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Pro-Line Trencher 1.9 Crawling Tires

Pro-Line Trencher 1.9″ Rock Terrain Crawling Tires

New from the Pro-Line crew is a 1.9″ Rock Terrain version of their legendary Trencher off-road tires. Trenchers have long been a bashing favorite, soon you will be able to get all that grip on your scale off-road rig. * Inspired by P-L’s Trencher all terrain bashing tires * Extremely aggressive tread design * Highly detailed side tread * Multiple sipes and levels * Great [...]


Pro-Line Crestline 1.9" Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels

Two New 1.9" Aluminum Composite Bead-Loc Wheels From Pro-Lin…

New from the Pro-Line crew is a pair of 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Bead-Loc Wheels. Both wheels are nicely styled for the scale community and were designed for serious trail use. Here are just a few of the highlights- * CNC machined aluminum wheel face * All new Crestline wheel style * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Shiny raw aluminum finish w/ clear anodizing * 3-piece [...]


Kaioz RC Model Studio 2.8 Aluminum Rock Crawling Wheels

Kaioz RC Model Studio 2.8″ Aluminum Scale Crawling Wheels

New over at the Kaioz RC Model Studio are Aluminum 2.8″ Scale Crawling Wheels. The new wheels were designed as a perfect fit on the Capo Racing SIXER and feature a modern scale realistic look. Made from a heavy duty aluminum, the wheels are as tough as they are stylish. You can use this link to get more details on the [...]


Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp RC Crawling Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Rock Terrain Tires

The Pro-Line crew has just posted a new video to show off their Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Rock Terrain Tires. In the video, comp crawling world champion Jake Wright talks about all the advantages of running the Ibex Ultra Comps in competition. With a stepped pin design and ultra-soft Predator compound P-L rubber, the Ibex Ultra Comp tires are setting [...]


Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2 Predator Tires

Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Predator Rock Crawling Tires

New for all you competition rock crawlers out there are the Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Predator Rock Crawling Tires from Pro-Line. If you are looking for tires to give you the ultimate in rock crawling grip, the new Ibex Comp Tires should be at the top of your list. Take a look at these features- * Designed with rock crawling [...]


Pro-Line RC 70s Rock Van Clear Crawler Body

More Pictures – Pro-Line ’70S Rock Van Clear Crawler Body

Oh yes scale fanatics, the crew over at Pro-Line are getting super close to dropping their new ’70s Rock Van Clear Body. Here are two new pictures that give you a great view of just how groovy the latest creation from Pro-Line is going to be. Full details have yet to be released, but for now, we are totally digging [...]


Pro-Line '70s Rock Van Clear Rock Crawler Body

Teaser- Pro-Line ’70s Rock Van Clear 313mm Wheelbase Body

The hottest teaser going around the web right now is for the upcoming Pro-Line ’70s Rock Van Clear Body. Designed to fit scale rock crawlers with a wheelbase of 313mm, the Rock Van is sure to bring some laid back fun to trails this summer. We will post complete details when they become available in a few days, until then [...]


Spektrum Firma 40 Amp Brushed Smart 2-in-1 ESC Receiver

Spektrum Firma 40 Amp Brushed Smart 2-in-1 ESC/Receiver

Shipping now from Spektrum is the Firma SMART 40 Amp Brushed 2-N-1 ESC/Receiver. The Firma 40 is perfect for rock crawling applications where space is at a minimum. Check out these highlights- * Built in 4 channel DSMR receiver * Waterproof * Integrated SMART Technology * Real time telemetry data * 3 amp BEC * Fully programmable ESC Street pricing for the Spektrum Firma 40 is just [...]


Traxxas Chevy K-5 Blazer Video

Video – Crawler Paradise With The Traxxas Chevy K-5 Blazer

New from Traxxas is a Crawler Paradise video that features the Chevy K-5 Blazer Scale Rock Crawler. The incredibly scale looking Blazer comes on the high-performance TRX-4 platform this is very well known for its off-road capability when the going gets tough. The video does a great job of showing off how scale the Blazer looks in action, plus it [...]


Reef's RC Triple 7 777 Crawling Servo

Reef’s RC Triple 7 Crawling Servo

New over at Reef’s RC is the Triple 7 Servo. The 777 is the gnarliest servo ever from Reef’s and packs serious power inside its sturdy aluminum case. Check out these features- * Heavy duty CNC machined case * Full parameter controls via Reef’s optional software * Connectors for 2s, 3s, and 4s * Waterproof * Brushless motor * Input Voltage- 10 – 14 volts DC * [...]


Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2020 JConcepts

Video – JConcepts At The Ultimate Scale Truck Expo

The good folks over at JConcepts have released a video covering the 2020 Ultimate Scale Truck Expo that went down last weekend in Williston, Florida. Watch the video below to get a good look at the events that were held, as well as some of the ultra-trick scale builds that were being shown off at the event. The Ultimate Scale [...]


Traxxas How to Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

Traxxas – Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

The crew over at Traxxas have posted a How To Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks tutorial. As all TRX-4s come with premium, scale-sized GTS shocks with threaded-aluminum bodies, the tutorial shows you how to make them perform to their very best. Using a Traxxas #8262 shock rebuild kit, the TRX crew shows you all the steps needed to [...]


2020 Pro-Line By The Fire

2020 Pro-Line By The Fire – “The Carnival” Scale Adventure

Have you ever participated in a high-end scale crawling event? If not, you should really check out Pro-Line’s 2020 By The Fire scale crawling event. This year’s theme is “The Carnival” and includes a plethora of carnival themed challenges and activities. * When – May 15-16 * Where – Apple Valley, CA * 800 expected participants * Must pre-register * Loads of raffles and prizes * [...]


Pro-Line Big Bore Scale Shocks

Video – Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks

The crew over at Pro-Line recently uploaded a video that features their all new Big Bore Scaler Shocks. The video has plenty of action shots, plus it goes over some of the features on Pro-Line’s best scale shocks ever. With an 11mm bore and an all-new dual-rate spring design, the P-L Big Bore shock are ready for even the gnarliest [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Desert Tan Scale Crawler Video

Video – Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Desert Tan Scale Crawler

Over at Traxxas they have uploaded a new video for their TRX-4 Sport Desert Tan Scale Crawler. The affordable TRX-4 Sport is now available in Desert Tan and we have to admit that it looks mighty fine out on the trail. Watch the action video below to see exactly what the Desert Tan TRX-4 Sport looks like while crawling rocks [...]