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Muchmore Hybrid Touch AC DC Balance Charger Discharger

Muchmore Racing Hybrid Touch AC/DC Balance Charger

New from Muchmore Racing is a Hybrid Touch AC/DC Balance Charger. Muchmore has implemented a number of improvements on this model compared to the previous. Here are some of the changes and highlights- * Anti-static circuit board design * New orange backlight for improved visibility * Sensitive touch screen system * IC controlled twin cooling fans * Enhanced cell voltage balancing system * USB charging port * [...]


Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 1S

Muchmore FLETA PRO V2 1S Brushless ESC

New for the ever growing brushless ESC market is the Fleta Pro V2 1S from Muchmore Racing. The second version of the Fleta Pro features an all aluminum case to help keep temps down, as well as for a trick look. Here are more highlights- * Full aluminium case for improved heat dissipation * Internal switch system * Compact, lightweight design to fit [...]


Muchmore Racing Professional Electric Power Driver

Muchmore Racing Professional Power Driver

With most people using cordless drills for wrenching now days, the folks at Muchmore Racing have come up with a unit dedicated for rc use. New from Muchmore is a Professional Power Driver. The power driver has a quick release 1/4″ drive socket that can be used with a plethora of different tips/attachments. Also, it comes with a USB charger [...]


Muchmore Fleta ZX8

Muchmore FLETA ZX8 8th Scale Brushless Motors

New for the 8th scale racing crowd are the Fleta ZX8 Brushless Motors from Muchmore Racing. The Fleta ZX8 is available in two different kVs, 1900 and 2050, and is a sensored design for greater accuracy at low speeds. A Flow Max aluminum can with venting helps to keep the motor cool, while special high rpm bearings help keep the [...]


Muchmore Fleta ZX Sting OutLaw Stock Motors

Muchmore Racing Fleta ZX Sting Outlaw Stock Brushless Motors

Go faster than the rules allow with the new Fleta ZX Sting brushless motors from Muchmore Racing. You see, the Sting series motors come with balanced NdFeB Neodymium magnets along with short stack stators to give them 30% more power than “legal” stock class motors. Grade 5 bearings keep the rotor spinning freely, while a Flow-Max II body design helps [...]


Muchmore Power Supply

Muchmore Powermaster World Edition 3 Evo Power Supply

The good folks over at Muchmore Racing recently announced their latest power supply, the Powermaster World Edition 3 Evo. At a robust 24 amps it has plenty of juice to power your charger with and is available with either a black or blue anodized finish. * Low noise temperature controlled cooling fan * 5 volt 2 amp USB charging port * 12 to [...]


Muchmore Lipo battery

Muchmore Racing Stock Spec LiPo Battery

Does your local track have a stock class that requires a spec battery? If so, the crew over at Muchmore Racing has a new LiPo Battery for you. Their new Stock Spec LiPo is a 2S 7.4 volt pack that features 5400mAh of capacity. High quality cells are used to provide plenty of voltage, while a hard case gives it [...]


MuchMore Double Accel Charger

Muchmore Cell Master Double Accel Battery Charger

Is your pit bag so full it is about to explode? Muchmore Racing can help you save some room with their Cell Master Double Accel. Muchmore says their Double Accel is the “world’s smallest 2-port charger” and it measures in at 5.1 x 4.5 x 1.9″. You can charge up to a 6S LiPo pack with the Muchmore and it [...]


Muchmore LED Setup Board

Muchmore Power Station Pro, LED Setup Board, & Tweak Master

While most of the items that Muchmore Racing puts out are for the hardcore racing crowd, they recently introduced a nifty Power Station Pro that can come in handy for just about anyone. The Power Station Pro is a distribution block that has three 10 amp outputs, one 20 amp output, and even two 5V 2 amp outputs for USB [...]


Muchmore Fleta 4.0 Brushless ESC

Muchmore Fleta 4.0 Brushless ESC

The crew over at Muchmore Racing has a new high-end ESC that features thirteen different programming parameters and three downloadable firmware versions. For power, their new Fleta 4.0 is stated to do 140 amps continuous and handle down to 3.5 turn motors. Some of its other features and specifications include- * Comes with LCD programming card * Utilizes a [...]


MuchMore Fleta ZX brushless motors

MuchMore Racing Fleta ZX 540 Brushless Motors

The crew over at MuchMore Racing have announced a new line-up of sensored brushless motors called the Fleta ZX series. The Fleta series motors keep cool via their precision-machined aluminum cans and oversized air-flow holes. They also feature sintered magnets and balanced rotors. The Fleta ZX series motors are available in winds from 21.5 to 3.5 turns and have a street [...]


Muchmore racing tools ride height

New Tools From Muchmore Racing

Muchmore is known for putting out high end on-road equipment and today they’ve announced three new tools to make your life easier. First up are the high quality multi-shock pliers shown above. These are set up to grip 3, 4, and 5mm shock shafts plus 21mm shock bodies. Their part number is #MMRR2010 and have a street price of $39. To ensure [...]


MuchMore USA MR-SHB LED 12 volt Light board

MuchMore Racing USA- 12 Volt LED Shining Light Setup Board

The crew over at MuchMore Racing have announced a cool new set-up board that uses LED lighting inside. Set-up boards come in handy to see if your machine is tweaked anywhere, and now with a light inside this is even easier. Us old guys with bad eyesight, or anyone who has pitted in a dark room, can really appreciate [...]


muchmore pinions

Muchmore USA Has New Pinions For Your 4wd SCT

Pinions are one of the items on the list of “Things you can never have enough of!”. Muchmore USA has a new line-up of Mode 1 pinions with 5mm bore for your 4wd short course truck or 8th scale electrics. These new machined pinions are clearly marked for tooth count, use a hex grub screw, and come in sizes 12 [...]


Muchmore Racing Power Master World Edition II EVO

Muchmore Racing has a sweet new Power Master World Edition II EVO power supply for anyone looking for some more power! 24 amps of constant current, built in cooling fan, overload short circuit protection…all compacted into a small, under 2 lbs anodized aluminium case. Grab one in either blue or black for around $160 right now! Check out Muchmore [...]