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Onyx RC Heavy Duty Servo

New Onyx Servos From Horizon Hobby

New from Onyx is a full line-up of affordable Servos. Their new servo line includes micro, mini, and standard sizes, with the most expensive priced at just $20. You can choose from plastic or metal gears, analog or digital, as well as ball bearings and coreless motors. Check out the entire line-up below- S10 Micro Servo Speed- 0.10 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V Spline [...]


Onyx KX80 80W AC DC Battery Charger

Onyx KX80 AC/DC Battery Charger

Available right now from Onyx is the KX80 AC/DC Battery Charger. The KX80 is an affordable charger that can handle lots of different styles of batteries, plus it can charge at up to 6 amps. Here are more highlights- * Charges LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb * Maximum LiPo cell count of 6S * Easy to read LCD screen * 2 amp [...]


Onyx 350 AC DC 2 x 100 Battery Charger RC

Onyx 350 AC/DC 2 x 100 Battery Charger

Shipping right now from Onyx is the 350 AC/DC 2 x 100 Battery Charger. The Onyx 350 comes as a tower style dual port charger that can charge at up to 12 amps! Here are more highlights- * Dual port 100 watt charger * Works with LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb * Built-in balancing ports * Max cell count 6S LiPo, 15 cells NiMH * Fast charge and storage [...]


Hobbico 500 Video

Video – Hobbico 500

Recently posted by Hobbico is a promotional video titled Hobbico 500. The Hobbico 500 video is a fun look at rc racing featuring Yeti Jr rock racers. The Hobbico crew uses the video to show just how fun it can be to gather with your friends and race. While some people take rc racing very seriously, rc racing is even [...]


New Onyx NiMH Batteries

New NiMH Batteries From Onyx

Just announced by Onyx is a new line-up of NiMH batteries. The new Onyx batteries come in a wide variety of sizes, cell counts, and capacities to fit nearly any application. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Onyx batteries also come with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind. Pricing varies on the different models, but you can [...]


Duratrax Onyx Brushless System

Special Offer on Duratrax Onyx Brushless Systems

The fine folks over at Duratrax have announced a Special Offer on select Onyx Brushless Systems. From now until February 28, 2015 you will receive a merchandise certificate for up to $25 when purchasing a Duratrax Onyx brushless system. These systems feature good power, greater efficiency, exceptional speeds, longer component life and less maintenance than other brands on the market, [...]


Big Squid RC Live – Show 9

[Update: Live show is over, but check out the replay above.] Hey everyone, we are getting ready for Big Squid RC Live! We start at 9pm CST 10pm cst. Join us won’t you? It’s Big Squid RC Live #9! We take questions from our fans live in the chat box, discuss that hottest RC news of the moment, and all sorts of [...]


onyx brushless

Onyx Brushless Systems

The folks from Duratrax have sent word for people looking to upgrade to brushless systems to consider making the jump to Onyx. Onyx Brushless Systems are available in 1/10th scale and 1/8 scale versions with several KV’s in each size. They even have 4 pole versions, and also a programming card that makes dialing in your system easy to do [...]


Big Squid RC Live – Show #1

That’s right, you have read that headline correctly, we are going to be broadcasting LIVE tonight (11-28-2012) at 10PM CST. A few of the Big Squid RC crew will be talking about the current hot news in RC, showing some of the stuff we are working on for upcoming reviews, and even announcing a new BASHER APPROVED vehicle! Did we mention [...]


Duratrax Onyx 150 LiPo Charger Review

The Duratrax Onyx 150 LiPo Charger ReviewWe get a lot of emails asking about chargers. We normally tell people to check our our Charger Shootout to at least get them started for some ideas on what to look for in a new charger. Some people are on a serious budget, or are just new to the hobby and want to [...]


Onyx and TrakPower battery options expand.

The Duratrax Onyx LiPo bargain continues with expanded 25C LiPo pack options. Now offered with Deans® Ultra Plugs®, new configurations includeDTXC1830 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 1300mAh Soft Case w/Deans Ultra Plug DTXC1836 Onyx LiPo 2S 7.4V 2000mAh 25C Soft Case w/Deans Ultra Plg New DTXC1868 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 4000mAh 25C Soft Case w/Deans Ulra Plg DTXC1878 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 6400mAh 25C Soft [...]


Duratrax Onyx Lipo

Duratrax Onyx LiPo Packs

 DuraTrax is now offering their 25C Onyx LiPo packs with a Traxxas Plugs at some serious value pricing. They have 2s and 3s packs going from 1400mAh to 8000mAh. These are soft packs, and also come with balancing connectors. To give you an idea of how low the prices are, a 3S 4000mAh 25C pack with Traxxas plug will hit shelves [...]


Onyx 245 Charger Winner!

That’s right, we have a winner! All the names of everyone that entered were put into a spreadsheet, those names randomly sorted, then Cubby presses the button on a random number generator. That number tells us what person wins. This way none of us feel bad about all the people that didn’t win.. well, Cubby never feels bad, but [...]


THE Cub Report- 11.29.2011- Version: Here's To Ice Cold Kraf…

Cheerio fine people of the rc world and welcome to my latest uber (read- far from greatest) edition of THE Cub Report. Traxxas rules the world, not that I had to tell you that, I only said it because it’s a nice intro. Anyways… Traxxas will finally reveal to the public at large their way-super-dope-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it brand spank’n new vehicle [...]


onyx 245 dual charger

Onyx 245 Dual Charger Review

The Onyx 245 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger ReviewElectric vehicles are currently winning the see-saw battle over nitro, and this means more batteries and more charging. There are a lot of chargers on the market, but with people needing multiple battery packs to run their vehicles, you may want to consider your options. Do you want two chargers so you can [...]