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Losing grip – Intrinsic hobby values

Happy Friday everyone! Today, some of you might quit reading after about five sentences. I’m going to elaborate on a topic that’s been swimming around in the back of my mind for quite a while, eluding a firm grasp up until the last few days. Nagging me, a slippery thing that I haven’t quite been able to stick any words [...]


Losing grip – Outside my comfort zone, again

G’day folks! Once again, I’ve strayed outside my comfort zone in regards to painting lexan bodies. My Vanquish Phoenix is getting a new body and I’m painting it using a combination Tamiya rattle cans, my trusted airbrush, and a fine detail brush. I’m not quite done yet, so at this stage you’ll have to make do with some pictures of [...]


Losing grip – Checkered shirt? Check! Painting an interior

A really good thing with the SCX10III is that it comes with an interior, complete with a driver. It certainly adds a lot to the look. Especially so if the interior is nicely painted. True, it is seldom seen up close, but still I like to spend some time on it. I mean, why not? It’s a hobby after all, [...]


Losing grip – Pimp My Ride!

G’day folks, it’s time to Pimp My Ride! As you may know, ever since I released the TRX-4 Simba, I have felt a dire need to update the look of my SCX10III. I want to bring it up to the same standard as its Traxxas mate, which to me means both a new paint job and adding a bucketload of [...]


Losing grip – Watch what the receiver receives

Knowledge ought to save money, but it doesn’t always. Lacking a BEC, a receiver can be powered by a receiver pack, often 5 NiMh cells with a nominal output of 6V. I knew this, and that’s why I just smoked my Traxxas TQi receiver and need to get a new one. Very annoying. Let’s start from the beginning. I have a [...]


warming hut

DIY: Transmitter Warming Hut from Old Political Signs

With the weather turning to nuclear winter blast furnace, us RC folk are struggling to keep the trigger finger warm enough to lay down the power. While you could source a ready made transmitter warming hut thing, it’s going to cost you. Instead, reclaim some political sign garbage from a street corner near you and get to work! This guide will [...]


Bashers Basics — Weight Distribution

I have had quite a few newcomers to the hobby ask me this simple statement, but complex question; “how can I make my crawler perform better”. While there are a multitude of different ways that one can increase the performance and ability of their crawler, one of the easiest and most impactful change that someone can make to their crawler [...]


Xtreme Racing Charger Stands

Xtreme Racing have got some new charger stands to help your charger keep it’s cool when charging. have one on your workbench and keep an eye on your battery with ease – no more squinting to read those tiny screens! They come in several sizes, colours and even materials, so they’ll suit anyones taste, and starting at $17.99, they’ll suit [...]


Phat Bodies Chunk 1/16th 2WD B4 Conversion Kit

Phat Bodies RC of the UK have released a 1/16 scale conversion kit for the Team Associated B4 and B4.1. In the kit, you get all of the parts you need to fit a 380 motor, a shortened chassis, shock towers, and awesome body and wing, and a handful of hardware. This is NOT a complete kit, because some DIY [...]


Racers Edge Pro2 RTR Short Course Truck

Racers Edge have just released their first RC truck – the Pro2 Short Course Truck. They aren’t getting much attention at the moment, but they deserve a whole lot more, because what you’re seeing right here is a 2.4ghz equipped 1/10 brushless short course truck for under $190….. 😀    Although it fails to meet up to some of  the spec of “pro” level kits, it looks to be more [...]