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Pro-Line Pre-Painted Pre-Cut 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body

Pro-Line Pre-Painted/Pre-Cut 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body

While some hobbyists love to spend hours upon hours doing elaborate paint jobs, others just don’t have the free time. For you guys looking to save time but still want a high quality paint job, Pro-Line has just announced a Pre-Painted/Pre-Cut 2017 Ford Raptor Body. The pre-painted Raptor comes in either blue or gray and is easy to mount on [...]


KillerBody RC Subaru BRZ

KillerBody RC Subaru BRZ Body

Put a cool new look on your 1/10th touring or drift car with the Subaru BRZ body from KillerBody RC. Like other KillerBody products, the BRZ is highly detailed and designed to look just like its 1:1 counterpart. The BRZ comes pre-painted in metallic blue and comes with a list of scale details like- front & rear light buckets, foglight [...]


KillerBody RC Toyota Crown Athlete

KillerBody RC Toyota Crown Athlete Pre-Painted Body

Want a unique look for your drifter? Looking to boost the scale realism on your touring car? If so, check out the new Toyota Crown Athlete body from Killerbody RC. Killerbody’s Crown Athlete captures all the subtle details that it takes to turn heads now days and is sure to get you noticed at the next drift event that you [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Painted Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion

Pro-Line Pre-Painted Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion

Save time and frustration with the new Pre-Painted Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion short course truck body from Pro-Line. The Fusion comes with a trick looking Blue Tech paint scheme that fits a wide variety of short course trucks. Simply pull the body out of the bag, drill holes for your body mounts, and it is ready to bash. The Pre-Painted [...]


Pro-Line Video

Video - Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor Body with Trencher X Tire…

To show off their new True Scale Ford Raptor Body and Trencher X Tires the folks over at Pro-Line have posted a video showing them in action. Both, the body and tires, were designed to give your SCT a more scale appearance, which is all the rage right now. The Raptor is available pre-painted with a snazzy red paint scheme, [...]


Pro-Line pre-painted Ford Raptor

2 New Pre-Painted Ford Raptor Bodies from Pro-Line

Add a cool new look (in record time) to your bash-mobile with 2 new Pre-Painted Ford Raptor Bodies from Pro-Line Racing. The first unit is made to fit the immensely popular Traxxas Stampede and Stampede 4×4. It is molded in crystal clear genuine Lexan and comes professionally painted in a red/black scheme. It has a part number of #3348-15, a street [...]


Killerbody RC Alfa Romeo

Killerbody RC Alfa Romeo 155 GTA Body

The crew over at Killerbody RC are up to it again with another sharp looking on-road body. Their latest is an Alfa Romeo 155 GTA. This is modeled after the Alfa 155 that was homologated for DTM Supertouring racing over in Europe during the early ’90s. This is a fully finished (pre-painted) body made to fit most touring cars and [...]


Killerbody RC Lancia LC2

Killerbody RC Lancia LC2 1/12th Scale Body

New and hot for you scale realism enthusiasts is a Lancia LC2 Group C body from Killerbody RC. The Lancia was designed to fit 1/12th scale pan cars and is available in clear or pre-painted. The polycarbonate body is accurately scaled, while rear view mirrors, a windshield wiper, and a detailed rear wing give it even more scale realism. The part [...]


Axial Yeti Pre-Painted Body

Axial Pre-Painted Body for the Yeti

Axial has announced a new pre-painted body for the ever popular Yeti. Featuring a white, blue and pink paint scheme, the pre-painted body makes it easy to give your Yeti a quick face lift. The Axial crew knows you guys like to bash hard so it is molded from .040″ polycarbonate. Pre-drilled mounting holes help save time and a decal [...]


Matrixline Mercedes Benz GLK250 Body

Matrixline Mercedes Benz GLK350 Pre-Painted Body

You don’t see a whole lot of Mercedes bodies on the market, but for all you Benz lovers you can get a GLK350 from the folks over at Matrixline RC. They have a pre-painted GLK350 body that is available in black or in grey, fits 195mm touring cars, and is highly detailed for a great scale look. The body and [...]


Vaterra Halix Pro-Line Body How To

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #3 – Installing a New Bod…

The single biggest difference you can do for the looks of your truck is to change its body. Changing out the body will make your truck look different from everyone else’s at the local bash spot, and in some cases, can even improve performance. For those reasons changing the body on our Vaterra Halix was a “must do” project. In years [...]


Serpent Pre-painted 8th Scale Cobra GT Body

Serpent Pre-painted 1/8th Cobra GT Body

If you’ve read BSRC for any length of time then you already know we are big fans of pre-painted bodies. None of our staffers have any painting skillz, and quite frankly we would rather spend more time with our families or outside driving than wielding a rattle can. Today the fine folks over at Serpent announced a new Pre-Painted 1/8th [...]



HPI Racing 2012 Fiesta RS WRC Ford WRT Painted Body

Need to replace that beat up body on your HPI WR8 Flux rally car? Now HPI is selling a pre-painted 2012 Ford Fiesta World Rally Team body to make your car look good again. We really like pre-painted bodies here at BigSquidRC, they save time and elbow grease, and they typically look a lot better than what we bust out [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Painted/Pre-Cut Ford Raptor Body Traxxas Stampede

Pro-Line Pre-Cut & Painted Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body for Tr…

Masking off, painting, and cutting out a body can take a lot of time, spare time that some people just don’t have. For you guys that don’t have a bunch of spare time on your hands, or if you are just looking for a pristine paint job, the crew at Pro-Line have announced a pre-cut and pre-painted Ford Raptor SVT [...]


Associated SC10 Monster Energy Contender Body

Team Associated SC10 Monster Energy Contender Body

Looking to change up the looks of your SCT? Maybe your old body is worn out? Perhaps you are a big fan of Monster Energy? Is so, the guys at Team Associated have you dialed with their Kyle LeDuc Monster Energy Contender body. The Contender fits SC10 2wd and 4wd trucks, has a part number of #9894, and should have [...]