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Duratrax Masking Tape

Duratrax Vinyl Masking Tape

The next time you go to whip up one of your custom paint jobs, Duratrax has some new Vinyl Masking Tape for you to use. Available in 4 different widths (1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2”), the Duratrax tape is designed for crisp lines and to easily conform around the bends and curves in the body you are working on. Prices range [...]


Duratrax RC Paint

Official – Duratrax High Quality RC Paints

Have a hot paint scheme for that new body of yours? Now there is a new brand of paint to chose from, Duratrax RC Paints. Available in a wide variety of colors and in two different sizes, the Duratrax paints are said to offer excellent coverage at a great price per-ounce. Duratrax RC Paint * 4.5 oz Spray Cans- $7.99 each * Fluorescent [...]


hydro dip paint

CPC Powdercoating Hydrodipped Body

Alright so a few months ago I was talking to Dave over at CPC PowderCoating and he told me about a new way to put designs and patterns onto objects, I instantly thought of a lexan body and within a couple of days I had one ready to be dipped. Before I tell you about how it turned out first let me tell [...]


DuraTrax Evader DT Week: Painting and Detailing – Part 1

Day five of DuraTrax Evader DT week is the beginning of the end.  The last job I’m going to do on my DT is to put a custom paint job and other details onto it.  I’m using a new, clear body from DuraTrax (Part DTXC6218) and I’m reusing the hard plastic detail pieces from the current body.  This is going [...]