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A while ago a buddy of mine, Cody Johnson owner of Dixieland R/C, sent me a Boom Rod end set for our Axial Racing UMG10. Now, in the beginning of the UMG10 build I didn’t think twice about the Rod ends. As I was tearing the rig down the other week to install the Boom rod ends, I then realized [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Batmobile

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? The Batmobile is the most iconic superhero vehicle on the planet. The 1966 Batmobile really started it all. Fast forward to 1989, which in my opinion, is the best looking Batmobile ever made, the Michael Keaton Batmobile. Next, in 1995 we had the Val Kilmer Batman Forever Batmobile. The [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Spotlight “beetle”

I always like to see when people mirror their 1:10 vehicles to look like their 1.1 vehicles. This Everybody’s Scalin’ Spotlight is all about that. Straight out of Plano Texas, Lane Muropa has achieved the scale mirror trick with his Volkswagen Beetle. Whenever I see an old Beetle or Punch Buggie I always think of Herbie the Love Bug. But [...]


Bashers Basics — Weight Distribution

I have had quite a few newcomers to the hobby ask me this simple statement, but complex question; “how can I make my crawler perform better”. While there are a multitude of different ways that one can increase the performance and ability of their crawler, one of the easiest and most impactful change that someone can make to their crawler [...]


Bashers Basics – Race Weekend

I know BigSquid RC is all about Bashing, but when a chance to go to a two day race event came up, I couldn’t resist. I will be taking you all along for the ride, from packing and prepping, to the driver stand, and beyond. We start the night before, as I pack up my tools and pit gear. We start [...]


My RC Car Has a First Name, it’s O-S-C-A-R?!

Cruising around the web today, and I couldn’t help but enjoy the newest creation from Oscar Mayer, the Wiener Rover! With the chassis of a 1/5 scale RC car, this bad boy will bash its way to you delivering delicious hot dogs! Check out the video above!


Big Squid RC – All Your RC News In One Place!

Since the beginning of Big Squid RC, we have always posted the occasional RC Boat News in our rc-boat tag, and we have also posted RC Plane News under our RC Plane tag. While 99% of our news is surface related, as bashers we tend to dabble in other things. Most of us here own or have owned several boats, and [...]