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P-L Spring Sets

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Short Course Spring Sets

Get your Pro-Spec equipped short course truck dialed in with Spring Sets from Pro-Line Racing. Maybe you drive on pavement one day, rocks the next, and loamy soil the day after. If so, having a wide variety of springs on hand makes it easy to tune your truck to your current conditions. The P-L springs sets are made for their [...]


Video P-L Pro-Spec Shocks

Video – Pro-Line Pro-Spec 1:10 Buggy Shocks

Learn more information about the recently announced Pro-Line Pro-Spec shocks for 1/10th scale buggies by watching the video above. In the video you can see our buddy Matt talk about all the features the Pro-Spec buggy shocks have and just how uber they are. From their low friction X-Ring seal to their 3.5mm Hard Chrome Coated shafts, the Pro-Specs are [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Spec 1/10 Buggy

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shock Kits for 1/10 Buggy

If you’ve got a high-end 1/10th buggy, it only makes sense to put the best parts possible on it. The best shocks we’ve ever tried are the Pro-Spec shocks from Pro-Line and soon they will be available for 10th scale buggies. The Pro-Spec shocks offer all sorts of high-end goodness like a single low friction X-Ring seal and 12mm big [...]


Pro-Line Axial Yeti

Pro-Line Upgrades the Axial Yeti

The Axial Yeti is arguably the most eagerly awaited release since the Traxxas Slash. Now that they are hitting consumer hands, the folks at Pro-Line have done a short article on some simple hop-ups to make the Yeti an even better off-road machine. In their article the Pro-line crew shows you how to mount upgrade front shocks, new tie-rods, and [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shock Guide

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shock Spring Guide

Now that you’ve got that uber pair of Pro-Line Pro-Spec shocks mounted on your truck, it’s time to get them tuned in perfectly. You might want to go to softer springs for more traction, or harder springs for heavier vehicles or for absorbing those big roof jumps. To make that task easier, Pro-Line has put out a handy chart that [...]


Traxxas to Pro-Line Shock Guide

Pro-Line Guide for Interchanging with Traxxas Shocks

So maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading the shocks on your Traxxas but aren’t quite sure what will fit. Pro-Line has done all the leg work and now have a handy chart to show you exactly which of their Pro-Spec and PowerStroke shocks will fit your ride. Check out the images above and below to find out which Pro-Line shocks [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Shocks

Pro-Line Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Shocks

What’s better than a new set of high-end Pro-Line Pro-Spec shocks? When they come already assembled to save you time, that’s what. Now you can get both front and rear Pro-Line Pro-Specs pre-assembled, just add some oil and they are ready to mount up to your short course truck. The part number for the fronts is #6308-30, the rears are #6308-31, [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shock Kits

Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing have just announced Pro-Spec high end shocks. The Pro-Spec shocks are designed to offer the ultimate in performance while being tough enough to take a hard beating. A single x-ring seal, white delrin pistons and shaft guides, and 3.5mm hard chrome coated shock shafts ensure a silky smooth stroke. The Pro-Specs come with extra pistons [...]