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Panther Ocelot Tires

Panther Z Compound Ocelot Tires

Panther has unleashed their Z Compound Ocelot 8th scale buggy tires on the world. These are said to be ideal for most outdoor tracks and were designed for not only high grip, but also for long wear characteristics. Street priced at $20 per pair, they have a part number of #T981 and you can hit up This Link to visit the [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 11.20.2014, Version- Buried In An Ocean Of Letter…

“Hi Guys, My names is James. I work at Pacific Motorsports in Eureka CA, About 2 years back we decided that taking on RC to add to inventory. We also sell Honda, Yamaha, and Polaris vehicles and accessories. After the first year RC was so big here that we decided to build an indoor carpet track, and [...]


RCX 2012 – Panther going for gold

News out of the Panther booth is all about their new Gold compound. They call it an intermediate soft that offers excellent dry track grip and better durability. Panther also claims that tires with this new compound won’t balloon (as much) under high speeds like the softer rubbers do.  Only a few of their treads are available in the Gold [...]


Panther Paddle tires

Panther T965 Paddle Tires

Panther has recently released the new T965 Paddle Tires for 1/8 scale buggies. Perfect for snow, gravel and sand bashing! They are a direct fit for 1/8 buggie wheels. I’m pretty sure Wrench would have a blast with these! And with the snow starting to fall right now, it’s a good time for the release. Check out the Panther website [...]


Panther Rattler tires now available

Panther are back with a new tire design for 1/8 scale buggies, called the Rattler.  Panther suggests that these tires are ideal for hard packed surfaces and also mention that the tires were used to TQ and win round 2 of the Midwest Nitro Series.  The Rattler is available in three compounds: soft, super soft, and clay.  You also have [...]


What’s new from Panther

The molding magicians at Panther have a few new products here at IHobby. The one above is a new parts mat made from super flexible silicone. They’re perfect for holding screws, shocks, bearings and other small parts that have a terrible tendency to roll away when you turn your back. The one pictured above is one of [...]