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Losi 8IGHT-XT XTE Truggy Kit

TLR 1/8 8IGHT-XT/XTE Nitro/Electric Truggy Kit

Coming soon from TLR is the 1/8th scaled 8IGHT-XT/XTE Nitro/Electric Truggy Kit. The 8IGHT-XT/XTE comes with everything needed to build the truggy with a nitro engine, or with an electric power system. Check out these highlights- * Nitro and electric parts included * Improved suspension geometry * Shorter wheelbase * Adjustable Ackerman draglink in steering rack * Flex tune a-arms * 3mm thick aluminum chassis * Large [...]


Serpent SRX8GT TQ Nitro 8th Scale Kit

Serpent SRX8GT TQ Nitro 1/8 On-Road Kit

New from Serpent is the SRX8GT TQ nitro 1/8 on-road kit. The TQ edition of the SRX8GT is loaded with upgrades and is more than ready to put you on the top step of the podium. Check out these features- * Aluminium uprights with carbon brackets * All new adjustable GT clutch set * New large volume HTD diffs * Aluminum bulkheads * Adjustable diff [...]


JConcepts Jasons Favorite Associated RC10GT Video

Video – JConcepts’ All Time Favorites – Associated RC10GT

New from JConcepts is one of their Jason’s Favorite videos starring the Team Associated RC10GT. The RC10GT was an extremely popular 1/10th scaled 2wd stadium truck from back in the day when nitro ruled the world. With incredible suspension and a powerful .12-.18 sized engine, the RC10GT was extremely quick and loads of fun. In the video below, JConcepts’ owner [...]


Serpent RC 989 40th Anniversary Kit

Serpent Viper 989 40th Anniversary Edition Kit

Over at Serpent they have announced the 40th Anniversary Viper 989 1/8 On-Road Car Kit. This version of the 989 is very special to the folks at Serpent as it represents quite a milestone for them. The 40th Anniversary Viper 989 comes with all the parts that their factory team used at the last IFMAR world championships, thus making it [...]


2021 XRay GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

2021 XRay GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit

Highly revised for 2021 is the XRay GTX8 1/8 nitro on-road kit. The GTX8 is a gnarly nitro burner that is designed to crush track records. Take a look at these highlights- * Newly reinforced chassis * New c-hub suspension * New front shock tower * Increased steering, more predictable overall handling * Longer shock shafts * New fuel tank with transient jet You can use this [...]


Mugen Seiki Racing Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro Truggy Kit

Mugen Seiki Racing Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro…

New from Mugen Seiki Racing is a very cool Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro Truggy. Why is the new Mugen so awesome? Because factory drivers Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield personally built a handful of these bad boys using all of their recommend upgrades. With the latest truggy from Mugen you can own not only one of the best [...]


JConcepts Authentic Team Associated RC10GT Gas Truck II 96 Clear Body

JConcepts Authentic Team Associated RC10GT Gas Truck Clear B…

For all you vintage fanatics out there, JConcepts has gotten another original mold from Team Associated and are now producing the RC10GT Gas Truck II 96 Clear Body. Back in 1996, Team Associated updated the RC10GT with numerous changes. The changes to the updated RC10GT also came along with a new body, one that was destined to become a true [...]


2021 XRay RX8 Nitro 8th Scale On-Road Kit

2021 XRay RX8 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2021 edition of their RX8 Nitro On-Road Kit. The RX8 has been a winner since it was first introduced, for 2021 it receives a number of new upgrades. Here are some of the updates- * Stealth black design * Lightened bulkheads * New chassis layout for increased traction * New radio plate * New drive belts * More durable front [...]


Kyosho Alpine GT4 FW06 Nitro

Kyosho FW06 Alpine GT4 1/10 Nitro Readyset

New from Kyosho is the FW06 Alpine GT4 1/10 Nitro Readyset. The Alpine GT4 comes with the newer Kyosho Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz transmitter and is powered by a powerful KE15-SP nitro engine. Check out theses highlights- * Completely pre-assembled and painted * Shaft driven 4wd * Perfect introduction to nitro power for new drivers * 2-speed transmission * V-One RRR rear suspension * Failsafe protection * Universal [...]


Kyosho FW06 Mercedes AMG GT3 2020

Kyosho FW06 Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 Nitro Readyset

New from Kyosho is the FW06 Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 Nitro Readyset The Mercedes is heavy on scale realism with a nicely detailed body and a powerful nitro engine. Check out these features- * Fully pre-assembled and painted * Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz radio system * High-power KE15-SP nitro engine * Shaft driven 4wd * Tuned muffler, large air cleaner The Kyosho FW06 Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 [...]


JConcepts RM2 Flywheel Wrench

JConcepts RM2 Flywheel Wrench

For all you nitro lovers out there, JConcepts has announced the RM2 Flywheel Wrench. Developed with world championship rc racer Ryan Maifield, the RM2 flywheel wrench is perfect for wrenching on a 4-shoe clutch set-up. * Fits popular 4-shoe clutches from AE and TLR * Durable design made from CNC machined aluminum * Black anodized finish * Lightweight design * Used by top rc racer [...]


Serpent SRX8-T Nitro Truggy Kit

Serpent SRX8-T 1/8 Nitro Truggy Kit

For all you nitro loving maniacs out there, Serpent has announced the SRX8-T. The SRX8 Truggy comes in kit form and features all the latest in design technology. Here are the highlights- * All new chassis and side pods * Exclusive fixed engine gear mesh * High volume, large internal gear diffs * 3.5mm shock shafts * Machined Delrin 6 hole shock pistons * All new, [...]


2021 XRay NT1 Nitro Touring Car Kit

2021 XRay NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car Kit

New from the folks at XRay is the 2021 edition of their NT1 Touring Car Kit. The 2021 NT1 has received a few small revisions to make it better than ever before. Check out these updates & features- * Black anodized Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum * New 2 speed carrier, ribbed * 25% lighter disk brake adapter * Made in Europe * Lightened drive flange * [...]


Adam Drake Mugen Pipe Dent Removable Video

Video – Exhaust Pipe Dent Removal With Adam Drake

For all you nitro drivers out there, Mugen Racing has posted a new “how-to” video. Below you will find world renowned rc driver Adam Drake who talks about an easy, as well as free way, to fix a dented exhaust pipe. Using just a bowl, some water, some plugs, and a freezer, the video shows you how easy it is [...]


SWORKZ S35-4 Nitro Buggy

New SWORKz 1/8 Race Buggies

The folks over at SWORKz have dropped a pair of new 1/8th scaled race buggies. Their first is the nitro powered S35-4, with the second being the electric powered S35-4E. Check out these highlights- * All new, wide, hard anodized 7075 aluminum chassis * Lower shock towers * Easy change motor mount on “E” version * Shorter shock bodies * Fixed shock spring holders * New [...]