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MST RC 1/10 Honda Civic EG6 TCR-FF RTR

Shipping this July from MST RC a RTR version of the Honda Civic TCR-FF on-road car. The Civic is fully licensed by Honda and sports a highly realistic body. Here are the highlights- * Officially licensed by Honda * Wheelbase- 257mm * Width- 184mm * Full bearing set * 12,000 rpm 380 sized motor * XB60 brushed ESC * Caster- Adjustable 5 degree The MST RC Honda Civic [...]


MST RC MTX-1 Scale Monster Truck

Teaser – MST MTX-1 Scale Monster Truck w/ TH1 Body

Now being teased by MST is their MTX-1 scale monster truck with a new TH1 Body. The MTX-1 is a scale 2wd monster truck chassis that will soon be available with MST’s new TH1 monster truck body. The new TH1 body has a great old school off-road look that should go over quite well in the scale monster trucking community. We [...]


MST Scale Crawling MPA Portal Axle Set

MST Scale Crawling MPA Portal Axle Set

New from MST (Max Speed Technology) is the MPA Portal Axle Set. Portal style axles are all the rage right now, and for good reason, their extra ground clearance can come in quite handy while rock crawling. * 14mm increase in ground clearance * Upgraded and reinforced CVD axle * Full bearing set * Can be used on front or rear * All metal gears * [...]


MST Max Speed Technology JP1 Scale RC Rock Crawler Portal Axles

MST Announces JP1 Scale Crawler With Portal Axles

New from MST (Max Speed Technology) is the JP1 CFX-W scale rock crawler kit. The big news on the JP1 is that it comes stock with portal style axles for maximum ground clearance. Here are more highlights- * Front & rear portal axles * Aluminum 4-link suspension * Realistic steel frame rails * TC80 aluminum shock set * Dual pad slipper clutch * Planetary gearbox * All [...]



MST RC J3 CMX RTR Scale Crawler

Shipping right now from MST RC is the new J3 CMC RTR Scale Crawler. The J3 has a cool scale body that rides on MST’s popular CMX series chassis. Here is more of the scoop- * 242mm wheelbase * 195mm width * Tire diameter- 90mm * Full time shaft driven 4wd * Locked front & rear axles * Water resistant electronics * 4 link suspension * Heavy duty [...]



MST FMX 2.0 Drift Car

Recently announced by Max Speed Technology is the FMX 2.0 drift car. The 2.0 comes in kit form, loaded from nose to tail with carbon fiber to maximize performance. Here are the highlights- * New front suspension system * Incredible amount of steering angle * Two different Ackermann choices * Highly efficient drive system * Next-gen rear suspension * TR56 aluminum shocks Full details for the FMX [...]


MST JP1 Scale Crawler Body

Teaser – MST JP1 Scale Crawler Body

Now being teased by Max Speed Technology is the JP1 scale crawler body. The JP1 has some serious scale detailing and is molded from plastic. While not a lot is known at this time, we do know that the body has a wheelbase of 313mm and will also be shipping at some point along with MST’s CFX-W scale crawler chassis. To [...]


Max Speed Technology L3 Body

Max Speed Technology L3 Scale Off-Road Body

Being teased now by Max Speed Technology is the L3 scale off-road body. The L3 is made from hard ABS plastic for maximum scale detailing, plus it is sized to fit MST trucks like the CMX and CFX rock crawlers. Wheelbase on the body is 242mm, this allows it to also be used on a wide variety of other rock [...]


RWD Drift Chassis Round Up – kits under $250

So you want to drift, but maybe not sure if you want to to drop $600+ on a aluminum carbon fiber drift battle ship… That’s OK! Entry drift chassis are a great way to get your feet wet and can perform quite well out of the box – we’ve seen a few plastic fantastic chassis take podium at local comps. [...]



MST CMX C-10 RTR Scale Crawler

Recently announced by MST is the CMX C-10 Scale Crawler. The C-10 comes on MST’s CMX scale crawler platform and sports a scale realistic truck body. Also, the C-10 comes completely pre-built and ready to hit the trails right out of the box. * Wheelbase- 275mm * Shaft driven 4wd * Solid axles front and rear * Width- 195mm * Available in three [...]


MST MTX-1 Monster Truck

More Details – MST MTX-1 Scale Monster Truck

The hype train for the MST MTX-1 Scale Monster Truck just keeps on rolling. With so many people wanting to learn more details about it, MST has released more teaser images, along with a short sneak-peak video. Right now here is what we know- * 4wd with tube style chassis * Realistic, old school body * Width- 294mm (11.57″) * Length- 467mm (18.4″) * Four [...]


MST Monster Truck

Teaser – MST MTX-1 Monster Truck

Being teased now by Max Speed Technology is the MTX-1 scale monster truck. The MTX-1 is slated for a Q3 ’17 release date and sports a tube style chassis along with beefy solid axles. Sized at a wheelbase of 280mm and a width of 294mm, it is a bit smaller than some of the other offerings in the class but [...]



MST RMX2.0 S Released

The new MST RMX2.0 S has arrived stateside. This chassis takes some inspiration from the Yokomo yd-2 with a sealed gearbox and “backwards” mounted motor orientation (the spur is mounted on the left hand side of the chassis). Like MST’s FXX, the RMX2.0 S uses a ladder frame chassis for rigidity. Super-G in sunny California has already built and given [...]


mst rmx s

MST RMX S – new RWD Drift Chassis

It’s been a long time, by MST standards, since we’ve had a new drift chassis by the Taiwanese maker. The MST RMX S appears to be a highly tunable RWD RC drift chassis, with multiple settings for steering wiper, motor and servo placement. No hard release date yet, but rumors are pointing to a spring. Can a VIP hopped up [...]


MST CFX 10th Scale Crawler

MST CFX 1/10 Scale Crawler

About a month ago we posted about the 1/8 scale crawler coming from MST, today we get to post about their new 1/10 CFX. The tenth scaler from Max Speed Technology is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks and has numerous cool features. * 1.9″ tires * Adjustable wheelbase- 242, 252, or 267mm * Width- 195mm * Gear Ratio- 31.7~46.7 * Oil [...]