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XRay NT1 2017

XRay NT1 2017 Nitro Touring Car

Can you smell the nitro in the air? Well, it is almost springtime, which means nitro season is nearly here in many parts of the country. To help you go really fast around an on-road track, XRay has announced the 2017 edition of the NT1 nitro touring car. The NT1 17′ is a 1/10th scale sized kit that is loaded [...]


Shepherd Velox V10 WC

Shepherd Velox V10 WC Nitro Touring Car

Coming soon from Shepherd is the Velox V10 WC nitro touring car kit. The “WC” edition comes with a slew of upgrade parts, making it a more capable nitro racer than ever before. * New rear bulkheads * New rear carbon stiffener * New front uprights * New carbon extensions for front uprights * New gearbox bulkheads * New radio plate with eccentric bushing for servo [...]


PROTOform DB16 200mm Wing Kit

PROTOform DB16 200mm Wing Kit

New from PROTOform is the DB16 200mm Wing Kit. The DB16 fits 200mm nitro touring cars and was used by JJ Wang to win the ROAR Nationals this year. The wing kit can be used to give your car more traction and can help make your nitro racer easier to drive through high speed corners. * IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA approved * Made from .030″ [...]


Serpent Natrix 748-WC

Serpent Natrix 748-WC Nitro Touring Car

For all you nitro on-road fanatics, Serpent has posted full details on their new Natrix 748-WC. The Natrix is a 200mm wide 1/10th scale nitro touring car that is made to set blistering laps on outdoor tracks. Some of its new key features include- * V2 gear diffs, easier to build and maintain * Lightweight 2-speed gearbox * Longer big bore shocks * Larger [...]


2015 XRay NT1 Touring Car

2015 XRay NT1 Nitro Touring Car

Nitro touring cars are not only fun to race, they also make some pretty high-speed parking lot bash machines. The latest nitro touring car to enter the marketplace is from XRay with the 2015 version of their NT1. The ’15 NT1 has been redesigned from nose to tail to give it a lower center of gravity, to make it more [...]


OS Speed T1201

O.S. Speed T1201 Touring Nitro Engine

For the go-fast nitro touring car crowd, O.S. Speed has just announced the new T1201. The T1201 is a full-on race engine designed to destroy the competition. This long stroked engine features a hand-matched piston and cyclinder, low-CG cylinder head, slide valve carb, and a DLC crank. * Output- 1.72 hp @ 35,000 rpm * Displacement- .128 cu in * Bore- .54″ * Stroke- [...]


Serpent Natrix 748 TQ

Serpent Natrix 748 TQ Nitro Touring Car

A snowy winter’s day might not be the best place for a high-end nitro touring car, but spring will come, and when it does the need for speed is sure to come with it. When your trigger finger gets itchy this spring the new Natrix 748 TQ from Serpent just might be the best cure. It is a 1/10th scale [...]


Mugen MTX-6 Nitro Touring Car

Mugen MTX-6 4wd Nitro Touring Car

Mugen has a long history of high-end 10th scale nitro touring cars, their latest is the MTX-6. The MTX-6 starts with a new chassis and has many updates over the previous model. The updates were designed to make it more durable, to give it more steering, and to generally make it a better overall car for club racers. Some of [...]


PROTOform PFM-12 Body

PROTOform VRS-N and PFM-12 Clear Bodies

The PROTOform crew has announced two new bodies, the VRS-N, and the PFM-12. The 200mm VRS-N pictured above is made for 1/10th scale nitro touring cars. The VRS-N incorporates an air management system inspired by full-scale touring cars. It has a low profile in the front and uses strategically placed airflow conditioners for the ultimate in aero efficiency. It has a [...]