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Bittydesign RC AR8-GT3 Body 7th Infraction XO-1

Bittydesign AR8-GT3 Clear Body for the 1/7 Infraction V2

Over at Bittydesign they have just dropped a 1/7th scaled version of their AR8-GT3 Clear On-Road Body. The new AR8-GT3 body was designed to fit the V2 ARRMA Infraction and comes standard with a hot, super car look. Check out these highlights- * Molded from 1.5mm genuine Lexan * Lexan wing with mounting hardware * Width – 310mm * Length – 690mm * Comes with [...]


Infinity RC IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit

Infinity 1/10 IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit

New from Infinity is the 1/10 IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit. This high-end race rig is loaded with carbon fiber goodies, as well as the latest in go-fast engineering. Here are the highlights- * Rear section moved forward by 1.2mm for improved cornering * New PRS aluminum C-hub (minus 2° caster angle) improves corner speed * New USP2 shocks are 2mm shorter * [...]


Carisma Subaru BRZ GT300 HI-DEF Clear Body & Decal Pack

Carisma Racing 1/10th Subaru BRZ GT300 2021 HI-DEF Clear Bod…

Coming soon is the Carisma Racing 1/10th Subaru BRZ GT300 2021 HI-DEF Clear Body & Decal Pack. With impeccable scaling and a massive decal pack, this is one hot looking BRZ. Here are some highlights- * Aerodynamically accurate * Highly detailed plastic molded detail parts * Molded Parts Include- High downforce wings, side mirrors and front canards * ‘HI-DEF’ vacuum formed body made from [...]


Ruddog RC Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit

Iris ONE Competition 1/10 Touring Car Kit

Over at Ruddog they have announced their first competition car called the Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit. This 1/10th scaled high-end touring car was designed by Andreas Myrberg for the highest levels of performance. Here are the highlights- * Unique pushrod design with torsion springs & single-lever rotational shocks * Super low center of gravity * Ultra-narrow bulkhead design * Efficient three-belt drive [...]


Bittydesign RC 10th AR8-GT3 190mm Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/10 AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body

New from Bittydesign is the 1/10th scaled AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body. With a hot super car look, and designed for excellent performance, the AR8-GT3 is a great choice for your next touring or drift car build. Check out these highlights- * Premium quality, molded from genuine Lexan * Fits 1/10 touring and drift cars – 190mm width, 257-260mm wheelbase * Includes wing [...]


Serpent RC 2023 8th SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

Serpent Announces 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

New from Serpent is the high-end 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro 4WD On-Road Kit. The SRX8 is famous worldwide for its speed, now it has been improved to be even faster, lighter, as well as more reliable. Check out these highlights- * New hybrid-aluminum bulkheads * New radio box & lightweight rear body mount * New adjustable caster blocks * New shock bodies, pistons, [...]


Max Speed Technology MST TCR-M RS73 Kit

Teaser – Max Speed Technology 1/10 TCR-M RS73 Kit

Now being teased by Max Speed Technology is the 1/10 TCR-M RS73 Kit. Sporting a classic sports car body, and MST’s highly versatile TCR-M chassis, the RS73 can definitely add some serious drip to your rc garage. * Drivetrain – Can be built FWD or RWD * Wheelbase – 210mm, 225mm, 233mm, 239mm, or 245mm * Width – 173mm * 4-wheel independent suspension * FRP [...]


Tamiya TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit

New over at Tamiya is the 1/10 TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit. The Type-SRX comes with a bunch of upgrades to increases performance, as well as durability. Here are the highlights- * Upgraded version of the TT-02 Type-S series * Enhanced durability and performance for racing * Upgrade 37mm driveshafts for double cardan joint shafts * XV-02/TT-02 oil filled gear differential * XV-02/TT-02 front direct coupling [...]


Traxxas Hot Rod Roundup '33 Coupe & '35 Truck Video

Video – Traxxas Hot Rod Roundup ’33 Coupe & ’35 Truck

New from Traxxas is a Hot Rod Roundup ’33 Coupe & ’35 Truck Video. The Traxxas Hot Rods have a great old school look, and as shown in the video below, can be used as shelf queens, or as full-on bash vehicles. The video below shows the Hot Rods driving around looking super scale in appearance, then the next minute [...]


Carisma Limited Edition Audi R8 LMS RTR

Teaser - Carisma Upgraded Limited Edition 1/10 Audi R8 LMS R…

Coming soon from Carisma is the Upgraded Limited Edition 1/10 Audi R8 LMS RTR. That’s right folks, the Audi R8 LMS is being re-released for a short time, and this time around, it comes with some very cool upgrades. Here are the highlights- * Fully licensed by Audi * Upgrade aluminum shocks * Upgrade aluminum center shaft * Includes LED lighting set * Pre-painted Lexan [...]


Tamiya 12037 Lotus Type 78

Teaser – Tamiya 1/12 Lotus Type 78 Kit

Now being teased over at Tamiya is the return of their 1/12th scaled Lotus Type 78 Kit. This classic Formula 1 race car was first released back in 1978, then was re-released with updates in 2008, and now will make a reappearance for 2022. The latest version features a photo-etched part set and is incredibly scale detailed. The re-release of the [...]


APlastics RC 10th Dodge Charger Daytona Clear Body

APlastics 1/10 Dodge Charger Daytona Clear Body

Coming soon from APlastic is the 1/10th scaled Dodge Charger Daytona clear body. This blast from the past has been nicely scaled from the original and will bring some serious old school attitude to your local bash spot. Here are the highlights- * Molded from durable Lexan * Fits – 1/10 touring and drift cars * Wheelbase – 259mm * Width – 195mm * Includes [...]


APlastics RC 10th VW Golf Mk2 Clear Body

APlastics 1/10 Golf Mk2 Clear Body

Now shipping from APlastics is a 1/10 Golf Mk2 Clear Body. Sporting a classic look, and sized to fit most 1/10 touring cars, the sporty Golf Mk2 body is ready for racing, or for cul-de-sac bashing. Here are the details- * Molded from durable polycarbonate * Width – 195mm * Wheelbase – 259mm * Includes light buckets * Decal sheet * Window masks are included * Protective [...]


XRay 2023 X4 Touring Car Kit

XRay 2023 1/10 X4 Touring Car Kit

For all you high-end touring car racers out there, XRay has announced the 2023 version of their X4 Touring Car Kit. The X4 has been a dominant force across the globe in touring car racing, with the 2023 version receiving a bunch of revisions for more speed and durability. Check out these highlights- * All-new XLP shocks are 9mm shorter than [...]


Mon-Tech Racing 10th Divo Clear GT Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 Divo Clear Body

After a bit of teasing, the Mon-Tech Racing crew has dropped full details on their upcoming 1/10 Divo Clear On-Road Body. Designed to fit GT 10 pan cars, the Divo sports a hot super car look that also performs out on the track. Here are more highlights- * CAD designed * Fits 1/10 GT 10 pan cars * Made from a CNC [...]