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Monster Truck Madness – Skimming Across the Top

The other day after our monthly monster truck racing event, my buddy Aaron Janes decided he would try a stunt that we’ve joked about all summer- sending a solid axle monster truck across the pond that sits next to our racing surface. Naturally, we had to get it on camera! A little about the truck that’s used- his “Hellion” bodied truck [...]


Traxxas Maxx Rock N Roll Video

Video - Upgraded & Unleashed Traxxas Maxx Rock 'N Roll Editi…

New from Traxxas is an Upgraded & Unleashed Traxxas Maxx Rock ‘N Roll Edition action video. The crew at Traxxas took a Rock ‘N Roll edition Maxx monster truck and upgraded it to the hilt to increase performance. Watch below to see just how gnarly their Maxx turned out. The video features enormous jumps, huge rooster tails, as well as [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx SoCal Skate Park Video

Video – Traxxas X-Maxx Shreds SoCal Skate Park

Over at Traxxas they have dropped a new promotional video for the mighty X-Maxx Monster Truck. The video shows the X-Maxx shredding a skate park in Southern California- getting big air and doing wild tricks. With big VXL brushless power and enormous oil-filled shocks, the X-Maxx is more than ready for your next hardcore bashing adventure. After watching the video, you [...]


Maverick RC Quantum MT RTR

Maverick RC 1/10 Quantum MT RTR

Shipping now from Maverick RC is the 1/10th scaled Quantum MT ready to run. The Quantum MT is available with an affordable brushed motor, or with the insane power of a FLUX brushless system. Full time 4wd is standard, and the Quantum MT is available in different colors. * Waterproof electronics * 2.4GHz radio gear * Oil-filled, aluminum threaded shocks * 550 sized 15 [...]



It is no secret that the entire Crew at Big Squid RC are Bigfoot fans. Bigfoot to me is more than a monster truck, Hell I even had a Bigfoot power wheel so when I see Bigfoot it brings back fond childhood memories. Coming from a broken home there was one point where my toys were my escape from my [...]


Traxxas Hoss Bash Video

So we recently got our hands on the Traxxas Hoss 1/10th scale monster truck, and while working on the review, you know we are going to be bashing! Heck, that’s pretty much how we review.. push it to the limit, and see what breaks! Enjoy some video footage we shot while we were out bashing! I don’t think we have [...]


Traxxas Rock 'N Roll Paint Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas Announces Rock ‘N Roll Paint Package for the Maxx

Over at Traxxas they have announced new Rock ‘N Roll livery for the Maxx Monster Truck. The Traxxas Maxx comes with burly suspension and a massive VXL brushless power system, soon you will be able to send-it down at your local park with Rock ‘N Roll livery that really pops. The Traxxas Rock ‘N Roll Maxx Monster Truck is street priced [...]


RC4WD Carbon Assault Manticore Monster Truck

Video – RC4WD Carbon Assault Manticore Monster Truck

Shipping right now from RC4WD is the mighty Carbon Assault Manticore Monster Truck. To show off the off-road capabilities of the Carbon Assault, RC4WD recently posted a new action video. Watch below to see how scale the Carbon Assault looks while jumping, car crushing, and throwing rooster tails. After the video, use this link to get full details on the RC4WD [...]


Traxxas Hoss Unboxing Video + Giveaway

Super excited to be able to bring you this video unboxing the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 Monster Truck! It’s hard to believe that is has some simularities and common parts to the 4×4 Rustler, but here it is! Everything about it feels like a beast, and you can bet we are putting it to the test for the review! Make sure you [...]


Unboxing the ARRMA Big Rock V3 1/10 Monster Truck Video

Got our hands on the new ARRMA Big Rock V3 1/10th scale Monster Truck from Horizon Hobby. The V3 has plenty of updates to the previous releases of the Big Rock, like a wider wheel base, different steering setup, waterproof options and more. We discuss and show many of the changes during the video. If you are looking for a [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Whole Lotta Stuff Goin’ On

I’ve spent the last month or two primarily in Clod Buster town, and with both of those projects finally “finished” (they never are finished), I am coming up for air and will cover a few big news items that are going on in the r/c monster truck world.Traxxas just yesterday announced the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL. While my knowledge of [...]


Traxxas RC Hoss Monster Truck

Traxxas Hoss 1/10th Monster Truck

Here ya go folks, a new monster truck from Traxxas! That’s right, Traxxas has just announced for pre-order, the Hoss 1/10 RTR monster truck. The Hoss was designed for hardcore bashing with a powerful VXL 540XL brushless motor and huge Traxxas Sledgehammer tires. Check out more highlights below- * Torque-biasing center drive w/ steel spur gear * Internally reinforced body * Heavy duty [...]


JConcepts 1984 Ford F-250 10.75 Wheelbase

JConcepts 1984 Ford F-250 Clear Body w/ 10.75″ Wheelbase

New from the crew at JConcepts is a 10.75″ Wheelbase version of their 1984 Ford F-250 monster truck body. The mighty Ford F-250 was used for monster trucks like Bigfoot, King Kong III, and the Virginia Giant, check out the highlights below. * Fully licensed by Ford * Scale realistic look * 6.5″ width, 10.75″ wheelbase * Fits 1/10 scale monster trucks * Made from [...]


Monster Truck Madness – JConcepts Regulator Build

Alright folks, after several weeks of saying I was going to talk about it, I’m finally ready to discuss the JConcepts Regulator Chassis Conversion kit, designed for the Tamiya Clod Buster. To the solid axle r/c monster truck fan, this release is a really big deal. Sure, the Clod chassis aftermarket has always been active with various modified chassis and performance [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx Action Video

Video – Ultimate 8s Thrill Ride Traxxas X-Maxx

New from Traxxas is an action video called Ultimate 8S Thrill Ride featuring the X-Maxx Monster Truck. The 50+ mph X-Maxx is well known as one of the premier back trucks on the planet, watch below to see some big airtime, plus some wide open roost throwing. With massive suspension and a powerful brushless power system, the Traxxas X-Maxx is [...]