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Team Reve D Gunmetal UL12 Drift Car Wheels - Installed

Rêve D UL 12 Drifting Wheels in Gunmetal Gray

Rêve D has announced that their UL12 competition drift car wheels are now available in a stylish new finish; gunmetal gray. Featuring a modern, multi-spoke design, these wheels are sure to give any R/C drift car a new look and attitude. Each lightweight UL12 wheel weighs roughly 11g and helps provide traction without adding unnecessary rotating weight to your radio-controlled drift [...]


APlastics BMW G82 M4 Clear Touring Car Body

APlastics BMW G82 M4 Clear Touring Car Body

Are you in the market for a Smoking Hot drift car body? Or maybe a sweet new body for your touring car? If so, have a look at the new BMW G82 M4 Clear Body from APlastics. The G82 M4 sports some intense attitude and can easily give your car a sweet new facelift. Here are the highlights- * Fits- 1/10th [...]


APlastics BMW E60 Widebody Kit RC

APlastics BMW E60 Widebody Kit

New from APlastics is a Widebody Kit for their BMW E60 clear body. This 8-piece polycarbonate kit can turn your BMW E60 from mild, to wild. The kit includes 4 widening fenders, 2 side skirts, a rear spoiler, plus a stylish front lip. Also, the widebody kit takes the width of the BMW body to 205mm, front and rear. The [...]


Max Speed Technology RC LBMT Kit RTR

MST Announces LBMT Kit and RTRs

Over at Max Speed Technology they have announced a line-up of kits, RTRs, and an ATR, for their gorgeous LBMT on-road body. Soon you will be able to pick up an LBMT body in kit form with an FXX or RMX chassis, or in brushless RTR form on an RMX chassis. Here are the highlights- * ABS plastic scale details like [...]


Max Speed Technology MST Limited Edition RMX 3.0 KMW

Max Speed Technology Announces Limited Edition RMX 3.0 KMW

Coming soon from Max Speed Technology is the very limited edition RMX 3.0 KMW. The RMX 3.0 KMW is a high-end rear wheel drive drift machine that uses all the latest in drift technology. Here are the highlights- * Limited to only 300 cars worldwide * Each kit comes with unique serial number on carbon fiber chassis * Frame integrates all MR/RR electric [...]


HCWB 5.0 Fox Mustang

APlastics H.C.W.B 5.0 and EXCLUSIVE R/C Body Kit Review

APlastics RC and EXLUSIVE R/C teamed up to create an insane bodykit for the H.C.W.B 5.0, colloquially known as the Fox Mustang. Plan a few extra days to build this if you go with the full kit – there’s alot of things here!The Body: APlastics H.C.W.B 5.0 brings the same quality you’ve come to expect. Thick lexan, gorgeous curves and [...]


mst rmx s

MST RMX S – new RWD Drift Chassis

It’s been a long time, by MST standards, since we’ve had a new drift chassis by the Taiwanese maker. The MST RMX S appears to be a highly tunable RWD RC drift chassis, with multiple settings for steering wiper, motor and servo placement. No hard release date yet, but rumors are pointing to a spring. Can a VIP hopped up [...]



Firebrand RC SHOWOFF RC Body Display Stand Review

Ask a RC Drifter, any RC Drifter, it’s doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile if you don’t have style. So enter the Firebrand RC SHOWOFF rc body display stand, which allows you to display a static RC car body with a 260-255mm wheel base (though creative types can stretch or chop this a few more [...]


wild angle

Continental Drift: steering geometry tech talk

Brian has been bugging me about writing more drift tech stuff, not just he product reviews. So after racking my brain for literally 3 minutes I came up with the first topic for Continental Drift. The name is meant to capture the topic and the huge following that drift is building globally. While many trends still start in Japan, I [...]


ford fox1

Aplastics USA body competition and fox body 5.0 renders

Aplastics USA is running a body competition to showcase their lineup of scale RC car bodies. Check out the rules list below – it’s awesome to see the closing date so far out on November 30th. “Aplastics USA, and is proud to announce our first body competition. 1. It must be a Aplastics body 2. It can be modified how ever [...]



Out in the wild: Yeah Racing Sprint2 RWD Drift Conversion Ki…

Yeah Racing hasn’t given up on the Sprint2 and their new RWD conversion kit has started landing in the US. My buddy Tommy of two tone dynasty/rare arts USA received one of the first kits in the USA and sent a few snaps and video of his initial tune – props for the share! #unitedwedrift With RWD cars, we [...]



APlastics USA

Aplastics is a manufacturer of RC drift bodies, based out of Ukraine. They have been busy pumping out new body shells, often of cars we haven’t seen in 1/10th scale before. They recently announced USA distribution, based out of Pennsylvania. I am hoarding a few Forester XT body shells, I own a 1:1 XT in real life. Quality is top [...]



sprint2 rwd conversion kit by yeah racing

Sprint2 fans take notice, Yeah Racing is set to release a RWD conversion kit for the HPI Sprint2 in September. We’ve only a few teaser pics available, but why should that stop the speculation? What we can see from the extensive parts list below is a move from the old c-hub standard to the hot c-hubless design that most RWD [...]



RC Oahu Trigger RWD Chassis – Japan exclusive

Following up on last week’s The Cub Report, let’s take a look at RC Oahu’s Trigger chassis. This one is said to be limited to 50 units and brings a few tweaks to popular trends in the drift scene.



Yokomo RWD YD2 On Tour – First Peak!

If you follow professional RC drifting you know that Yokomo‘s YD2 dominated the RWD