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Pro-Line 7th Pre-Cut 2007 Chevy Silverado Body Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer

Pro-Line 1/7 Pre-Cut 2007 Chevy Silverado Clear Body for the…

The good folks over at Pro-Line have dropped a 1/7 Pre-Cut 2007 Chevy Silverado Clear Body for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. The Silverado has been nicely scaled and is fully licensed. Check out these highlights- * Classic “Cateye” Chevy for the Unlimited Desert Racer platform * Aggressively flared fenders for a muscular stance * Bolts directly to the stock UDR cage * Fully [...]


PROTOform Elite Wing

PROTOform Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit

New from PROTOform is the Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit. The wing is molded from genuine Lexan and is shaped to give your 1/10th touring car a neutral feel while driving. It can also be run in three different configurations to suit different track conditions. The wing has a part number of #1724-17 and is street priced at $11. For complete details [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut TLR 22 2.0

3 New Pre-Cut Bodies from Pro-Line

We are huge fans of Pre-cut Bodies here at BigSquidRC, they save us time so we can get in more bashing and less wrenching. Pro-Line loves to give consumers what they want so they have recently announced 3 new pre-cut buggy bodies. First up is a Phantom series body for the TLR 22 2.0. It is street priced at $33, [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Painted/Pre-Cut Ford Raptor Body Traxxas Stampede

Pro-Line Pre-Cut & Painted Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body for Tr…

Masking off, painting, and cutting out a body can take a lot of time, spare time that some people just don’t have. For you guys that don’t have a bunch of spare time on your hands, or if you are just looking for a pristine paint job, the crew at Pro-Line have announced a pre-cut and pre-painted Ford Raptor SVT [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Chevy Silverado HD Clear Body for SCT

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Chevy Silverado HD Clear Body for SCT

For all you Chevy truck fans Pro-Line has announced a new pre-cut Silverado HD Clear Body for short course trucks. The Silverado features scale looks, which are all the rage right now, and it saves you time and work by being pre-cut. The Silverado fits Traxxas Slash, Slash 4×4, Associated SC10, and Pro-Line PRO-2 when used with extended body mounts, [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

Pro-Line Clear Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body

Everybody likes saving time, especially the BigSquidRC Bash Crew. That’s why we are stoked to see the new Pre-Cut Ford Raptor body from Pro-Line. A pre-cut body not only saves you the time of trimming, but also makes it easier to paint those nooks and crannies. The pre-cut Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor fits trucks like the Traxxas Slash & Slash [...]


pro-line pre-cut body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings

On Wednesday we posted a teaser about the new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line, now we have more pictures and full pricing information. The pre-cut idea is a good one, it will save time and ensure a perfectly trimmed body. Pro-Line has two different SCT bodies that will come pre-cut, the #3355-17 Flo-Tek SCT and the #3413-17 EVO SC. Both [...]


Pro-Line pre cut bodies

Teaser – Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings from Pro-Line

There are many reasons why Pro-Line is our favorite body company, now we’ve got another one, they are teasing new bodies and wings that come pre-cut. Ever spend hours painting up a new body only to realize you’ve still got to spend a bunch of time trimming it? Ever have excess body material get in the way while you were [...]