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Ofna Easy Pull Nitro Handle

OFNA Easy Pull for Nitro Pullstart Engines

Tired of getting blisters while trying to start your nitro engine? To make life easier, Ofna has announced and Easy Pull Handle for nitro engines. The handle fits on all nitro engines with a pull rope and is much larger than most stock handles to be more comfortable. The handle is street priced at $10, it has a part number [...]


HPI Nitro Star V2 F4.6

New V2 HPI Nitro Star F3.5 and F4.6 Pull Start Nitro Engines

Ten years ago was right before the “electric revolution” when brushless and Lipo power went mainstream with the rc crowd. Nitro fumes filled the air nearly everywhere you went back in those days. Now days bash spots are a lot quieter, but there are still plenty of hardcore nitro bashers out there. The crew over at HPI Racing have just announced [...]