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T-Bone Racing T2T Upper Chassis Brace Pro-MT 4x4

T-Bone Racing T2T Upper Chassis Brace For The PRO-MT 4×4

New from T-Bone Racing is the T2T Upper Chassis Brace for the Pro-MT 4×4. The Tower-2-Tower brace can be used for extreme bash sessions to increase chassis stability. * Prevents chassis bending * Stabilizes shock towers * Comes with ESC mounting plate * Lifetime TBR warranty Street pricing for the PRO-MT 4×4 Upper Chassis Brace is $29 and it has a part number of #44506. Read [...]


Pro-Line Football Video

Video – Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Football RC Battle

Are you ready for some football? To help kick off the football season here in the states, Pro-Line has posted a cool new video. Their new video “Football RC Battle” features the hard charging PRO-MT 4×4 monster truck, along with a few members of the Pro-Line crew. Watch below to see just how fun it can be to come up [...]


Pro-Line Ambush MT 4x4

Pro-Line Unleashes The Ambush MT 4×4!!!

Hey ya go bashers, Pro-Line has just announced a special Ambush edition of their PRO-MT 4×4. The Ambush MT 4×4 sports the rugged and spirited PRO-MT 4×4 chassis, with Pro-Line’s Ambush body & Ridge-Line Trail Cage up top for a trick look. Designed from the ground up to be the most extreme 10th scale monster truck ever created, the Ambush [...]


PRO-MT 4x4 Video

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Owners Compilation Video

All you Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 owners love to go big. And not only that, you love to shoot video while going for that epic transition. To show off how gnarly the PRO-MT 4×4 is, the P-L crew has put together an Owners Compilation Video. Yes, we think you know what that means- there is some pretty insane content of PRO-MT [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Sentinel Body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Sentinel Clear Body

Pro-Line makes it super easy to put a new lid on your PRO-MT 4×4 by announcing a new Pre-cut Sentinel. We love the rugged looks of the Sentinel, now all you have to do is throw down some paint and the body is ready for the backyard. * Developed to be the ultimate bashing body * Bolt-on for the PRO-MT 4×4, but [...]


Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4 Upgrades

Heavy Duty Upgrades For The Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4

For all you PRO-MT 4×4 owners that like to take your bashing to the extreme, Pro-Line has announced 3 new heavy duty upgrades. First up is an Aluminum Servo Saver. The stock part is made from plastic and has been known to break, the new heavy duty unit is made from aluminum and was designed to take the worst you can [...]


Pro-Line Aluminum Shock Mounts PRO-MT 4x4

Pro-Line Aluminum Shock Mounts For The PRO-MT 4×4

New from Pro-Line are Aluminum Shock Mounts for their PRO-MT 4×4 monster truck. The aluminum mounts can help beef up your bash machine, while also adding a nice touch of aluminum bling. * CNC machined from high quality aluminum * Anodized in gunmetal * Comes in a pack of 4 * Direct replacement, no modifications neccessary Pricing for the mounts is just $12 and they [...]


Pro-Line Sand Paw Water Video

Video – Pro-Line Sand Paw 2.8″ Tires On Water

Here is a great video to get your week started off right. Recently the folks at Pro-Line uploaded a video showing off their 2.8″ Sand Paw paddle tires. The video not only has some cool bash footage, but it also has some crazy hydroplaning action for all you extreme bashers. The Sand Paws work great on sand, snow, mud, and [...]


Pro-Line Ambush Body Ridge-Line Trail Cage

Pro-Line Ambush Body w/ Ridge-Line Trail Cage

Whoa, now here is a cool body for all you Traxxas Stampede 4×4 and Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 owners! The crew over at Pro-Line have announced the Ambush Clear Body with Ridge-Line Cage. This body/cage was designed to fit your 4×4 monster truck, and better still, to give it a radical, yet rugged, new off-road appearance. Check it out- * Cage designed [...]


Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4 Skate Park Video

Go Big Or Go Home – Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Skate Park Video

Nothing is harder on a truck than a couple hours at a skate park. With giant gaps and nothing but cold, hard, concrete to land on, only the toughest survive when going epic on a skate course. To show off how rugged the PRO-MT 4×4 Monster Truck is, Pro-Line has posted a new video. We have attached the video below, you [...]


T-Bone Wheelie Bar PRO-MT 4x4

New T-Bone Racing Accessories For The PRO-MT 4×4

The folks at T-Bone Racing are well known for making ultra-durable bash bumpers. Recently they set their sites on the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 and came up with a new Wheelie Bar, Front Bumper, and Rear Bumper. All three are made from T-Bone’s ultra-durable plastic and were designed to take maximum punishment. The Wheelie Bar is priced at just $11 [...]


Bash Vehicle of the Year 2017 #3

If you are living under a rock, we have announced #5 and #4 over the last couple of days. Short version of what is up, every year we give out our Bash Vehicle of the Year Award. (You can see previous winners at that link). There can only be one winner, but we start with a top 5. EVERY vehicle [...]


Pro-MT 4x4 Sand Box Video

New Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Video – Sand Box

Just uploaded by Pro-Line is a video titled Sand Box. The sand box video is pretty gnarly, even by our standards! By clicking on the video below you’ll get to see the mighty PRO-MT 4×4 take on some serious off-road terrain, all the while going WFO with 2.8″ Pro-Line Sand Paw paddle tires. Better still, at the very end, the [...]


Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4 Video

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Overview Video

Hot on the heels of the release of the Pro-MT 4×4, the Pro-Line crew has posted a new video on the truck. Watch the video below to learn all sorts of cool inside information from one of the truck’s designers, Matt Wallace. Matt goes over the PRO-MT 4×4 from nose to tail, stopping at various points to explain just how [...]


Event Coverage – Monster Truck A-Palooza

Did you miss the bash event of the year? Well this time we will show you what you missed, but next time we expect to see you there! Of course I’m talking about the Pro-Line Racing / Big Squid RC Monster Truck A-Palooza! The big highlight of course was the live reveal of the Pro-MT 4×4 truck. We can’t thank [...]