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RC Fest Horizon Hobby 2021

Horizon Hobby RC Fest Coming Up Next Weekend!

That’s right folks, one of the biggest bashing events held on planet Earth takes place September 11th & 12th thanks to Horizon Hobby. The 2021 Edition of RC Fest takes place next weekend in Monticello, Illinois. RC Fest is an event that celebrates the rc hobby by having two days of rc fun. With loads of different events and things [...]


T-Bone Racing Airtime Ramp 4.0

T-Bone Racing Airtime Ramp 4.0

Over at T-Bone Racing they have announced a new Airtime Ramp 4.0. This sturdy ramp makes it easy to practice your jumping, while also being small/light enough to be easily portable. Here are the highlights- * Lightweight design * Highly adjustable – 4 different height settings * Thick aluminum frame * New take-off angle * Corner gussets added for durability * Deck attached via sturdy bolts * [...]


Team Corally RC Hydroplane Video

Video – Hydroplaning With Team Corally

New from Team Corally is a Promotional Hydroplaning Video. Watch below to see how extreme Team Corally gets when they grab a few of their gnarly 1/8th scaled bash machines and get crazy with some hydroplaning. With huge tires, full time 4wd, and massive brushless power, Team Corally’s 8th scale line-up is easily one of the best in the business. [...]


Traxxas and Dude Perfect Flying RC Car Video

Traxxas and Dude Perfect are doing it again with this latest collab video Flying RC Car. As always they guys are up to some crazy hijinks, bashing and car destroying. We have done a few of these stunts in the past (plane wings, rockets… ) and can say we had about the same results. LOLAfter checking out the video, you can [...]


CEN Racing F450 Bashing and Pulling Video

We have been having a blast with the CEN Racing F-450 SD, and shot some more video doing a little bashing and some pulling. We were all surprised by the weight that it could trailer around. If you are new to the channel, please hit the subscribe button, and bash that notification bell! If you like the video, consider giving [...]


Rivkin Associated Skate Park Bash Video

Video - IFMAR World Champ Spencer Rivkin Takes On A Skate Pa…

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if an IFMAR world champion hit a local skate park? Watch below to see Team Associated driver, and IFMAR world champ Spencer Rivkin, send his factory backed RC8T3.1e to moon and back at a skate park. The video features huge air, as well as huge smiles, and is well worth a [...]


March Bash-ness Round 2 Starts Now!

Round one had an epic battle of the titans between the Traxxas XMAXX fans and the ARRMA Kraton and the ARRMA Army! The lead changed hands about 20 times, with votes coming in right until the last minute and the polls were closed. Congratulations to everyone on a game well fought! Enough about round 1, it’s time for Round 2! It [...]


March Bash-ness 2020 – STARTS NOW!

That’s right folks, March Bash-ness 2020 STARTS NOW! As always, we try to keep things fresh, mix things up a little bit, and keep our readers on their toes. This year is no exception. We have slimmed things down a little bit, but the idea is to keep things moving quickly. This year marks the the 10th annual March Bash-ness [...]


Video: Traxxas Maxx First Drive

So the first day we got our Traxxas MAXX, we hit a few locations like the track and the local park. We were not trying to break anything just yet, we were just looking to get a feel for the overall truck. Here is some footage we took during that day of our first drive.Maybe you want to check [...]


Foose Pro Mod

Around The Web – Jeff Won’t Do It, Here’s The Cubby Version!

While Jeff Hoy still helps us out at Big Squid, sadly he no longer does his “Around The Web” column. It was our biggest column back in the day, one that fans loved. Actually, it wasn’t just our readers that loved it, but so did the rest of the staff around here. To have some fun, I decided to pull [...]


March Bash-ness 2019 Champions!

After thousands of votes, tons of brackets and plenty of upsets, the finals in the March Bash-ness 2019 bracket have taken place and we have our champions! On the bash side, the ARRMA Kraton pulls off a repeat with back to back wins being the previous 2018 champion as well! ARRMA should be pretty happy with their track record, this [...]


Traxxas RC Flips And Tricks Video

Traxxas Video – How to Perform Flips and Tricks Video

The crew over at Traxxas have posted a new video to show you How To Perform Flips And Tricks. In the video you will receive detailed instructions on how to do things like a back-flip, a front-flip, and more! Every backyard basher loves catching air, by using some of the helpful tips in the video you should be able to [...]


CEN Reeper RC Monster Truck Beatdown Video

Video - Insane Modified CEN Reeper RC Monster Truck Beatdown…

This just might be the worst beatdown video that we’ve ever seen. Watch below to see a solid 6 minutes of hardcore monster truck beatdown from stephane Z over on Youtube. A modified CEN Reeper is used in the video and the truck just seems to love the abuse. The airtime and crashes keep coming for all 6 minutes, but [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 50 mph backflip video

Get Some!!! 50+ MPH Traxxas TRX-4 Video

We all know the Traxxas TRX-4 can crawl, but it can bash too! Have a look at the latest video from the crew at the Traxxas Underground where this week they seriously pump up the power in a TRX-4. After installing a 6S VLX ESC and 4S Traxxas LiPO battery, the TRX-4 was more than ready for some extreme bashing! Some [...]


Traxxas Crash Video

Traxxas Video – RC Crash Compilation 2018!

Recently posted by Traxxas is a giant Crash Compilation Video. Just like you and me, the Traxxas crew has plenty of crashes while filming, have a look at some of their gnarliest in the video below. Filmed at Camp Woodward with loads of enormous ramps, the video has some hits that are absolutely gnarly! After watching the video you can hit [...]