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Revolution Design Racing Products Battery Charger

Revolution Design Racing Products - Revolution Battery Charg…

Everybody has one, a friend who is all about LiPo batteries and chargers. Here at BigSquidRC, Cubby is our uber-LiPo/charger guy, and the new Battery Charger from Revolution Design Racing Products has him all fired up. RDRP is now teasing their upcoming battery charger that is way more than just a charger, it is also designed to do much, much [...]


RDRP VTS Slipper Option Kit

RDRP Associated VTS Slipper Option Kit

The crew at Revolution Design Race Products have announced a high-end VTS Slipper Clutch Option Kit. The slipper clutch option kit is a direct bolt-on for the Associated B5 and B5M and were designed to be easier to work on as well as providing better performance. Consisting of 4 pieces, the parts in the option kit are machined from 7075-T6 [...]


Revolution Design Ultra Torque Wrenches

Revolution Design’s New Ultra Torque Wrenches

Are you a tool snob? If you raise your hand yes, the folks over at Revolution Design Racing Products have some new high-end wrenches for you. Available in 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm, they have a large butterfly handle to bust loose even the most stubborn of bolts. The part number for the 2.0 is #RDRP0227, the 2.5 is #RDRP0228, and [...]


RDRP Aluminum Option Parts for Durango 210 Series

RDRP Aluminum Option Parts for Durango 210 Series

The guys over at Revolution Design Racing Products have just announced a couple of new aluminum upgrades for the Team Durango 210 series. The first is a new Heat Sink Motor Plate. CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, the new RDRP motor plate is designed to help keep the temperatures down on your motor while bringing up the bling factor of [...]



Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Wrenches

Being a basher ensures one thing- lots of wrenching. And when wrenching, using quality tools can really speed up the process. Our favorite hex wrenches around the office are from MIP/Thorp, but recently Revolution Design Racing Products announced their new line of Ultra Wrenches. The RDRP Ultra Wrenches come in both metric and imperial to fit any type of screw you [...]


RDRP Extended Chassis

RDRP Extended Chassis for Durango DEX210 Buggy

The Durango DEX210 buggy is one of the trickest pieces of machinery out on the track, but RDRP has introduced a new extended chassis to make it even better. Their new chassis is a full 11mm longer than the stocker, lending to more stability and more speed. CNC machined aluminum with lazer etched logo’s, the new extended chassis is expected [...]