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Phase1RC Skull Shock Mudguards ARRMA Kraton 6S

Phase1RC “Skull” Mudguards for the ARRMA Kraton 6S V5

New from Phase1RC are “Skull” Heavy Duty Mudguards for the mighty ARRMA Kraton 6S V5 monster truck. The Phase1RC mud guards are used to prevent roost damage to your shocks and other parts, while also adding a bit of bling to your rig. Their new model features skull livery and was designed for hardcore bashing. The Phase1RC “Skull” Mudguards are shipping [...]


Phase1RC Alien Mudguards Arrma Kraton 4S V2

Phase1RC “Alien” Mudguards for the Arrma Kraton 4S V2

Now shipping from Phase1RC are “Alien” Mudguards for the ARRMA Kraton 4S V2 monster truck. These beefy mudguards help to keep roost from hitting your shocks and other delicate areas. Made from a tough impact resistant plastic, the mudguards feature a lasered “Alien” design and come with mounting hardware. The Phase1RC “Alien” Mudguards are street priced at €12 and you can [...]


T-Bone Racing ARRMA Kraton 6S V5 A-Arm Skid Guard

T-Bone Racing Rear Mud Guards for the ARRMA Kraton 6S

T-Bone Racing has a fresh release for ARRMA Kraton 6S owners. Keep your rear suspension looking like new with TBR’s Rear Mud Guards (#00041). Made from durable material, the T-Bone Racing ARRMA Kraton 6S Rear Mud Guards are built to withstand mud, dirt, and anything else that gets kicked up during a good ol’ bashing session. These guards mount directly to the [...]


Scorched Parts RC Inner Fenders ARRMA Infraction

Scorched Parts RC Inner Fenders for the ARRMA Infraction

New from Scorched RC are Inner Fenders for the mighty ARRMA Infraction. Why do you need inner fenders for your Infraction? Because, inner fenders can help keep unwanted dirt out of your chassis, plus they add a great touch of scale realism. Check out these highlights- * New version comes in 6 parts for a better finish * Stops dirt, yet allows [...]


Tekno RC NB48 Rear A-Arms

Tekno RC NB48 2.0 Option Parts

New from Tekno RC are a number of Optional Tuning Parts for the mighty NB48 2.0 nitro buggy. The new upgrades include high temp a-arms, mud guards, as well as shock spring sets. #TKR9286/9184 Hard Suspension Arms – Made from a stiff composite intended for use in hot weather conditions, 1mm wider than stock, $14 #TKR6045/6040 Shock Spring Set – Extends original [...]


RPM Rear Arms Mud Guards ARRMA

RPM Rear Arms & Mud Guards For ARRMA Truggies

New for all you ARRMA Kraton, Talion, Outcast, and Durango DEX8T owners are Rear A-Arms and Mud Guards from RPM. The Rear Arms are around 10% lighter than the stock parts and come with an extra shock mount to give you another way to dial your truck in. They are made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic and come with [...]