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Kyosho Le Mans Brushless Motor

Kyosho LE MANS 240S Brushless Motor

New from Kyosho is a pair of LE MANS 240S Brushless Motors. These retro styled motors come in 15.5 and 19.5 winds and should look great in your vintage rc. Both motors are a sensored design with the 15.5 sporting a part number of #37032 while the 19.5 is #37031. Want more details? Get them by following This Link over [...]


Tiger Motor F40 FPV Series Motors

New from Tiger Motor comes the F40 2300v FPV Series Motor. These motors were designed specifically for FPV racing and are built to take a punch. They utilize a steel shaft and unique structural design to help prevent deformation and breakage upon crashing. The motors also provide excellent heat dissipation. A must for power-hungry mini quads. Here’s a few specs:KV: 2300 Configuration: 12N14P Stator Diameter: 22mm Stator [...]


Muchmore Fleta ZX8

Muchmore FLETA ZX8 8th Scale Brushless Motors

New for the 8th scale racing crowd are the Fleta ZX8 Brushless Motors from Muchmore Racing. The Fleta ZX8 is available in two different kVs, 1900 and 2050, and is a sensored design for greater accuracy at low speeds. A Flow Max aluminum can with venting helps to keep the motor cool, while special high rpm bearings help keep the [...]


Axial Trail Breaker Electric Motor

Axial Trail Breaker Rebuildable Electric Motors

While brushless has completely taken over the bashing world, there is still a place where the controlled power of brushed motors still rules, in crawling. New from Axial Racing are a pair of Rebuildable Brushed Motors. Axial is offering 35 and 55 turn units to give your off-road rig precise power while out on the trail. * Balanced commutator * Brushes can [...]


Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors Built-In ESC

Novak Breeze Smart Brushless Motors With Built-In ESC

There is no doubt that Novak is a legendary name in the rc world. They have been best known for their surface products, but now they have announced a new line of brushless motors for use in Drones. The Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors were designed for great performance and feature built in ESCs. That’s right, each motor has a [...]


Raging Rotors SPECIAL: A Build More Fun than the Lego Movie,…

Part 1 of the Mega Multirotor build can be found Right Here. The frames are built, and now it is time to get the right motors and speed controllers for each of our three multirotor setups. Don’t be afraid, with every kit/frame there is available for purchase there are always suggested motor and speed controller combos that go well with that [...]


Viper going big

Viper is still a relatively new player in the R/C biz, but they’re moving fast to catch up to the offerings of other companies.  Now they are putting out a new line of brushless motors appropriate for 1/8 scale electrics.  The Viper VSE-B and VSE-T are sensored motors ready for buggies and truggies respectively.  Both versions feature a machined 6061 [...]


Reedy Sonic brushless motors

Reedy has a new line of competition ready brushless motors, which they are creatively calling the Reedy Sonic Competition 1:10 Brushless Motors.  The Reedy crew says they are designed strictly for competition, so take that as you will.  Some of the features include a lightweight can, with “strategically placed vent holes” for lower operating temperature.  You’ll also find a precision [...]


O.S. Engines going electric

Here’s a bit of interesting news from the aircraft side of the hobby.  O.S. Engines is tossing their hat into the brushless electric ring.  Their new line of  brushless aircraft motors, which they are calling O.S. Motor, were designed in-house by O.S. engineers, and have quite a few unique features.  In particular their centrifugal cooling fan which is designed to [...]


Novak GTB 2 now available in C-C-C-COMBOs!

Novak’s popular sportsman class ESC, the GTB 2 Sportsman, is now available in combos with their Ballistic brushless motors.  The GTB 2 has all kinds of great features, but it more notable for what it’s missing, namely timing adjustments and a pc data port, making it ideal for spec class racing.  Some of the things it does include are drag [...]


Team Epic launching Monster Horsepower brushless motor line

Team Epic is renewing a name that has been long synonymous with the Trinity brand.  The new Monster Horsepower line of brushless motors are made for all kinds of classes and situations.  The Mini Monster line is meant for 1/16 and 1/18 scale racers like the Traxxas mini e-Revo or the Team Associated RC18 line.  They’re built for 1 [...]