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Outerwears Losi Desert Buggy XL

Outerwears Losi Desert Buggy XL Pre-Filter & Shockwears

For all you Losi Desert Buggy XL owners, the crew at Outerwears have announced a Pre-Filter and Shockwears for your big bash machine. Shockwears can help protect your shocks and come in a wide variety of colors, while the Pre-Filter helps to keep dirt, water, and other nasty stuff out of your engine. Expect street prices to be around $17 for [...]


Outerwears shroud for Losi 5ive-t

Outerwears Losi 5ive-T Shroud

Are you a serious basher with your Losi 5ive-T? If so the new fabric shroud from Outerwears will go a long ways towards keeping mud/dirt/water out of your truck while allowing air to flow right through. The new Outerwears shroud is available in black, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple and lime green, and the part number is #30-2756. Want to read [...]


losi 5ive outerwears

Outerwears Covers the Losi 5ive T

New from Outerwears are the Losi 5ive T Shockwears. Shockwears are a great way to keep the dirt and grime off the rods and springs. Those 1/5th scales shocks are big, and we all know bashers hate to clean stuff. Head on over to the Outerwears web site or ask for them at local hobby shop.


outerwears ten scte

Outerwears Shrouds for SC10 4X4 and TEN SCTE

New from Outerwears, are two new shrouds to add to their already huge lineup. They now have the Team Associated SC10 4X4 as well as the LOSI TEN SCTE covered. (pun intended) The shroud helps keep water, mud, dirt and anything else that seems to want to get all up in your chassis out, while still allowing airflow to [...]


Outerwears covering up E-Revos

Outerwears, makers of fine outer wear, have a new way for you E-Revo owners to keep your truck clean.  Their water repellent shroud helps keep water, mud, dirt and all that other junk out of your chassis, while still allowing necessary airflow to keep the electronics cool.  The shroud comes with Velcro to keep it attached securely to the chassis.  [...]


Outerwears – Kyosho Ultima Short Course Truck Shroud

New from Outerwears is the Kyosho Ultima Short Course Truck Shroud. These shrouds really help keep out the dirt and debris, which is something bashers can always use some help with! They come in a ton of colors, black, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, and lime green. Visit the Outerwears Performance Products site for [...]


Outerwears Shroud for Jammin SCRT 10

New from the folks at Outerwears is the Jammin SCRT 10 Short Course Truck Shroud. These shrouds help keep out dirt, water and debris while allowing airflow to get to the components underneath to help keep them cool. For bashers these shrouds are becoming more and more popular to help keep out the messes we [...]


Outerwears Short Course Truck Shrouds

Outerwears shrouds for popular short course trucks

Outerwears, not to be confused with underwears, has some new products for the drivers of short course trucks. Available in many colors for the Slash, Slash 4×4, Blitz, and SC10, these new Short Course Truck Shrouds will help keep gunk and junk out of your chassis while still allowing necessary airflow for all your electronics. The shrouds are [...]