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Team Corally Pinion Gear Holders

Team Corally Pinion Gears and Pinion Caddies

The crew over at Team Corally want you to know about their huge line-up of Pinion Gears and Pinion Caddies. One of the most important tuning tools that you have as a hobbyist is gear changes. Team Corally has many different sizes of pinions, in a wide variety of different pitches, to fit virtually any application. Also, their pinion caddies [...]


Traxxas ProGraphix Bodies

ProGraphix Bodies And Hardened Steel Gears From Traxxas

Coming soon from Traxxas are new ProGraphix Bodies and Hardened Steel Pinion Gears. For ProGraphix bodies, Traxxas is releasing a number of highly colorful bodies that can help your truck stand out in a crowd. The bodies are pre-cut and pre-painted, ready to bolt on to your vehicle. The new ProGraphix units include Hawaiian series bodies for the Slash, Bandit, Stampede, [...]


Traxxas Gear adapter fixed

Traxxas Fixed Gear Adapters

What is a Fixed Gear Adapter? Well, it can help keep your motor locked firmly in place so it doesn’t move when landing from big jumps or after a hard crash. They also lock in perfect gear mesh so that you don’t have to worry about setting it. Two pretty big upsides wouldn’t you say? Our friends over at Traxxas have [...]


Arrowmax Pinion Caddy

Arrowmax 64 Pitch Pinions With Caddy

Arrowmax has announced a new Pinion Caddy that comes pre-loaded with 64 pitch Pinion Gears. 64 pitch is quite common when racing on-road and the Arrowmax set comes with pinions ranging from 38 to 48 teeth. The pinion caddy holds up to 28 different pinions and is CNC machined from aluminum with Arrowmax’s trademark honeycomb design. Pricing for the caddy with [...]


JConcepts Pinion Puck

JConcepts Pinion Puck

Get organized with the new Pinion Puck from JConcepts. The Pinion Puck holds your extra pinion gears in style, keeping them from being damaged while making the right gear easy to find. Made from durable aluminum, the holder has gear sizing laser etched into the top. Also of note, the Pinion Puck is available in two different sizes to hold [...]


XRay Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinions

XRay Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinion Gears

Just announced by XRay is a new line-up of Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinions. The new pinions are designed to work with XRay’s XB4 buggy, but will work equally well on a huge variety of different 1/10th scale vehicles. Some of the highlights of the new pinions include- * Designed to run true * Made from aircraft duraluminum * Individually run-in * Manually inspected * Vibration [...]


Exotek G Lok Pinion Spur Locker

Exotek G.LOK Pinion & Spur Gear Locker

The crew over at Exotek has a new item that makes it easy to store your pinion and spur gears. The G.LOK Pinion & Spur Locker holds up to 9 pinions and 2 spurs in a very fashionable way. The case is made from heavy duty 6061 aluminum and is available anodized in 5 different colors. So how much does the [...]


TheToyz Brass Pinions for Losi Micro

TheToyz Brass Pinion Sets for Losi Micro SCT/Rally/DT

Having recently reviewed the latest Losi Micro Vehicles (which should go up any day now), we were reminded how much fun they are to bash indoors when the weather is terrible outside. One of the cheapest/easiest/best mods you can make to any vehicle is to change the gearing. You can “gear down” for longer runtimes, or you can “gear up” [...]


muchmore pinions

Muchmore USA Has New Pinions For Your 4wd SCT

Pinions are one of the items on the list of “Things you can never have enough of!”. Muchmore USA has a new line-up of Mode 1 pinions with 5mm bore for your 4wd short course truck or 8th scale electrics. These new machined pinions are clearly marked for tooth count, use a hex grub screw, and come in sizes 12 [...]