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Serpent Spyder MT2 RTR

Serpent Spyder MT2 RTR Monster Truck

Jumping into the monster truck wars for the first time ever is Serpent. Serpent has long been known as a high-end race car manufacturer, now they are coming after the basher market. Just announced by the Serpent crew is the MT2 RTR Monster Truck. The MT2 is a 2wd machine based off the Spyder 1/10 2wd chassis and comes completely [...]


CKRC Short Course conversion for HPI MT2

So let’s say you bought a HPI MT2 a while back, you thought you were the cool kid on the block.  But then all your friends decided to up and buy Slashes, Blitzes, and SC10s.  Now you’re left looking kind of like a tool.  So what could you do to save face?  How about buying yourself a CKRC MT2SC Conversion [...]