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Pro-Line 10th Scale PowerStroke Shocks Traxxas MAXX

Pro-Line 1/10 PowerStroke Shocks for the Traxxas MAXX

For all you Traxxas Maxx monster truck owners out there, Pro-Line has just announced new PowerStroke Shocks for you! The new PowerStrokes are high-end shocks that are not only beefy, but also have incredible performance. Here are the highlights- * Specifically designed for the Traxxas Maxx * Big bore aluminum shock bodies with infinite spring pre-load adjustment * Beefy machined aluminum shock caps * [...]


Pro-Line RC PowerStroke Shocks ARRMA 3S 4S

Pro-Line Announces PowerStroke Shocks for ARRMA 3/4S Vehicle…

New from Pro-Line are PowerStroke Shocks for ARRMA 3/4S Vehicles. That’s right folks, soon all you members of the ARRMA Arrmy will be able to mount some serious performance onto your rig. Here are the details- * Fits Kraton 4S, Outcast 4S, Senton 3S, Typhon 3S, & Granite 3S * High performance design * 14mm big bore aluminum shock bodies * Beefy machined aluminum [...]


Pro-Line PowerStroke HD Shock Caps X-Maxx

Pro-Line PowerStroke HD Shock Caps For X-Maxx

Shipping right now from Pro-Line are PowerStroke HD Shock Caps for the Traxxas X-Maxx. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the X-Maxx shock caps come with racing style shock bladders and Delrin mounting bushings. Here are more highlights- * Fits X-Maxx shock bodies * Black anodized finish * Laser etched P-L logo * Made in the USA The Pro-Line PowerStroke HD Shock Caps have a [...]


Pro-Line PowerStroke HD Shock Bodies X-MAXX

Pro-Line PowerStroke HD Shock Bodies & Collars for X-MAXX

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are PowerStroke HD Shock Bodies And Collars for the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck. The shock bodies look great with their clear anodized finish and were designed for heavy duty bashing. Here are more of the highlights- * Unique chrome-like finish * Laser etched Pro-Line logos * Made from precision machined aluminum * Easy to install Street pricing for a pair of [...]


Pro-Line Shock Video

Video – Pro-Line Shocks 101

The good folks over at Pro-Line have posted a new video titled Shocks 101. The video gives a ton of good information about Pro-Line shocks and how to properly set them up. Gerardo Gonzalez also walks you through the difference between bladder and emulsion style of shocks and how that makes the Pro-Line PowerStoke and Pro-Spec shocks different. To learn more [...]


Pro-Line 5 Inch PowerStroke XT Shocks

Pro-Line 5″ PowerStroke XT Shocks

New from Pro-Line are 5″ PowerStroke XT (extended travel) Shocks. The longer length of the XT PowerStrokes help make them a perfect fit for rigs like the Axial Yeti, solid axle monster trucks, and custom builds. Dual rate springs give them added realism with the ability to soak up gnarly terrain and they are pre-built for your convenience. Beefy 3.5mm [...]


Pro-Line PRO-MT Review

Review – Pro-Line PRO-MT Monster Truck

THE Pro-Line PRO-MT Monster Truck ReviewLow slung buggies and stadium/SCT trucks are great for busting out fast laps, but for real bashing monster trucks still rule. With bigger tires and more ground clearance, monster trucks can blast over the roughest of terrain, land from the highest jumps, and smash into hard objects better than their smaller counterparts. Recently Pro-Line decided to [...]


Pro-Line ECX 4WD Sand Circuit

How To – Sand Blasting with the ECX 4WD Circuit

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is firmly anchored in the Midwest, home to luscious top soil and sticky clay. One surface we don’t get a chance to drive on much is sand, therefore we forget that much of the world is covered with the stuff. After spending so much time in sandy SoCal this year, we decided it was time make [...]


Traxxas to Pro-Line Shock Guide

Pro-Line Guide for Interchanging with Traxxas Shocks

So maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading the shocks on your Traxxas but aren’t quite sure what will fit. Pro-Line has done all the leg work and now have a handy chart to show you exactly which of their Pro-Spec and PowerStroke shocks will fit your ride. Check out the images above and below to find out which Pro-Line shocks [...]


Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit

Unboxing – Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit #4001-00

For years rc’ers have had dreams about a day when Pro-Line might put a full blown kit on the market. Well that day is finally here! The first vehicle to come out of the Pro-Line compound is called the Pro-2 1:10th 2wd Short Course Truck Kit. Below you will find detailed unboxing pictures. The Pro-2 actually comes partially assembled, making it [...]