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Losing grip – Fawkes comes alive

G’day folks and may it be a happy one! A good way for me to make any day better, is to paint. Case in point: I have more painted RC bodies than I have chassis to fit them on. Currently on my work desk (well, outside dining table) is the body of my VS4-10 Phoenix. According to personal naming tradition [...]


Losing grip – Painter’s progress

G’day mates! The one thing that keeps me attached to this hobby of ours, toy cars, is all the many aspects of it. Last week’s column was dedicated to electronics, something I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with, today’s topic will be painting. I have now come to the point where I cannot immediately say how many lexan bodies [...]


Losing grip – Roundabout painting

When everyone else out there seem to be building their own version of the new TRX-4 High Trail, I’m as behind as ever and am turning a TRX-4 kit into a 2021 Bronco. Goes to prove that I never was an early adopter, and that Brian needs to raise my pay check. Speaking of money: if you want a TRX-4 [...]