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Kyosho Optima Mid 87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversary Limited

Video - Kyosho Optima Mid '87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversar…

The folks over at Kyosho have posted a new Kyosho Optima Mid ’87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversary Limited Video. The new video shows Akira Kogawa, the developer of the re-release, giving you assembly tips on the Optima Mid ’87 WC Worlds Spec buggy. The Optima Mid ’87 WC Worlds Spec is the epitome of rc scene back in the [...]


Kyosho Optima Mini-Z Readyset

Kyosho Optima Mini-Z Readyset

The temperature outside might have a 110 heat index today, but indoor season will be here before you know it. Recently announced by Kyosho is the Optima Buggy Mini-Z Sports Readyset. I can certainly imagine the Big Squid Bash Crew getting in some furious indoor action this winter with the smallest Optima. The Mini-Z Readyset version is tiny with a [...]


Kyosho Optima Buggy Review

Kyosho Vintage Series Optima Buggy Review

For the past few years, vintage cars have been making a big comeback. Perhaps one of the most beloved buggies from the 1980s was the Kyosho Optima. It was known for being a fierce competitor on the track, as well as being the very first 4wd race buggy for a whole lot of drivers. A few months ago Kyosho decided [...]


Build Log Vintage Series Kyosho Optima

Build Log – Vintage Series Kyosho Optima

Like many of you, we were awfully excited to crack the box open on the re-release of the Kyosho Optima 4wd Buggy Kit. Below you’ll find a bunch of pictures that we shot throughout the build. These show how the buggy comes along during the build, and if you get stuck while building yours, they might help you see how [...]


Kyosho Optima Unboxing

Unboxing The Vintage Series Kyosho Optima

While most boxes that we receive for review at the BigSquidRC offices are pretty cool, the one with all the Kyosho tape really perked up the Bash Crew. You see, a whole lot of us around the office have been watering at the mouth to get our hands on the re-release of the Optima 4WD Buggy Kit. Needless to say, [...]


rcMart Kyosho Optima pre-order

Pre-Order The Kyosho Optima Now At rcMart

Got your eye set on a re-released Kyosho Optima buggy? If so, the crew over at rcMart wanted us to let you know that they now have the buggy available for pre-order. Once rcMart receives their shipment your pre-ordered buggy will go back out the door the very same day, helping to make you one of the very first people [...]


Kyosho Optima 4WD Buggy Kit

Kyosho Optima 4WD Buggy Kit Re-Release

It seems like everyone got ramped up after seeing the teaser shots, now here it is in all of its glory, the re-release of the Kyosho Optima 4wd Buggy. For those of you that were in the hobby back in the mid 80s, the Optima was easily one of the coolest buggies that money could buy. For those of you [...]


The Kyosho Optima cometh

So Kyosho basically confirmed on their FaceBook page that the next re-issue car is the Optima. The picture above is clearly a teaser but they then commented on the photo saying “you already know what it is don’t you?” I’m paraphrasing because “facebooktranslater”. So i’m completely geekng out here. The Optima was my holy grail at the local track when I [...]