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Kyosho Inferno MP10 & MP10e RTR Video

Video – Kyosho Inferno MP10 & MP10e RTRs

Over at Kyosho they’ve been busy preparing for their 60th Anniversary, plus they’ve been dropping all kinds of new products. Today we are posting their new promotional video for their Inferno MP10 & MP10e RTRs. No matter if you love nitro or brushless power, the new RTRs from Kyosho are a fast and easy way to get your rc fix. After [...]


SWORKz RC S35-4e EVO S35-4 EVO

SWORKz 1/8 S35-4e EVO Electric And S35-4 EVO Nitro Buggy Kit…

Coming soon from SWORKz is the 1/8 S35-4e EVO Electric And S35-4 EVO Nitro Buggy Kits. Both of the new buggies use the latest performance upgrades from SWORKz to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- SWORKz S35-4 EVO Nitro & S35-4e EVO Electric Buggy Kit Features * New shorter 7075 aluminum chassis * New higher [...]


Hobao Hyper GT2 Pro Nitro ARR

HoBao 1/8 Hyper GT2 Pro Nitro ARR

New from Hobao is the 1/8th scaled Hyper GT2 Pro Nitro ARR. This nitro powered beast uses high quality parts to increase durability, as well as speed. Here are the highlights- * 3mm lightweight aluminum chassis w/positive caster * +5 degrees of caster angle * Hardened steel center driveshaft * Hardened steel universal driveshafts * Hardened steel drive cup * New anti-leakage differential housing * 2 speed [...]


Powerhobby Sparko F8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Powerhobby In Stock – Sparko F8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Over at Powerhobby they have just got in some of the new Sparko F8 Nitro Buggy Kits. The new Sparko is taking the nitro racing world by storm and now you can get one from the crew at Powerhobby. Here are some highlights- * One piece receiver box that is waterproof * Grooved wire channels * Built-in transponder holder * Carbon fiber inserts in [...]


WRC Racing RTX.1 Nitro Buggy

Teaser – WRC Racing 1/8 RTX.1 & RTXE.1 Race Buggies

Now being teased by WRC Racing is the 1/8th scaled RTX.1 Nitro Buggy, as well as the RTXE.1 Brushless Buggy. Both of these new off-road machines were designed for all-out extreme performance with large diameter shocks and beefy aluminum chassis. Both also sport new aerodynamic bodies and are constructed from high-end materials. As we await more details, you can use this [...]


XRay Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear

XRay Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear 14/19T

New from XRay is a Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear 14/19T. This high-end pinion was designed for serious durability for those long nitro main events. Here are the highlights- * Separate one-piece machined 2-gear 14/19T pinion gear module * Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum * Specially hard coated for superior strength * Designed to be light weight and highly durable * Ultra-precise tooth shaping and [...]


Infinity RC IF15-II Nitro Touring Car Kit

Infinity 1/10 IF15-II Nitro Touring Car Kit

Just announced by Infinity is the 1/10th scaled IF15-II Nitro Touring Car Kit. The IF15-II is a high-end touring car that has been revised for even more speed and durability. Check out these highlights- * Newly designed and developed aero front bumper * New main chassis with tapered edges * New front and rear bulkheads * New front and rear stabilizers * LCG engine mount * [...]


HB Racing 8th D8 World Spec Nitro Buggy Kit

HB Racing 1/8 D8 World Spec Nitro Buggy Kit

New from HB Racing is the 1/8th scaled D8 World Spec Nitro Buggy Kit. The D8 World Spec comes with a bunch of upgrade parts to make it faster and more reliable than before. Here are the highlights- * New suspension geometry for faster corner speeds * New symmetrical buggy suspension arms * New hard anodized aluminum front & rear shock towers * New [...]


Sparko Racing RC Formula Eight F8 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

Teaser - Sparko Racing 1/8 Formula Eight Nitro Pro Race Bugg…

The good folks over at Sparko Racing have posted more pictures of their upcoming Formula Eight Nitro Race Buggy Kit. The Formula Eight was designed to be an elite high-end race machine that sports some of the latest and greatest technology in nitro racing. As the Sparko F8 is getting very close to shipping, they have posted a bunch of [...]


JConcepts S15 8th Truck Truggy Body Video

Video – JConcepts S15 1/8th Truck Body

Recently uploaded by JConcepts is a video for their new S15 1/8th Truck Body. The S15 is the latest and greatest in 1/8 truggy body technology and uses the new style “behind the front shock tower” styling. Designed to fit truggies like the MBX8T, RC8T4, 8ight-XT, D8T, or NT48 2.0, this S15 is ready to win at any level of [...]


Kyosho Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit

Kyosho 1/8 Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit

Recently announced by Kyosho is the 1/8 Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit. Known as Kanai san’s ultimate choice for a nitro 1/8th buggy, the MP10 TKI3 is loaded with updates to increase speed and reliability. Here are the highlights- * New low profile body * New 43T/13T differential gears * Smaller center diff * Lightweight 46 tooth spur gear * New 18T/12T center differential gears * [...]


Xray 2024 XT8 Nitro Bruggy Truggy Kit

Xray Announces 2024 XT8 Nitro Bruggy/Truggy Kit

As it is nearly May, the crew at XRay is now starting to drop new models for 2024. The first of their 2024 model releases is for their 1/8th scaled XT8 Bruggy/Truggy Kit. This beast of a race machine can use either a traditional truggy, or a new style bruggy style body, and of course is set-up to win at [...]


Hong Nor 2023 X3GTS Nitro GT World Edition Kit

Hong Nor 2023 1/8 X3GTS Nitro GT World Edition Kit

New from Hong Nor is the flashy 2023 1/8 X3GTS Nitro GT World Edition Kit. The 2023 X3GTS is a high-end race machine has received numerous upgrades to increase speed and durability. Here are some highlights- * Angle adjustable c-hubs * Quick release receiver box * Carbon fiber LCG radio tray * Adjustable push-type clutch * Adjustable aluminum rear hubs * Durable aluminum chassis * Carbon fiber [...]


XRay RC 2023 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

XRay 2023 1/8 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The crew at XRay has officially announced their 2023 1/8 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. Designed for high-end nitro racing, the latest version of the XB8 has all the latest in racing technology. Here are the highlights- * New front & rear semi-split bulkheads with quick differential access * Eccentric bushings used for diff height adjustments * Improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment * [...]


Mugen Seiki RC MBX8TR Nitro Eco Truggy

Mugen Seiki Announces MBX8TR Nitro and MBX8TR Eco Truggies

Over at Mugen Seiki they have announced their 1/8 MBX8TR Nitro and MBX8TR Eco truggy kits. Both truggies have several new parts to increase stability, rear traction, to improve tuning options, as well as to improved jumping and landing. Here are the highlights- * New “C” and “D” suspension mounts to increase tuning range * New 4 shoe clutch on the nitro [...]