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Dynamite TurboKick Review

Dynamite RC TurboKick Power Booster Review

So here we are to review the Dynamite RC TurboKick. Just what the heck is a TurboKick? Well, it is kinda like a turbo button. You attach it to the third channel output of your transmitter and between the battery and the ESC. When you hit the third channel on your transmitter, the TurboKicks increases the voltage going into your [...]


Dynamite Turbo Kick Power Booster

Dynamite RC Turbo Kick Power Booster

Does your ESC need a boost in power? If so, take a look at the new Turbo Kick from Dynamite RC. The Turbo Kick can provide up to 50 amps of continuous boost for your power hungry speed controller. * LED status indicators * Uses low resistance MOSFETs * Has internal capacitor * 50 amp continuous, 100 amp burst * Waterproof * 5 to 13 volt [...]