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Pro-Line Racing Teases New Drag Car Volkswagen Bug Body

Saw over the weekend, Pro-Line Racing is teasing a Volkswagen Bug Drag car body! Pro-Line has done a number of off-road VW Bug bodies over the years, and they all look great. We can’t wait to see what the no-prep drag car version looks like! As soon as we get more details, part number and price, we will let you [...]


Monster Truck Madness - Pro-Line Demolishers for the Losi LM…

After the longest winter, I finally had the chance to hit the track with my Losi LMT! I was at the season opening Trigger King R/C Monster Truck Series event in Waterloo, IL, and the LMT was out in force. I’ll talk more about the competition experience next week, as right now I want to give my impressions on the Pro-Line [...]


Pro-Line Tubbs HP Drag Tires

Pro-Line Drops New TUBBS HP Extra Wide Drag Tires!

Are you looking for the biggest, baddest, drag tires on the market? If so, look no further than Pro-Line’s new Tubbs HP Extra Wide Drag Tires. Check out these highlights- * Incredible 8″ contact patch * Fully belted for extreme performance * Made from PL’s new A4 Super Crazy Soft rubber compound * Street may need repaving after use! Yes, we know you need more [...]


Pro-Line Electron 2wd Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line Announce New Pre-Mounted Race Buggy Tires

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are several new Pre-Mounted 1/10 Race Buggy Tire Sets. Pre-mounted tires are great for saving time, while still getting all the wonderful traction that Pro-Line tires are known for. All the pre-mounts are made in the USA and are available on either white or yellow Velocity wheels. Here are more details. Electron 2.2″ 2WD Front Buggy Tires [...]


Pro-Line Axis T Body TLR 8IGHT-XT XTE

Pro-Line Axis T Clear Body for TLR 8IGHT-XT/XTE

As we get closer to outdoor season, Pro-Line has announced an Axis T Body for the TLR 8IGHT-XT & EIGHT-XTE. Pro-Line’s Axis series bodies are big on performance, as well as style. Check out these highlights- * Cab-forward design that provides enhanced steering * Plenty of clearance for electronics * Designed using the latest CAD technology * Super low center of gravity design * Drop-on [...]


Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Traxxas MAXX

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for the Traxxas MAXX

If you are loocking to open up some body options for your Traxxas Maxx monster truck, have a look at these new Extended Body Mounts from Pro-Line. This extended body mount kit with Secure-Loc Caps makes it easy for you to install all sorts of cool bodies. Here are more details- * Completely adjustable * Innovative Secure-Loc screw-on body mounting system * Keeps [...]


Pro-Line C10 Body Winner Announcement

Last night on the LIVE SHOW we announced the winner of the Pro-Line Racing 1972 Chevy C10 GIVEAWAY. If you missed it, you can click that first link, it was a great show. If you don’t want to be entertained for an hour, *SPOILER ALERT*. Congratulations to Crystal H. from Vero Beach Florida! Crystal was entry 3556 out of 16283 [...]


Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6 Bead-Loc 6x30 Mud Wheels

Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels

New from Pro-Line are Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels. These new wheels are a perfect partner for P-L’s new Black Mamba 2.6″ mud tires. Check out these highlights- * Wheels crush tire bead to make tire more narrow * Works with P-L’s Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Tires (#10181-00) * Innovative 6×30 removable hex system * Standard 12mm wheel hex in both wide [...]


Pro-Line Hyrax XL 2.9 Tires Super Rock Rey

Pro-Line Hyrax XL 2.9″ Tires for Losi Super Rock Rey

Coming soon for all you Losi Super Rock Rey owners are Hyrax XL 2.9″ Tires from Pro-Line. Pro-Line’s Hyrax tires have long been a favorite out on the trail, soon they will be available for the mighty Super Rock Rey. Here are the highlights- * Designed for maximum performance * Heavily siped stepped blocks yield incredible grip * Highly detailed sidewall * Direct fit [...]


Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6 Mud Terrain Tires

Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires. If you are looking for a tire that has outstanding mud performance, along with massive amounts of scale realism, the new Black Mamba is definitely for you. With huge lugs and all sorts of scale appeal, the Black Mamba is perfect for your next hardcore mud build. Here [...]


LAST DAY To Enter The Pro-Line 1972 Chevy C10 Clear Body Giv…

Just a reminder that today is the last chance to get those entries in for the discontinued Pro-Line Racing 1972 Chevy C10 body still in the package! This is a great looking body, and a lot of people are bummed they missed out on it the first time. You have until Midnight CST to get in running! Click the GIVEAWAY LINK [...]


Pro-Line Icon SC Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line Icon SC All Terrain Tires

Our good friends over at Pro-Line have dropped a new video for their Icon SC All Terrain Tires. The Icon SC’s were designed from the ground up with an ultra-aggressive tread pattern, as well as a highly detailed sidewall. Watch the video below to learn more about the Icon SC’s design, plus it shows a bit of live action to [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Runner Fender Flare Kit

Pro-Line Pre-Runner Fender Flare Kit

Newly announced by Pro-Line is a Pre-Runner Fender Flare Kit. This kit was made to fit P-L’s new super scale 1993 Ford Ranger body and can be used to give your rig a true Pre-Runner look. Check out these highlights- * Fenders bolt on to the outside of existing body * Aggressive bulges for plenty of tire clearance * Fits Pro-Line 1993 Ford [...]


Pro-Line RC Slot Mag Drag Spec Wheels No Prep

Pro-Line Slot Mag Drag Spec Wheels

All new from Pro-Line are some very cool Slot Mag Drag Spec Wheels. These lightweight wheels have some sweet scale appeal and are perfect for your next no-prep drag car build. Check out the highlights- * Outside ring is shiny, while spokes have a textured matte finish * Perfect fit for Pro-Line’s Hoosier drag racing tires * Ideal offset for converted 2wd Slash [...]


Pro-Line Cliffhanger RC Crawler Body

Pro-Line Cliffhanger Competition Rock Crawler Body

New for all you comp guys out there is the Cliffhanger Competition Rock Crawler Body from our friends at Pro-Line. Designed specifically for 12.3″ wheelbase Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles, the Cliffhanger represents the very latest in crawler body technology. Here are the highlights- * Pinched front end & dove-tailed rear for maximum tire clearance * One piece design * Molded-in drop-down [...]