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Losing Grip – Is backwards the new sideways?

G’day folks! Last column I was a bit unlucky with the timing, Yokomo managing to release a new RTR when I had written most of the column, but had to take a break before I could finish it off. Well, it’s difficult to stay on top of the game at all times. But now the news are well and comfortably [...]


Losing grip – turning forty-one

Yo! G’day! What’s up! Mambo vipi! Guten tag! 你好 Tjena! Bonjour! привет! I figure not all readers have English as their first language, so why not try a couple of different languages by way of greeting? With my somewhat eclectic pick of English, Chinese (Mandarin?), Russian, German, Swahili, Swedish and French, I ought to greet roughly a third of the [...]


Losing grip – get this, Cary!

It’s Wednesday, and time for another Losing Grip column. No, just kidding, it’s Saturday and my column is a couple of days overdue. As usual, as of late, better get used to it, I’m afraid. For most of us, it’s spring, and thanks goodness for that. This whole covid-19 issue would have felt even worse if it was fall. Now [...]


Losing Grip – Details and transitions

Don’t ever send your LiPos to yourself by international mail. I have tried it, never to see  them again. I wonder where they ended up? Hopefully confiscated by someone who is into the hobby himself, so that they get used, rather than just thrown away. But if not, someone else will be happy to receive an order for a couple [...]


Losing grip – a Doug or a Bonkers?

Some columns ago, I wrote about colors. Allow me to quote myself: ”Buying and painting a body is a fair investment of money, so you want it to look good, right? Therefore, chose your colors wisely.” What wisdom! Either read some color theory, read my column, or check out some super heroes and steal their colors for your car. Easy. [...]