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Losing grip – Comfortably uncomfortable

Yo! Long time no write, I hope you’ve missed me. In between considering whether to emigrate and how to provide for my family when I quit my present job in three months, I have spent some time dreaming up my next body. Nothing like painting to settle my mind when it has been crowded with Big Thoughts and Major Considerations. Truth [...]


Losing grip – Outside my comfort zone, again

G’day folks! Once again, I’ve strayed outside my comfort zone in regards to painting lexan bodies. My Vanquish Phoenix is getting a new body and I’m painting it using a combination Tamiya rattle cans, my trusted airbrush, and a fine detail brush. I’m not quite done yet, so at this stage you’ll have to make do with some pictures of [...]


Losing grip – Fawkes comes alive

G’day folks and may it be a happy one! A good way for me to make any day better, is to paint. Case in point: I have more painted RC bodies than I have chassis to fit them on. Currently on my work desk (well, outside dining table) is the body of my VS4-10 Phoenix. According to personal naming tradition [...]


Losing grip – Painting, fading, learning

G’day mates! I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and that you got some RC stuff from Santa. I did and did not. Christmas was great, but no RC stuff for me this year, somewhat surprisingly. My wife forgot about the Vanquish VS4-10 I had on the top of my list and gave me an Exit game instead. Or [...]