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Pro-Line Trencher 1.0 Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line Trencher 1/24 1.0″ Pre-Mounted Truck Tires

Over at Pro-Line they have announced Trencher 1/24 1.0″ Pre-Mounted Truck Tires. Perfect for your 1/24th scaled crawler, the new Trenchers are ready to conquer any terrain you can throw at them. Check out these highlights- * Provides maximum grip on a wide variety of surfaces * Aggressive tread pattern with each tread block containing multiple sipes * Highly detailed connected tread on [...]


Pro-Line Class 1 Trencher 1.9 Rock Terrain Tires

Pro-Line Class 1 Trencher 1.9″ Rock Terrain Tires

New from Pro-Line are 1.9″ sized Class 1 Trencher Rock Terrain Tires. These meaty kicks use Pro-Line’s legendary Trencher tread pattern to give your rig outstanding traction while out on the trail. Check out these highlights- * Inspired by P-L’s popular all-terrain Trencher tread * Extremely aggressive tread pattern * Each tread block contains multiple sipes and multiple levels * Highly detailed connected tread [...]


Pro-Line Trencher 2.2 Front Rear Rock Racing Tires

Pro-Line Trencher 2.2″ Front/Rear Tires

Coming soon from Pro-Line are Trencher 2.2″ Front/Rear Rock Crawling Tires. The new 2.2″ Trenchers are ready for a wide variety of surfaces and come with an extremely aggressive tread pattern. Here are more highlights- * Designed for rock racing rigs – 5.75″ tall x 2.27″ wide * Trencher features multiple sipes and multiple levels for increased traction * Highly detailed connected side [...]


Pro-Line Trencher 1.9 Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher 1.9″ Rock Crawling Tires

The crew over at Pro-Line have just posted a promotional video for their 1.9″ Trencher Rock Crawling Tires. The new Trenchers for crawling are super aggressive and are bound to be your new favorite crawling tire. In the video you can watch the Trenchers in action, plus learn about their technical side from Pro-Line’s Paul Willhite. To get more details on [...]


Pro-Line Trencher 1.9 Crawling Tires

Pro-Line Trencher 1.9″ Rock Terrain Crawling Tires

New from the Pro-Line crew is a 1.9″ Rock Terrain version of their legendary Trencher off-road tires. Trenchers have long been a bashing favorite, soon you will be able to get all that grip on your scale off-road rig. * Inspired by P-L’s Trencher all terrain bashing tires * Extremely aggressive tread design * Highly detailed side tread * Multiple sipes and levels * Great [...]


Pro-Line Trencher HP Belted 3.8 Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher HP 3.8″ BELTED Tires

Guess who just announced fully Belted 3.8″ Trencher HP monster truck tires? Yes, that would be Pro-Line and they have just posted a new promotional video to get your blood pumping for the weekend! Watch below to see just how extreme you can get with their incredible 3.8″ Trencher HP pre-mounts. Available pre-mounted on high-tech Raid removable hex wheels, the [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8 Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8" Pre-Mounted Monster Truck T…

It’s official, Pro-Line is dropping a new BELTED version of their incredibly popular 2.8″ Trencher Monster Truck Tires!!! Why is this a big deal? Because belted tires are going to make a huge change in the bashing world. Older, non-belted tires like to expand (balloon) at high speeds. Belted tires maintain their normal shape, thus making them much easier to [...]


New Pro-Line Racing Belted Trencher HP 2.8″ Tires

The teases over at Pro-Line Racing have been driving us nuts as we have been waiting for details on their latest Trenchers! Most of the Big Squid RC Crew have run and loved Trenchers, they are a serious tire for the serious basher, and for years (literally) we have begged them for a belted version. It looks like our wishes [...]


Pro-Line Sand Paw LP 2.8 Mounted

3 New 2.8″ Low Profile Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line

The folks over at Pro-Line have announced 3 New 2.8″ Low Profile Pre-Mounts for your bashing enjoyment. Soon you will be able to get their 2.8″ Street Fighter LP, Sand Paw LP, and Trencher LP conveniently pre-mounted on black Raid removable hex wheels. Street pricing for each pair comes in at just $39 and you can hit up This Link to [...]


Pro-Line Trencher 4.3 Pro-Loc X-Maxx Tires

Pro-Line Trencher 4.3″ Pro-Loc X-Maxx Tires

Rejoice Traxxas X-Maxx owners, Pro-Line has just announced Trencher Pro-Loc tires for your beast! The Trenchers are a perfect “all-around” type tire that will give your X-Maxx more traction on loose surfaces and more grip (plus long wear) on pavement. Pro-Line Trencher 4.3 Pro-Loc X-Maxx Tires * Horizontal H shaped tread * Ridiculous amounts of traction and stability * Over-sized tread design * Detailed sidewall * [...]


Pro-Line Trencher X Stone Gray Mounted

More Stone Grey Monster Truck Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line

Recently announced by Pro-Line are three new Stone Gray Monster Truck Pre-Mounts. Stone gray wheels are the color to have this spring and now there is a stone gray pre-mount to fit just about every monster truck on the market. First up is the Badlands 3.8″ Stone Gray Pre-Mount. These are Pro-Line’s ultra-gnarly 3.8″ Badlands tires mounted up on their trendy [...]


Monster Truck Madness #23 – Basher Tires

Whenever I’m waxing poetic about something, it’s typically solid-axle monster related. Since Pro-Line up and released the new PRO-MT 4×4, I figure we should shift attention to indy-suspension bash trucks for a week. There are so many kick-ass bashing monsters nowadays that it’s hard to keep track of what’s what, and that’s across a variety of scales as well. With a myriad [...]