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A while ago I was watching one of REFFS RC live streams from a Hobby Town USA in Kennesaw GA. In that stream there was a build on the counter that caught my eye right away.  After some back and forth I was put in contact with the builder, Brandon McCullough is the master mind behind this wicked rig he [...]


Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock Wheels Video

Video - Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock …

Over at Pro-Line they have posted a new promotional video for their ultra-gnarly Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock Wheels. The P-L Interco Black Mamba tires were designed from the ground up for maximum performance in mud. No matter if you are racing in a mud bog, or if you are just into finding the deepest mud hole that [...]


Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6 Bead-Loc 6x30 Mud Wheels

Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels

New from Pro-Line are Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels. These new wheels are a perfect partner for P-L’s new Black Mamba 2.6″ mud tires. Check out these highlights- * Wheels crush tire bead to make tire more narrow * Works with P-L’s Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Tires (#10181-00) * Innovative 6×30 removable hex system * Standard 12mm wheel hex in both wide [...]


JConcepts Hawk Animal SCT Tires Pre-Mount

New Sand SCT Tires From JConcepts

Over at JConcepts they have just announced Hawk and Animal SCT Tires and Pre-Mounts. The Animal rear tires are perfect for mud, sand, or snow, just as the Hawk front tires are. Check out these highlights- * Smooth narrow carcass design * Animal rear tires have large scooped paddles * Hawk front tires have strategically placed ribs * Molded from JC’s durable yellow rubber [...]



Nothing says America like a good old mud bog on the 4th of July. Everyone decks out their rigs with the stars and stripes and it all around has a good vibe. I learned a lot from last years mud bog and I wanted this year to be real muddy. This time I took my tiller and I just let [...]


JConcepts 2.6 Krimson Dually Wheels

JConcepts 2.6″ Krimson Dually Wheels

New from the crew at JConcepts are 2.6″ Krimson Dually Wheels. Dually style wheels can completely change the look of your rig and can also be advantageous in deep mud. Here are the highlights- * 2.6″ bead, designed to fit JC Fling King tires * Durable stepped wheel design * Comes with off-set adapters * Install hardware included * Mega truck styling * 12mm wheel hex The [...]


Traxxas Maximum Mud Bronco Build Part 2

Traxxas Maximum Mud Bronco Build: Part 2

New from Traxxas is a second tutorial on how to turn your Ford Bronco TRX-4 into a mud slinging beast. In the Maximum Mud Bronco Build Part 2, the Traxxas crew cranks up the power with a VXL brushless power system. By clicking on this link, you can watch the Traxxas crew show you how easy it is to install [...]


Firebrand RC Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread Pre-Mounts

FireBrand RC Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread 1/10 Pre-Mounts

The folks at FireBrand RC continue to release cool new products, with their latest being 1/10 Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread Pre-Mounts. The Terrafire-MTX combo is perfectly suited to heavy mud conditions and sport a cool off-road look. * Standard 12mm wheel hex to fit a wide variety of trucks (Shown on a Traxxas TRX-4 above) * Fracker directional mud treads * Tire size- 4.5″ [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Mud Bog!

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have that little kid inside of us. Being dialed into your inner child and this hobby go hand-in-hand; playing in the mud is no different. Yes, it is extremely messy, but the joy you get out of it is well worth it. If you have never been to a Mud [...]


Traxxas Paddle Tires

Six New Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires From Traxxas

Here ya go folks, Traxxas has a full new line-up of Paddle Tires. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the new tires is strong scoops. Some paddle tires flex too much, but with the stiff scoops on the Traxxas tires, they should give outstanding bite. To make life easier for you, the paddles come pre-mounted on Traxxas wheels and have TSM [...]


Team KNK Top Truck Challenge 4

Upcoming Event – Team KNK Top Truck Challenge 4

Do you live and breathe scale off-road? If so, mark your calendar for June 2kd through the 4th for Team KNK’s 4th annual Top Truck Challenge. The Top Truck Challenge has a slew of events to test you and your truck to the limit. TTC4 is being held in Lebanon, Ohio and features events like a mud bog, hill climbing, [...]

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Event Coverage – Show Me Scalers Top Truck Challenge

Driving scale trucks is huge right now so Cubby and I decided to hit the Show Me Scalers Top Truck Challenge. The event was put on by the crew and consisted of three events – rock course, mud bog, and truck pull. The pulling event ended up getting cancelled, but for a good reason, the turnout was so big [...]