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XRay RC X8 Pan Car Kit

XRay 1/8 X8 Pan Car Kit

All new from XRay is the 1/8 X8 Pan Car Kit. If you are looking for insane speed, no matter if it’s on a carpet track, or on a long empty stretch of road, the X8 is ready to get extreme. Check out these highlights- * Designed by Juraj Hudy * Electric 4wd pan car kit * Solid rear axle, spool in [...]


Exotek RC F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit

Exotek 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Formula 1 Pro Race Kit

After some teasing, Exotek RC has released full details on their high-zoot 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit. This high-end F1 racer is loaded with the latest in go-fast tech to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * Lighter, leaner and meaner * Cutting edge high-performance F1 racing kit * Extra narrow 72mm chassis for [...]


Mon-Tech Racing 12th 499 LMH Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/12 499 LMH Clear Body For Pan Cars

New from Mon-Tech Racing is the 1/12th scaled 499 LMH Clear Body for Pan Cars. The 499 LMH was designed for serious speed, while also having a highly scale realistic look. Here are the details- * Le Mans styling * Available in standard or lightweight versions * Includes decals and window masks * High downforce rear wing * Comes with wing mounting hardware You can use [...]


Schumacher Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit

New from Schumacher is the 1/10 Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit. The Icon 2 Worlds Kit is a high-end F1 race machine loaded with carbon fiber parts. Check out these highlights- * Horizontal alloy wing mount for increased durability * Vertical carbon fiber wing mount * LCG CNC alloy rear transmission housing * Lowered bearing housings allows use of small diameter tires * Rear springs [...]


XRay 2024 X12 Pan Car Kit

XRay 2024 X12 Pan Car Kit

New from XRay is the 2024 edition of their X12 Pan Car Kit. For 2024 the XRay crew made a slew of changes to help make the new X12, the fastest ever. Here are the highlights- * Two version – USA and EU editions * 3D printed bumper doesn’t fold or break * +2mm wider carbon fiber lower arms improve corner speed * Thinner [...]


roche rapide p12v pan car kit

Roche Rapide 1/12 P12V Pan Car Kit

New over at Roche Rapide is the 1/12th scaled P12V Pan Car Kit. This high-end race machine is loaded with carbon fiber and was designed for serious speed around a carpet track. Here are the highlights- * Ultra-low inline chassis * Fully adjustable * 7075 black anodized turnbuckles * Rigid “ULCG” front end * Rigid aluminum rear axle * Fine adjustment center pivot brace * 7075 aluminum [...]


Mon-Tech Racing RC 10th 499LM Le Mans Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 499LM Clear Body

New from the crew at Mon-Tech is a 1/10th scaled 499LM Clear Body. This trick looking Le Mans style body is sized to fit 1/10 pan/touring cars and can be used for racing or bashing around your cul-de-sac. Here are the highlights- * Styled after the 1:1 2023 Le Mans winning car * Width – 190mm * Fits – Most 1/10 touring and [...]


Team Saxo MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Recently announced by Team Saxo is the 1/10th scaled MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit. The new MF-1-200 comes with “mini” style proportions and has a wheelbase set at 210mm. Based on their F1-180 chassis, this M-chassis sized F1 car is designed for both speed and fun. The Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit is street priced at $229 and [...]


Team Bomber RC 12th TB-AK12X Pan Car Kit

Team Bomber 1/12 TB-AK12X Pan Car Kit

Over at Team Bomber they have announced their 1/12th scaled TB-AK12X Pan Car Kit. This slick race machine is loaded with carbon fiber parts and was designed for serious handling around high-grip indoor tracks. Check out the highlights- * New 2.0mm 70-75 duralumin main chassis & lower brace * New IND suspension system * Newly designed upper arms, front knuckles, and caster blocks * [...]


Mon-Tech Racing RC P 9X8 Clear LMH Series Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 P 9X8 Clear LMH Series Body

Just announced by Mon-Tech Racing is the P 9X8 clear Le Mans style body. Sized to fit 1/10 scaled on-road cars, the P 9X8 is designed for extreme performance. Check out these highlights- * First in new LMH series from Mon-Tech * Styled after the new LMH Hyper Car that ran the 24 hours of Le Mans * Super realistic and includes every [...]


Fenix Racing RC G56.2 Pro10 Pan Car Kit

Fenix Racing 1/10 G56.2 Pro10 Pan Car Kit

Coming soon from Fenix Racing is the 1/10th scaled G56.2 Pro10 Pan Car Kit. This high-end racer is loaded with carbon fiber parts and is ready for serious competition use. Here are the highlights- * An evolution of the previous G56 * Lighter than previous model * New wheelbase SWB and SSWB (compared with G56) * New V-link suspension * Redesigned front end * 3 possible [...]


Exotek GTF USGT Clear Race Body

Exotek 1/10 GTF USGT Clear Race Body

The crew at Exotek have dropped a new 1/10 GTF USGT Clear Race Body. The retro styled GTF is sized to fit 1/10 pan cars and comes in clear awaiting your custom livery. Here are the highlights- * Aggressive splitter * Muscular fenders and a low slung hood * Side skirts to increase downforce * Large rear deck and windshield for maximum traction on [...]


Kyosho 60th Anniversary Fantom EP 4WD Ext Gold Version

Kyosho 1/12 60th Anniversary Fantom EP 4WD Ext Gold Version

Coming later this month from Kyosho is the 1/12th scaled 60th Anniversary Fantom EP 4WD Ext Gold Version. This highly collectable version of the Fantom comes bling’ed out with gold anodized aluminum parts and the Fantom series’ first ever ball differential. If you are a hardcore 1/12th scale racer or collector, the 60th Anniversary Fantom should be considered a must [...]


MWX Performance RC 28th R.1 2wd Pan Car

MWX Performance 1/28 R.1 2wd Pan Car

Coming soon from MWX Performance is the 1/28th scaled R.1 2wd Pan Car. This high-end micro sized race machine was designed from the ground up for high performance. Using a fairly standard pan car layout, this tiny race machine is capable of incredibly fast lap times, while also being quite affordable to compete with. * Ultra-low center of gravity design * Titanium [...]


Team Saxo 12th GT-300W-V4 Pan Car Kit

Teaser – Team Saxo 1/12 GT-300W-V4 Pan Car Kit

Now available for pre-order from Team Saxo is the 1/12th scaled GT-300W-V4 Pan Car Kit. The version 4 of the GT-300W comes updated for increased speed, as well as durability. Expected to start shipping some time later this month, the GT-300W-V4 is ready for serious on-road carpet racing. You can use this link to visit the official Team Saxo Website, or [...]