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Pro-Line Pro-Spline Heavy Duty Axles Traxxas

Pro-Line Pro-Spline HD Axle Pack

If you are running serious power in a ProTrac suspension equipped Traxxas 2wd, the Pro-Line Pro-Spline HD Axle Pack is for you. The axle pack comes pre-assembled and is designed to handle the insane power levels that bashers run now days. * 6-sided spline for smooth suspension action * Made from hardened black oxide coated steel * Uses snap rings to keep pins [...]


Pro-Spline Traxxas E-Revo Summit

Pro-Line Pro-Spline HD Axles For Traxxas E-Revo & Summit

Here is some big news for all you Traxxas E-Revo & Summit owners- Pro-Spline Heavy Duty Axles from Pro-Line. The Pro-Spline axles were designed to take insane power levels while being silky smooth. Made from hardened black oxide coated steel, you can now pound the throttle on 6S without having to worry about popping a driveshaft. The axles are street [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Spline HD Axles Pre-Assembled

Pro-Line Pro-Spline Pre-Assembled HD Axles

Pro-Line has announced Pre-assembled version of their HD Pro-Spline Axles. These were designed to handle tons of power and to fit vehicles like the Traxxas Slash, Stampede, Rally, and Rustler. * Zinc coated snap rings * Made from hardened black oxide coated steel * 6 sided spline moves smoothly The axles are street priced at $56 per pair. The part number for Slash 4×4 [...]