video for their upcoming Sledge Monster Truck. Watch below to learn more about all the new features of the mighty Sledge. From its triangular chassis structure, to its 5mm aluminum shock towers, to its cast aluminum motor cradle, the Sledge was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate bashing machine! After the video [...]


Traxxas RC 8th Scale Sledge Monster Truck

Traxxas 1/8 Sledge Monster Truck

Here is some big news from Traxxas! Just announced by Traxxas is the 1/8th scaled Sledge Monster Truck. The Sledge represents the very latest in monster truck technology with big brushless power and massive suspension. Check out these highlights- * Width – 18.1″ * Wheelbase – 15.1″ * Engineered for 6S power * Strongest chassis in the class * New clipless body * High performance monster [...]


JConcepts Monster Truck VLog

JConcepts VLog – Talking Monster Trucks

Over at JConcepts they’ve released a new VLog talking all about Monster Trucks. The VLog talks about not only improving the performance of your monster truck, but also some of their products to boost your scale realism game. With some behind the scenes information, and plenty of monster truck talk, the VLog is a great way to learn more about [...]


HPI Savage Monster Truck Video Into The Wild

Video – HPI Savage X Out In The Wild

New from HPI Racing is a promotional video for their mighty Savage X Flux Monster Truck. The Savage X Flux comes with a gnarly brushless system for insane power, as well as long travel suspension to handle even the biggest of jumps. Watch below to see the HPI crew sending a Savage X to show you just how fun it [...]


Team Corally Sketer Snow Bash Video

As you can see in the video, the Team Corally Sketer can take a serious beating. The temperatures were pretty low, and the truck is still running after all this without issue. The only thing we have broken was the front bumper on that unexpected roof to grill landing.You can use this link to get full details on the [...]


Team Corally Sketer Unboxing Video

We got our hands on the new Team Corally Sketer XL 4S! If you watch the live show, we talked about this release recently as it’s really like nothing Team Corally has done before. Talking with the guys over there, they really pour their hearts into these projects, and are excited to be releasing it to the world. While you are [...]


Pro-Line 10th Scale PowerStroke Shocks Traxxas MAXX

Pro-Line 1/10 PowerStroke Shocks for the Traxxas MAXX

For all you Traxxas Maxx monster truck owners out there, Pro-Line has just announced new PowerStroke Shocks for you! The new PowerStrokes are high-end shocks that are not only beefy, but also have incredible performance. Here are the highlights- * Specifically designed for the Traxxas Maxx * Big bore aluminum shock bodies with infinite spring pre-load adjustment * Beefy machined aluminum shock caps * [...]


JConcepts Fling Kings Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts Announces Aggressor Wheels Along With New Fling Ki…

Over at JConcepts Jason and his crew have been busy for 2022. Just announced for all you monster truck fanatics out there are Aggressor Wheels, Fling King Tires, and Renegade Tires. All three were designed to give your truck not only improved performance, but also great styling. Aggressor 2.6 x 3.8″ 17mm Hex Monster Truck Wheels * One-piece design * Scale size and [...]


Team Corally Sketer XL4S RTR Monster Truck

Team Corally Announces 1/10 Sketer XL4S RTR

New and hot from Team Corally is the 1/10th scaled Sketer XL4S RTR Monster Truck. The new Sketer was designed for hardcore backyard bashing and comes with a potent brushless power system. Check out these highlights- * New level of 1/10 Monster Truck performance and durability * Platform designers emphasized chassis strength and stiffness * Ideal suspension travel and spring/dampener rates * Uses heavy-duty, [...]


Team Corally Monster Truck Teaser

Video – Team Corally Teases New Bash Truck

Oh yes, it is the time of the year for everyone to announce their new spring releases. Team Corally has been making a huge push in the bashing market over the last few years, and have done so via releasing numerous new models. Recently the crew at Team Corally posted a New Teaser Video for 2022. While the video doesn’t [...]


Primal RC 5th Scale V3 Monster Trucks

Primal RC Announces A Pair of New 1/5 V3 Monster Trucks

New from Primal RC is the 1/5th scaled V3 RTR Mega Monster Truck as well as a new 1/5th scaled V3 RTR Raminator Monster Truck. Both of these beasts are enormous in size and more than ready for sending-it hard in your backyard. Here are the highlights- * Upgraded 100KG steering servos * Upgraded large capacity MEGA shocks with 10mm shock shafts * [...]