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Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn Builders Kit

Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn Builder’s Kit

Just announced by the good folks at Team Associated is the Apex2 Hoonicorn Builder’s Kit. The AE crew is now releasing their popular Hoonicorn in kit form for those of you that love the build process and for people that want to use their own electronics. Here are the highlights- * Factory Team oil-filled, aluminum threaded shock bodies * Factory Team front [...]


APlastics RC Nissan R33 Skyline Clear Body

APlastics 1/10 R33 Skyline Clear Body

New from APlastics is a 1/10th scaled R33 Skyline Clear Body. This hot looking Skyline is perfect for your next drift or on-road basher build. Check out these highlights- * Molded from genuine Lexan * Wheelbase – 259mm * Width – 196mm * Comes with light buckets * Includes window masks * Body detailing decals included The APlastics 1/10 R33 Skyline Clear Body is street priced at [...]


Kyosho V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit

Kyosho 1/10 V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit

New from the folks at Kyosho is the 1/10 V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit. The V-ONE R4 Evo.3 is a high-end nitro on-road kit that is great for racing, or for high speed cul-de-sac bashing. Designed for use with rubber or foam tires, the V-ONE R4 Evo.3 is loaded with carbon fiber and other high-end goodies to help increase performance. The [...]


Bittydesign RC P-GT3R Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/10 P-GT3R Clear Body

Over at Bittydesign they have released full details on their new 1/10 P-GT3R Clear Body. Designed for GT pan car racing, the P-GT3R can also be mounted universally on 1/10 cars with a 190mm width. Here are more highlights- * Wing complies with USGT regulations (10mm height) * Molded from genuine polycarbonate Lexan * Fits all 190mm electric cars with 258-260mm wheelbase * Wing [...]


Schumacher RC Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

New from the Schumacher crew is the 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit. Available with an aluminum or carbon fiber chassis, the new Mi9 is a high-end race machine capable of winning at any level of competition. Here are the highlights- * All new suspension geometry * Fully updated transmission housings * Lightweight gear differential design with ultra-smooth action * Lightweight front spool assembly * [...]


XRay 2024 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

XRay 2024 1/8 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2024 edition of their 1/8 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit. The GTX8 is a high-end nitro racer designed to win at the highest levels of competition. Check out the highlights on the 2024 edition- * Complete aluminum front & rear suspension sets * Front aluminum c-hubs and steering blocks increase overall steering * Rear aluminum uprights increase stability [...]


Tamiya TRF421 Touring Car Kit

Tamiya 1/10 TRF421 Touring Car Kit

After some teasing over the winter, Tamiya has released full details on their 1/10 TRF421 Touring Car Kit. The TRF421 is a high-end race machine with an extremely low center of gravity design. Here are more highlights- * Highest end touring car chassis series from Tamiya * 2-belt driven 4WD carbon fiber double-deck design * Spool in front and oil-filled gear diff in [...]


Delta Plastik FC100 Speed Run Clear Body

Delta Plastik FC100 Speed Run Clear Body

Recently announced by Delta Plastik is the FC100 Speed Run Clear Body. Designed for all out speed run cars, the FC100 is a great body to get into the 100 mph+ club with. Here are the highlights- * Fits cars with a wheelbase up to 650mm * Designed for stretched chassis cars on the Limitless or VTE2 platform * Width – 330mm * Has [...]


MonTech Racing RC 10th MLGT3 GT10 Clear Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 MLGT3 Clear Body

New from Mon-Tech Racing is the 1/10th scaled MLGT3 Clear Body. Designed for GT10 class racing, the MLGT3 has hot scale looks, while also being engineered for serious on-track performance. Here are more highlights- * Original Mon-Tech design * Super detailed * Molded from clear polycarbonate * Includes glass facades, headlight decals and model graphics * Comes with wing mounting hardware * Molded in a 0.75mm [...]


Pandora RC RWB 997 Type Rauh-Welt Begriff Body

Pandora RC 1/10 RWB 997 Type (Rauh-Welt Begriff) Clear Body

The crew at Pandora RC are teasing a new 1/10 RWB 997 Type (Rauh-Welt Begriff) Clear Body. Designed to fit 1/10th scaled on-road cars, the 977 can bring serious old school attitude to your next drift or on-road meet. Here are some highlights- * 1/10 scaled unpainted polycarbonate body * Decal sheet included with 3D light decal * Window masking sheet included * RAUH-Welt [...]


Exotek RC F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit

Exotek 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Formula 1 Pro Race Kit

After some teasing, Exotek RC has released full details on their high-zoot 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit. This high-end F1 racer is loaded with the latest in go-fast tech to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * Lighter, leaner and meaner * Cutting edge high-performance F1 racing kit * Extra narrow 72mm chassis for [...]


Capricorn RC TE-06 Touring Car Kit

Capricorn RC 1/10 TE-06 Touring Car Kit

New from the crew at Capricorn RC is the 1/10 TE-06 Touring Car Kit. Built for serious speed, the Capricorn TE-06 is more than ready for competition down at your local carpet track. * Short LCG shocks * Aluminum motor mount * Red anodized aluminum parts * Dynamic toe-in system in the rear * High performance at an affordable price The Capricorn RC 1/10 TE-06 Touring [...]


Exotek RC F1Ultra R5 Kit

Teaser – Exotek 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit

Over at Exotek Racing they are now teasing the 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit. Exotek has long been known for their high-end product releases and their upcoming F1Ultra R5 kit has a bunch of new parts to seriously improve performance. Check out these highlights- * Expected to start shipping tomorrow * New heavy duty 1 piece extra long side links to reduce rear [...]


ARC A10-25 Touring Car Kit

ARC 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit

Just announced by ARC is the 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit. This speedy race machine comes loaded with carbon fiber bits and has been updated to increase durability and adjustability. Check out these highlights- * Updated suspension, lower arms, bulkheads, & motor mount * 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis * 2mm longer lower arms * Lowered bulkheads to improve corner speed * Fully adjustable upper arms * [...]


Mon-Tech Racing 12th 499 LMH Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/12 499 LMH Clear Body For Pan Cars

New from Mon-Tech Racing is the 1/12th scaled 499 LMH Clear Body for Pan Cars. The 499 LMH was designed for serious speed, while also having a highly scale realistic look. Here are the details- * Le Mans styling * Available in standard or lightweight versions * Includes decals and window masks * High downforce rear wing * Comes with wing mounting hardware You can use [...]