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Pit Bull RC 1.0 PBX AT Tires Wet Sandy Trail Run Video

Video – Pit Bull RC 1.0 PBX A/T Tires Wet Sandy Trail Run

Over at Pit Bull RC they have uploaded a new promotional video for their 1.0″ PBX A/T Scale Off-Road Tires. Sized to fit 1/18th rock crawlers, the PBX A/T’s have a great scale appearance and were designed to give your rig serious grip while out on the trail. Watch the video below to see not only how scale the PBX [...]


Pit Bull RC Rocker Tires Axial Racing SCX24 Video

Video – Pit Bull RC Rocker Tires for the SCX24

New over at Pit Bull RC is a promotional video for their 1″ Rocker Tires for the SCX24. These micro sized Rocker tires are molded from Pit Bull’s ridiculously soft and sticky Alien Kompound rubber and have a great scale look. Watch the video below to see the Rockers in action climbing over rocks, as well as doing some serious [...]


Pit Bull RC 1.0" Scale Rock Crawling Tires

Pit Bull RC Announces 1.0″ Rocker & PBX A/T Crawling Tires

Over at Pit Bull RC they have just announced 1.0″ sized Rocker & PBX A/T Crawling Tires. Sized to fit trucks like the SCX24 mini-crawler, the Pit Bull tires are super grippy, plus they have a great scale look to them. If you are a small scale rock crawler owner, the new 1.0″ sized tires from Pit Bull will definitely [...]


Pitbull RC LiPo Batteries

Pitbull RC Announces Pure Gold Lipo Batteries

The crew over at Pitbull RC are best known for their incredible rock crawling tires, but recently they announced a full line-up of LiPo Batteries. All of the new Pitbull Pure Gold LiPo batteries comes stock with a built in LED battery life indicator to make it easy to see how much energy is left in the pack. Here are [...]


Pit Bull 1.7" Rocker Scale Crawling Tires RC

Pit Bull 1.7″ Rocker Scale Crawling Tires

Shipping soon from Pit Bull RC are new 1.7″ Rocker scale crawling tires. If you’ve been looking for an aggressive 1.7″ sized crawling tire, the Rocker from Pit Bull is a great choice. With large lugs and an incredibly scale appearance, the Rockers are perfect for your next build. * Molded from Pit Bull’s Alien Kompound Super Sticky rubber compound * Miniaturized [...]


PitBull RC BloodAxe Tire Rock Crawling Video

Video – Pit Bull RC 1.9″ BloodAxe Scale Crawling Tires

Over at Pit Bull RC they have dropped a new video to promote their 1.9″ BloodAxe scale crawling tires. The BloodAxes uses tiny siped lugs, along with an open spaced lug design, to give your rig incredible grip on the trail. The video shows you not only how scale realistic the BloodAxes look, but also how capable they are when [...]


Pit Bull RC Alien Compound 1.55 PBX A/T Scale Tires

Pit Bull RC Alien Compound 1.55 PBX A/T Scale Tires

Shipping soon from Pit Bull RC are new Alien Compound 1.55 PBX A/T Scale Tires. The 1.55 sized PBX A/T tires have the scale realism that you are looking for, with all the trail performance that you demand. Here are the highlights- * Miniaturized version of Pit Bull’s new 1:1 all terrain tire * 3.5″ tall x 1.08″ wide * Six ribs, 5 [...]


Pit Bull BDS Suspension KRONIK Shocks

Pit Bull RC BDS Suspension – Licensed KRONIK Shocks

At Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest this year, we got to hang out with the crew from Pit Bull RC. At RC Fest, they were showing off some very trick BDS Suspension KRONIK Shocks. The KRONIK shocks bring not only scale looks, but also high-end performance to the plate. Here are the highlights- * 3 year development time to give you the [...]


Pit Bull New 1.9 Alien Kompound Braven Berserker

Pit Bull 1.9″ Braven Berserker Scale Tires

A few weeks ago Pit Bull introduced new 1.9″ Braven Berserker scale tires to the market. The updated designed uses the old school four lug approach to give you a great scale looking tire that also performs with the best out on the trail. Here are more highlights- * Extremely fine scale detailing * Generous amounts of siping * Staggered tread design * Scale [...]


Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2018 Manufacturers

Manufacturers On Display At Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest

As part of our ongoing show coverage from the 2018 Horizon Hobby RC Fest, we have to talk about the numerous manufacturers that were on hand. A bunch of different rc companies made their way to Eli Field in Monticello, Illinois to show off their latest products, plus they put on some really cool special events. The crew from Pro-Line Racing [...]


Pit Bull 1.55 Berserker Tires

Pit Bull 1.55″ Berserker Tires

New from Pit Bull RC are Pit Bull Braven Berserker scale off-road tires. The Berserkers are not only awesome looking, but were designed for serious traction while out on those hardcore trail runs. Here are some of the highlights- * Designed to fit 1.55″ wheels * Molded in Pit Bull’s ultra-sticky Alien rubber compound * Staggered tread pattern * Generous amounts of siping * Loads [...]


Pitbull Dirty Richard Foam Tire Inserts

New Dirty Richard Foam Inserts From Pit Bull Tires

Looking to gain an edge on your competition? If so, using the proper foam inserts in your scale rig or crawler can make a world of difference. To help you get maximum performance out of your tires, Pit Bull has announced Dirty Richard Single Stage Foams. These high performance inserts are available in firm, medium, or a soft density. Pit [...]


Pit Bull Braven Ironside 1.9 Tires

Pit Bull Braven Ironside 1.9″ Tires

Have you been looking to bolt on more traction to your 1.9″ scale crawler? If so, Pit Bull has announced their 1.9″ sized Braven Ironside tires. These are an officially licensed product that has the scale looks and performance that you are after. * Loads of siping * Smooth riding * Staggered shoulder lugs * Staggered tread lugs * Comes with standard foam inserts * Excellent [...]


Pit Bull AsiaTees

Pit Bull Tires Now At AsiaTees

The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies wanted us to let you know that they have recently picked up Pit Bull Tires. Pit Bull is famous for their full sized tires, but also make a nice line of scale/trail/crawling tires for the rc crowd. Available in 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes, Pit Bull rc tires are known as much for their grip [...]


Pitbull Rock Beast Short Course Truck Tires

Pit Bull Rock Beast Basher Edition Short Course Truck Tires

The crew over at Pit Bull have announced Rock Beast Basher Edition tires for your short course truck. These feature a scale appearance and ZipTrak technology to help keep them from becoming pizza cutters when you smash the gas on 3S. * ZipTrak- inner ribbing to reduce ballooning * Available in 3 different compounds * White sidewall lettering * Stepped lugs for increased lateral [...]